Head to the Pumpkin Patch (Falling for Fun)

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Take your children to the local pumpkin patch for some fresh air and a little fall adventure.

Head to the Pumpkin Patch Life as MOM

Ever since my firstborn could walk, the pumpkin patch has proven to be an excellent fall adventure. Check out how little he was! We’ve lived in two states and a number of different communities. We’ve taken my kids to several different pumpkin patches during the fall. Some have been better than others.

All have made fun memories for my kids.

I think. We’ll find out in twenty years when the truth comes out. But, for now, let’s entertain the illusion that these outings have, indeed, been fun — if not memory-makers.

gramma and girl in corn

Yesterday, the grandparents treated us to a trip through their local corn maze. It was the best one I’ve seen over the last 15 years. It wasn’t too hot and dry. The corn was still green. The maze had sufficient twists, turns, and dead ends, but not enough to leave us stranded and calling for help. It was a little on the long side, but my back-packing, foraging, hiking big boys enjoyed the adventure.

The grandparents and I? Well, we wondered if we’d be spending the night in the corn maze, cooking sweet corn over a small flame.

Luckily, we made it out alive. And the kids had a blast.

corn maze finishers

Afterward I let everyone pick out a pumpkin. They were the most reasonably priced pumpkins I’ve seen this season, at $3 each for volleyball size squash.

We don’t carve pumpkins every year; but we’re due for it this week. That will be an exercise in patience as far as I’m concerned. Maybe I’ll let my husband handle that project. 😉

boy in pumpkin patch

We ended the trip with a spontaneous photo shoot.

fishkids pumpkins

Ever since my firstborn was a little guy, I would approach these fall outings with a few expectations, namely that I’d get great pics and we’d have a barrel of laughs. This is not always the case.

Some things to consider when taking kids to the pumpkin patch:

1. Make sure everyone is fed and rested. It won’t be fun if folks are crabby. That means you, Mom and Dad.

2. Go with a budget in mind. These places can nickle and dime you to death.

3. Don’t freak out over the photo opps. Better that your child go home with a great memory in his mind and no pics, instead of a full instagram feed and you all in a huffy.

4. Be a kid again. Embrace the adventure.

DIY-on-a-DIME-falling-for-fun-125Ready to fall for fun?

This post is part of the DIY on a Dime: Falling for Fun series. Check it out for all kinds of budget-friendly, family fun ideas to celebrate one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

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  1. I know what you mean about the maze! We did one in Minnesota several years ago and I nearly started to panic. Fortunately the kids in our party were very good sports (better than me) right up until we made it out. Sweet relief!

    I took my son to a pumpkin patch this year, but no corn maze for us. It seems he inherited his mama’s aversion to getting lost (and trapped) for fun. He hated the hay bail maze last year so I skipped it altogether this year. We had fun all the same, and I got some great pics of the beautiful heirloom pumpkin displays the owners had set up. http://economistathome.com/2013/10/slow-down-saturday-pumpkin-patch/ Nothing like a vintage truck (my favorite) to showcase some squash!

    I hope you share pictures of your kids’ carved pumpkins!

  2. I love the sight of those beautiful hills. Oh, and the faces of my sweet nieces and nephews aren’t too bad either! 🙂