Home & Car Maintenance (& a Giveaway from State Farm)

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Once upon a time, we lived in the land of extreme weather. We lived five years in a suburb of Kansas City, learning the ins and outs of blizzards, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and chiggers. I spent a lot of time inside.

Oh yes, yes, I did.

My favorite time of year was that Summer into Fall transition. The temperatures dropped, the humidity lessened, and the odd early freeze killed off the chiggers in our backyard. It was also the time of year to get the house ready for winter. 

With pleasant fall weather, it wasn’t a problem to be out in the yard getting things ready for colder days. Taking the kids for walks was more pleasant. And since everyone around us was dropping into their own school year routine, it seemed like our days slowed down, freeing us up to do a little “nesting.” Painting fences, hanging storm windows, pulling down the sunscreens that we hung each summer to combat the high temps.

Take care of your home and car.

This time of year is ideal to check home and car maintenance items off your list before the weather and daily schedules change. You don’t want to run low on oil or fuel in a downpour. Neither do you want to think about home repairs during the busier days of fall.

State Farm has provided a number of tip sheets to help you keep things up to date in your home and under your hood. Check out their Home Maintenance Tip Sheet for Summer, Home Maintenance Tip Sheet for Fall as well as their seasonal Driving Tips. (Love the list of things to be prepared on the road.

Preparedness knows no season. They offer great tips for maintaining your car and home for safety.

Win a gift card.

This weekend one LifeasMOM reader will win a $100 giftcard to Home Depot, courtesy of State Farm.

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling us something that you’re doing to be better prepared in your home or on the road in the coming season.

This giveaway will be open until Monday, September 12, 2011, at 8 pm PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours of notification email in order to claim your prize.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: joannamattas@

Disclosure: I received a Home Depot gift card, courtesy of State Farm.

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  1. We make sure our cars are ready to go by checking tires, oil, transmission and all fluids!

  2. This summer has been a really hot one – hot enough to make working outdoors for any length of time dangerous. So now that the temps are finally falling we’ll be doing a lot of landscape maintenance – pruning, weeding, and mulching – so that we won’t have so many chores to do in the Spring!

  3. We just had a drainage problem corrected at our house, which was the big thing for us. Other than that, mainly my husband has just been clearing the gutters.

  4. We recently cleaned out our chimney to the wood stove we have in our living room to be sure it is good and clean when burning season begins again. 🙂

  5. I hve started keeping a first aide kit in the car. Also, In addition to regularly changing the oil, I am also tracking the mileage to replace the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles (this is important too, even though I did not know about it until recently!)

  6. We just bought our first home, so we’re currently learning about all of the maintenance stuff! The next big project is making sure the chimney’s ready for winter.

  7. My big projest is to get my strawberry patch organized—it’s expanding into grass so I need to make a bigger area for them and mulch them before winter!

  8. We make sure our wood stove and chimney are clean as well as working on landscaping so there is less to do in the spring.

  9. I always stock up our vehicles with extra clothes for everybody, blankets, flashlights, and a few snacks and water bottles incase of a side of the road stranding in middle of winter.

  10. My husband will be checking over the furnace and air conditioner to be sure everything looks great.

  11. We are re-staining our deck to get ready for rain and some snow. I would love to win the gift card!

  12. I’m trying to start buying in bulk so that we always have plenty of food!

  13. We’re calling in an HVAC company to do a check of our heating and air conditioning as a preventive measure.

  14. I’m down here in Texas, where currently the whole state seems to be going up in flames. I’m not sure we will make to winter. But, I plan to check all of the windows for air leaks, give the furnace a good cleaning, clean the fireplace, check the vehicles anti-freeze levels…you know, those sorts of things.

  15. We are checking the lint trap of the dryer with each use and getting out the extra lint. We check the coils behind the refrigerator monthly and we make sure that we have driveway salt for the upcoming winter.

  16. I keep 2 gallons of water, some snacks and blankets in the trunk of the car for the emergency.

  17. We are organizing our entire house, top to bottom and getting rid of LOTS of stuff!

  18. We are getting the yard cleaned up, staining the deck, cleaning gutters and organizing the garage so we can get to our snow shovels! Gotta love lake effect snow in Ohio.

  19. Getting my oil changed! We’re going on a trip in a few weeks and we need to make sure our vehicle is in good working order.

