Help! My Cell Phone has Fallen and It Can’t Get Up!

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Yes, my very loyal Nokia has finally bit the dust. It said to me yesterday, after I dropped it on the concrete at the pool, “Girl, you’ve dropped me one too many times. I’m done.” The buttons light up and I can call it, but I can’t hear anything on it.

That phone served me loyally for three years, which is probably a record in cell phone longevity. And believe me, I dropped it a lot. Me! Not the kids.

Anyway, cheapskate that I am, I only want to upgrade to a “free” phone with my T-Mobile account. But, there are a dozen choices ranging in list price from $69 to $199. Is the more expensive phone the better option? If not, what is?

I know nothing about what’s a good option and I don’t have the time to research it. But, I need to get this taken care of soon. Pregnant women on the loose without a phone? No thanks. Plus, it’s the only way I can talk to my mom long-distance. So, chime in! Tell me what to get!

Here are my choices:

Samsung t439
Samsung Beat
Nokia 6103
Samsung t429
Samsung Katalyst
Nokia 2610
Samsung Stripe
Samsung t409
Samsung t219

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  1. Ok, I checked out the list of phones. I’ve not used any of them personally…but…I know a lil bit about the phones in general.

    The ones that slide, cool idea but I got annoyed with them fast. I have mild carpel tunnel and the way that the buttons are on the slider phones made my hand crap something fierce, generally aggravated my hands/wrists.

    The super tiny phones (one is the size of a credit cards) area also cool in theory…but…they get REALLY hot when you’re on the phone. It’s kinda freaky. The keypad will also make your hand cramp 😉

    The music phone looks cool too. One thing you might want to look at with that, if you are going to use the music part of it is how you load music on to the phone. I had a music phone for a while and got frustrated with it because the software that was to put the music on the phone, yeah, couldn’t get it to work. Ever. But, it was a different phone.

    I’ve never used a Nokia phone, just haven’t seen on that I wanted to try. Samsung? I’ve had 3 or 4 of them and absolutely *love* them! Right now I have a Samsung and could NOT live without it, how sad is that?

    I feel like I said alot but didn’t really say much. I hope my ramble helps!

  2. Shannon says:

    My husband drops, runs over, or breaks his cell phone about every six months. The last time he did it, we bought three phones off of Craig’s list and just put our SIM card into the new one and carried on. I love a good rugged, no frills flip phone. I can just toss it into my pocket book and go.

  3. FishMama says:

    Thanks for the ideas. It is such a maze. I’m thinking of going for the simple, old-fashioned “candy bar” phone — everything else seems to be out of stock. Errgg…

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