Healthy Eating Made Easy with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (LIMITED TIME)

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Are you looking to improve your eating habits? Want healthy eating made easier? Looking to do it all without spending a fortune or losing your mind?

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Food shouldn’t be complicated. While you can know WHAT you should do to eat well, it’s often hard to MAKE IT HAPPEN. With a busy schedule and what certainly feels like LESS than 24 hours in a day, it’s hard to get those good habits going and keep them in motion.

In the last ten years I’ve gone from feeding my family a steady diet of chicken nuggets and fast food footlong sandwiches — at home and away — to being able to serve them a home cooked meal almost every night of the week. We’ve cut down our processed foods to occasional treats instead of pantry staples. And my husband saves a good hundred bucks a month by packing lunch.

It seems that healthy eating is something that only OTHER PEOPLE can swing, but I’m here to say that if WE CAN do it, so can you! 

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Last winter Bryan and I put together my first e-course, Healthy Eating Made Easy, to share some of the tricks we’d learned and to HELP YOU make those healthier choices stick. We’ve seen the benefits of a better diet and want to help you do the same by giving you the tools you need to:

  • set goals.
  • organize your kitchen and food storage.
  • weed out the things you know aren’t the best for you.
  • prep great meals from scratch.
  • enjoy homemade lunches and dinners every day of the week.
  • waste less.
  • shop wisely.
  • eat the way you know you should.
  • and not feel guilty about any of it.

The Healthy Eating Made Easy course includes 37 self-paced lessons, a printable workbook to help you walk through your goals, a printable recipe book to get you going on scratch cooking, short food prep videos to help you see how easy it is, and a free 4-week meal plan to get started on.

While I don’t do direct sales to EU residents, for the next 24-hours the course is part of a special bundle, making THIS THE TIME TO BUY. (Scroll down)

You can sign up for the course here: Healthy Eating Made Easy.  It costs $27 and offers you lifetime access to the course materials.


For a limited time, Healthy Eating Made Easy is part of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. The bundle is back for just 24 hours! The bundle costs three bucks more, but it gives you a boatload more of other stuff.

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is packed with over 100 (107, to be precise!) eBooks, eCourses, printables, and even a membership site and online summit, that cover everything you could possibly want to know about healthy living.

(You’ll pay only $29.97 but it’s worth over $3,680!)

Chances are, you’ve spent more than that on one healthy living eCourse, but inside these 107 resources, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make healthy eating easy
  • Prime your body for complete hormone wellness
  • Balance underactive thyroids and exhausted adrenals
  • Discover tips to get your picky eaters to eat healthy food
  • Build your own pantry of healthy, convenience foods.
  • Discover natural, non-hormonal birth control solutions
  • Make non-toxic cleaners for your everyday cleaning needs
  • Create your own natural skincare products
  • Prepare for a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Plus, so much more!

The combined value of all the trainings in the bundle is over $3,680, but for the next few days, you can get EVERYTHING for 99% off!

And here’s the crazy promise: If you find this isn’t right for you, Ultimate Bundles will give you ALL your money back.

Seriously. You have 30 days to test out $3,680 of training with absolutely NO risk of losing your $29.97.

Click here to get the entire bundle for only $29.97:

If you want the full life that being healthy can achieve, you owe it to yourself to check out the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

If you’re worried you won’t know where to start with 107 different resources to choose from, the team has you covered there too! Inside you’ll find a handy Getting Started Guide so you can quickly locate the eBooks and eCourses that are perfect for you, wherever you are in your healthy living journey.

What are you waiting for? Get on your way to a healthier you today!

UBFEST Ultimate Healthy Living

P.S. Remember to buy The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle by midnight tonight before it’s gone FOREVER.

Get yours now:

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  1. I’m sold – I’m getting this tonight if I can! I really like your tips and I’ve been looking for something to train myself on eating better. Ticks all the boxes for me!

  2. Sheila W says

    I am excited about doing this! How long will it be available?

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