  20. Cleaning up the huge tree that just fell in our yard and getting rid of the garden remnants. Also we also make sure our tires are okay and fluid levels are what they should be before going on a trip.

  21. Having spent 60 hours without power, thanks to Irene, and a few days without power last winter (MDers can’t handle snow, we’ve learned in our 13 years here), we are buying a generator.

  22. I’d like to prepare our cars for emergencies during the winter time. Things like blankets, hot hands, etc.

  23. Let’s see… Right now we live in an apartment, so I’ve already gone ahead and sealed (uh, with duck tape!) some cracks in our windows that would let cool air in. We also recently got new tires for our car so that we don’t have to worry about that if there’s any ice on the ground!

  24. We are working on changing our air filter in our AC unit every month for maximum efficiency!

  25. We are cleaning up our house, carpets, garage and yard! It feels so great to have things in order as the new school year starts!

  26. We’re having our cars inspected and our heating system checked out. We’re also doing some yard cleanup.

  27. We are cleaning out our chimneys to make sure that no “mother birds” decide to take up residence before we start fires.

  28. We don’t have much of a winter here in SE Texas, but we do have to make sure our hurricane kit is ready in case of a storm this time of year. We’ll be doing a lot of yard work in a month or so, once the weather cools off a little more.

  29. I checked out the home maintenance tip sheet and I am going to try to keep my portion of the garage organized and kept up.

  30. We will be pulling out our emergency car kit and checking it all as well as restocking as needed. Plus we are checking our pantries to make sure they are a little fuller to accommodate winter storms and illness. For the house we made sure we had enough de-icer for the sidewalks (essential here) and our shovels are in good order. Next year a generator is on the list! This year I will store more water.

  31. We have to learn what to do to prepare our pool for winter. We didn’t really want a house with a pool, but this house was just SO perfect for us. We have never had a pool before and it has been a lot of work (and more money than we thought). So we are just starting to find out what to do for the winter. It’s hard when the temp is still hitting 100 daily to think about fall!

  32. we are in the process of redoing flower beds to make things easier on ourselves. many flowers i don’t know what they are and many bushes i just don’t like. we are downsizing a bit in hopes of having beds that we can take good care of!

  33. We are prepping our vehicles for the upcoming winter. As well our checklist for the house as winter approaches. Our house is almost 100yrs old now and in need of some serious fixing up! 🙂

  34. We just re-insulated our attic – so we’re hoping our heating bills are lower this winter!

  35. Making sure the fluid levels are good in the car and getting the chimney usable.

  36. Furnace–to make sure its running efficiently and we are efficiently using propane. Car–live in the south, but are making sure tires are properly inflated.

  37. We have been checking many things on my car to get it ready for the winter. Things like tire pressure, oil, tubes and hoses. My car has got to last for a long time, I do noy mind taking the time for routine maintence.

  38. We’re going to do a good general tidy up of the yard and get toys put in a bin to store. The car also needs brakes and tires before winter. Quite a few maintenance things on our list this year!

  39. My brother insists each family member must keep an emergency kit in the car. He supplies us with all the equipment – flashlight, blankets, emergency food, etc. I always feel safer driving in the winter knowing I have his kit!

  40. This is our first winter back in the land of the frozen tundra, so we are going to buy a decent snow shovel and some ice melt pretty quick.

  41. I check to make sure our supply of water and non-perishable foods are still good. I also check all the flashlight batteries and make sure I know where the candles and matches are kept.

  42. emergency food kit and water and an evacuation plan in case of an emergency evacuation.

  43. I’ve been meal planning and making things in larger batches to avoid going out in bad weather. It’s nice to know you have homemade meals in the freezer ready to go 🙂

  44. We live in the Midwest and have been maintaining our furnace and air conditioner unit. Last thing you want is for that to quit.

  45. I live in the cold North and am working on having a better stocked kitchen pantry this winter.

  46. Here in South Texas, we are eagerly awaiting cooler weather. The landscaping gets a well deserved cleanup and fertilizing. Can’t wait!

  47. We got a new furnace and we also just chopped three trees for fire wood all stacked and ready.

  48. We just spent the day “fall” cleaning. We washed all the windows and cleaned up the yard. I’m thinking we need to get a chimney sweep this year and have our old heater checked out for safety.

  49. We’re looking into air-sealing our home – it’s only 8 years old, but it seems drafty to me. I’m also planning a huge clean out of our freezers, so I have plenty of time to stock up on fresh things for the holiday season.

