Heaven is Touching Earth Right Now

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I read Emily’s post the other day and sniffed and weeped my way through. It was such a precious reminder of how the everyday matters. It matters very much so. From her post,

We know there’s a time for everything, but it’s easier to accept the time for birth than it is the time for death. My father in law is entering into the last weeks of his appointed time and there is sadness in the knowing. But aren’t we all approaching that time, living one day closer to our last? He may get there first, but we’ll all get there eventually. Everyone has a living story….

Go read it. And then go play with your peeps. Call your mom. Kiss your hubby.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post!! I recently came across a similar type post from a lady with breast cancer, who is nearing her last days… she, herself, wrote the post, and her words, the way God has given her grace to move through this stage of her life… it’s just so humbling and convicting!! I’ll post a link to her page in case you’d like to check it out… she is a homeschooling mom of seven children!! I read this final post of hers and ended up going back and reading her entire blog, I couldn’t stop reading through her journey and how she came to this seemingly horrible place in her life, yet SO filled with peace and understanding of God and his love and plan for us! It’s an amazing story!! 🙂 And if nothing else, she and her sweet family could surely use some extra prayer right now as they go through this time! http://www.amycaldwellbixby.blogspot.com