Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It’s Cold Here!

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Now that I’ve got your attention… I thought I would draw it toward a few little announcements. Nothing major. Just things I thought you might want to know.

  • URS this week is Quick Winter Dinners. Yes, having a freezer full is nice. But, we can’t all do that all of the time. So, having a quick fix at the ready is handy. Come Thursday prepared to share. Everyone who participates will be entered to win a great food giveaway package, too.
  • I’ve got two giveaways this week. Don’t forget – you have until Sunday night to enter my Energizer Rechargeable Batteries Giveaway.
  • Frugal Friday is themed this week: $10 Gifts. I’d love to see how your creative juices are working to produce frugal yet festive gifts this year.
  • There will be no Frugal Friday on Christmas Day. Stay home, enjoy your peeps, rejoice in the goodness of The Day.
  • Frugal Friday will resume on New Year’s Day and continuing throughout that weekend. Come prepared to share your frugal resolutions for the year.
  • We had these mashed potatoes from the freezer last night (made with russets instead of Yukons ’cause those aren’t cheap), and they were very good. Two thumbs up. Hubs could not tell they were from the freezer. That is a good thing.
  • It’s freezing cold at my house! Not so cold that it snowed, but close! Got the thermostat set at 65 to avoid a monster bill, and it’s a bit nippy. It’s 39-stinking-degrees! I know, I’m a Southern California wimp. But, it’s the beach, people!

That’s all I got. Have a good night!

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  1. Okay, I've got to ask… Where is that picture from? You said no snow there in So. Cal. It's gotta be an older picture.

  2. I am a frugal mom also with 3 kids.. I found this the other day…have you seen it..
    I was shopping online yesterday trying to buy for my son a Super Mario Bros Game.. I stumbled upon a site called EZWINGAME…they are running a free contest this week for a free Nintendo… Wanted to know if anyone has heard of this site..and what they think…thanks


  3. Yes, that's an older pic… 2007, I think. We lived in Kansas then. But, in my mind, it feels that cold here. 😉

  4. Here in Lafayette, IN, we are having an ice/snow/sleet mixture with winds at 50 mph and a temp of 22 degrees without the wind chill…just to give you some perspective.:)

  5. California is cold right now, at least Northern. Our house is set at 65 as well, but it got down to 19 degrees outside last night.