  50. When shopping grocery sales, I’m adding an item or two that would be appropriate for emergency food (i.e. canned meat, crackers, bottled water). In the event of severe weather, I want to be able to feed my family if we do not have electricity for an extended period of time.

  51. Our electric bill goes through the roof every winter–we’re planning on shrinking wrapping all of our windows, sealing unused rooms, and otherwise doing as much as we can to save energy!

  52. We are stocking up our pantry so we don’t have to go out in the bad weather!

  53. I will be locating our shovels, car ice removers, getting the car checked and making up a “sick bin” filled with a carton of saltines, cans of chicken soup ( using the current Campbell’s coupons!) bottles of Gatorade and extra covers for our digital ear thermometer.

  54. We just bought new tires, oil changed, fluids checked for the car. Transitioned umbrellas & lounge chairs in the trunk for blankets & winter kit.

  55. I just had my oil change and recalls taken care of. Next is to determine what around the house needs to be taken care of.

  56. Today, I actually took down all of the vents in each room and cleaned them. I am also going to be dusting off all of the electric baseboard, so that they are ready to go when they are needed to be turned on. I am also going to change the batteries in the fire detectors and check on the fire extinguisher (that is something that I have not done in a long time). I also need to revamp our roadside emergency kit – I don’t have everything that I should have in the car! Thanks for the tips!

  57. Just today, I washed and waxed my car. I live in Upstate New York and we have crazy amounts of salt on our roads all winter, which leads to rusty cars.

  58. We’ll be getting the tires checked and (finally) fixing a clogged downspout. Thanks for the reminder!

  59. We are moving into our own house next week. Adding insulation to the attic is first, a furnace check is next

  60. We are installing smoke detectors in all bedrooms and a carbon monoxide detecor in the family room. Also checking tires and oil on the car.

  61. Well, hubby’s always working on one project or another and we’ve only been in this home for 2 months but the most recent project was changing oils in the cars and installing a watering system for the trees.

  62. We will change the furnace filter. Put all the patio furniture in the garage. Unhook and store hoses. Have our sprinkler system blown out.

  63. we’re going to change the oil and replace the old tires on our car this week!

  64. This year we’re cutting back a lot of landscaping and replacing the weatherstripping around the doors, among other things.

  65. in VA the temps have just started feeling like fall. This past weekend we mowed our yard, probably for one of the last few times, cleaned out the gutters on our house, and trimmed one of our big trees away from our house and a power line. we also cleaned out the filter in our furnace. lots of little maintenance to be done now that it’s not boiling hot outside! : )

  66. I am going to check and revamp our emergency winter kit in the car, especially with a newborn this year,

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  67. We just finished getting the truck inspected. We use the car in summer but the 4 wheel drive in winters because our area of the country gets snow.

  68. I’m getting new tires for the car my teenagers drive so they have sufficient traction in our Ohio winter. I’m also plugging some newly-discovered small gaps where pipes exit the house. Every little bit helps! Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. I am stashing water, some energy bars, and an extra change of clothes for the kids, plus blankets in a permanent location in the car so that we can be ready for anything (either pleasant or unpleasant)

  70. Getting ready for fall and winter, putting weather stripping in areas that is needed, and getting oil change in car, checking air in tires etc. Do need to get chains also.

  71. My extended family was affected by the spring tornadoes and spent 6 days without power. Even though we never lost power, I learned important lessons through their experience. We just got a generator, two hand cranked radios, several hand crank flashlights. I feel better already!

  72. Total garage clean out so we can get my poor car out of the winter weather this winter. That means new shelving and perging a lot of unwanted things.

  73. We’re going to be trying to power wash the back deck and the siding on the front of the house. Also, we need to put down new mulch in front of the front and back steps to help cut down on the mud that will get tracked into the house this winter by both kids and dog!

  74. I am determined to drain our hot water heater this year! We have really hard water, and it can build up and ruin the heater- we do NOT want that!

  75. I am going to have to get new tires. Not fun, but necessary. 🙂 Thanks!

  76. Replacing tires on the car for the winter months. Also checking heating system out. Also have to do some maintenance on our water/piping.

  77. I’m going to make sure that all six of our cars (yes, we own six cars!) have good flashlights and a blanket in the back seat.

  78. We just got a new to us vehicle (paid cash!). I’ve got a few things for emergencies tucked in the trunk, but realized I need to give our first aid kit a complete overhaul as well as purchase some new flashlights. We live where winters can be harsh, so I need to stock it with some blankets and winter gear as well in case we ended up stranded somewhere. In the past I’ve tucked those hand warmer things in the glove compartement and they’ve come in handy for sporting events, etc. where it is cooler than we anticipated.

  79. What a great list! We always seal the fence and kids playground to protect it from the long pacific northwest rainy season.

  80. we are in the process of cleaning our deck before winter. put some chairs away in the garage, cleaned others and table…. used deck cleaner on flat surfaces

  81. Last winter we had a HUGE freeze and were locked in the house for 4 days straight! The whole city was shut down with power outages and everything! While we had an ok stocked pantry, we did run out of bread and milk and had to walk in 3ft of snow to the corner store to buy the last loaf, definitely not wanting to repeat this we will be sure to be ready this year. Well stocked pantry, propane always full in the grill (for cooking when power is out) and extra milk and bread in the freezer. Brr!!

  82. For the house we are having our annual furnace checkup so we can have heat in the freezing Wisconsin winter, and for the cars new tires and all the fluids checked and filled.

  83. We are cleaning up the yard and putting the summer items in the shed to store until next year.

  84. We are getting the necessary oil changes and repairs on our vehicles. We are also going to be getting double pane window in the upcoming weeks to have better insulation and sound protection since we live near an airport. Really looking forward to peace and quiet!! LoL

  85. We have a appointment for someone to come clean and check our furnace (even though it is only a year old). And once it cools down a little more we will be instulating all the doors and windows.

  86. My husband just waxed our car and will be sealing our driveway next week.

  87. This is our first winter in the “frigid north” (North Dakota), so we’re getting an engine heater put in our car and, I hope, putting new tires on the car to help deal with the snow.

  88. I’m preparing my home for an interesting Fall with my parents moving in with my family as they lost everything in the fire in Bastrop, Tx this week. I am also preparing our evacuation plan as the drought & fire danger continue…& I am praying for rain. And an almost one year old who is ready to walk. And my two and a half year who just got her first tap shoes, what a new season it will be!

  89. This fall we plan to change the batteries in the smoke and CO detectors and get the chimney cleaned. Thanks!

  90. We had a very hot summer this year. To get prepared for winter, we will be cleaning out the flowerbeds and getting all the weeds out and laying new mulch. We replaced the french doors in our dinning room. The sun sets on that side of the house and it usually heated the dinning room really hot. We got energy eff. french doors so it lets in less heat from the sun!

  91. We have two major items to check off our preparedness list. #1 – Develop a fire safety plan and teach it to our kids. #2 – Clean and organize the garage so we can get both cars in it!

  92. oh goodness… we have been cleaning out the garage to store all the summer stuff…replacing faulty gutters and fixing some siding…this year we are doing more than last…last year was rough with welcoming the third baby…a year helps to get you back on track!

  93. I got my oil changed this weekend in my car.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  94. We will be having our furnace serviced soon. As for outdoors, landscaping season is just beginning! 🙂 We’ll also get a winter kit put together and in the car before too long.

  95. I just had 3 of my slow leaking tires repaired, I didn’t want to worry about whether I was going to have to air up my tires anymore, especially since my daughter started preschool this year and I drive her in.

  96. We are replacing the weather seal around all of our doors before the frigid doors of winter come a knocking!

  97. We are trying to keep up with the little maintenance issues as we go along instead of letting them develop into huge issues.

  98. New tires, and a complete tune-up. Lots of fun, but at least the car will be all set!

  99. We do regular car maintenance things like oil changes and services. I’m planting to avoid soil erosion during our rainy winter season. We get the gutters cleaned, moss removed from the roof and power wash the driveway and patio. I do a ton of watering and weeding and harvesting of our homegrown fruits and veggies.

  100. We are taking a load of stuff (paint, varnish, batteries, etc) to hazardous recycling this week. We are trying to reduce the amount of toxic substances in our garage.

  101. We just cleaned all the “summer” out of our car. Now it’s time for a 60k mile check up! For our house we are changing air filters and fixing the vacumn cleaner.

  102. We always make sure the outside pipes are insulated before winter hits. I’m also trying to get into a routine of filling up our car when the tank is half full, rather than waiting for it to get empty.

  103. We’re going to be getting our heater vents cleaned out & ready for those cold days coming. 🙂

  104. We have horrible winters so I always like to make sure our vehicles are in the best shape they can be before the weather turns bad.

  105. I’ll be having the chimney cleaned – the furnace has already been checked and cleaned and is on standby for when the days become chilly. I even have the snow tires on the car already.

  106. Will be getting the chimney inspected and cleaning out the gutters this season.

  107. Each season I go through our vehicles ’emergency bags’ and adjust their contents by season– I’ll be doing that this week!

    We also get under the house and check all the pipes’ insulating wrap, shut down and wrap all the frost free’s outside and a whole laundry list of winter preps!

    Thanks for the chance to win-great giveaway!

  108. We are new to “cold” weather, having moved from Texas to Kentucky, so we’ll see what we need to do this winter! Right now, though, we’re stocking up on winter clothing for our kids, something they haven’t had much of before now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. We are caulking around windows and doors to keep drafts and moisture out!

  110. We are working on switching over to wood heat so we can reduce our dependence on propane.

  111. I prepare my home by cleaning gutters trimming back tree that hang over phone electric wires very safely I might add. Seems every year the weight of the branches come down on the lines it is good to get that all cleaned up ahead of time. I bring the garden hoses in and cap the faucets. And just take a look around at things that might be affected by cold weather.

  112. We’re currently replacing all of our door and windows to more energy efficient ones.

  113. We’re hoping to get the chimney cleaned and the shutters repaired and nailed down!!

  114. We have a long list of things to do to get ready. One is to fix the heating system in our truck.

  115. For our cars, we check tires (bought new for one) and check fluids. For the house a lot of yard work. Pulling out garden plants, weeding, and raking. Later we’ll seal windows with plastic to help with heat loss for winter.

  116. Checking and replacing the filter for the furance and making sure the cars are in top shape for a Buffalo Winter

  117. We make sure we have a good supply of bottled water, canned goods, batteries and flashlights.

  118. We need to organize our garage so we can fit all of our summer fun stuff (bikes, kiddie pool, etc.) in for the winter. Thanks!

  119. Winter’s are nice here in the desert. We don’t have to worry too much about extreme cold temps. We do a nice Fall cleaning of our home. We replace filters, wash window screens, give the house a good dusting top to bottom, etc. It feels so good to get it all done.

  120. I will make sure to have flashlights, a stockpile of food and gas for the generator.

  121. We are having a water problem, so we are putting drainage pipes in ourselves and sealing the outside bottom of the foundation. Other then that make sure the snow blower is tuned up and we have rock salt on hand to get ready for a wonderful winter.

  122. We live in Northern Ontario, so winter is COLD, I am working on getting a stockpile of winter clothes for my growing boys and guests who inevitably forget ready.

  123. I would love to recaulk around all my windows to save money before winter:)

  124. I’ve made a emergency kit for our home with 3 days worth of water,food , a manual can opener,a camp stove,candles,matches and medicine for each family member. I also keep a kit in the car with the various fluids for it and a blanket and a bag of cheap cat litter in case I get stuck in the snow or we have a ice storm.

  125. My husband is finishing our master bathroom. Unfortunately, we had our pipes freeze last year, so this will hopefully insulate the pipes coming in so the upstairs has working pipes.
    We’ve also done a massive cleanout as my mother has moved in. Less stuff just feels good and now everything seems to have a home because it has to!

  126. I have been helping my parents sort through their house and tag a lot of things for a garage sale. In doing so, I’ve realized that I need to go through my own home again with a fine-tooth comb and get organized. We have simplified our belongings, but I’d love to get the stuff we’ve kept organized, so it doesn’t look like so much clutter! Since we rent, we don’t have to worry about winterizing the outside, but I’d love to make our house warm and cozy on the inside! 🙂

  127. We are getting our van checked before we go on a long road trip. We also have jumper cables in the back in case we need them or can help someone else.

  128. We are weather stripping all the windows due to the “Great Lady Bug Invasion of 2010.” We had thousands of lady bugs infest our “brand new” 100-year old home last fall. They are nasty and they bite and they stink when you squish them and they bury themselves into every nook and cranny to survive the winter; come spring they flock to the windows to escape – like some scene out of a horror movie – covering the glass so thickly that you cannot even see daylight.

  129. I just bought a brand new car and so now I am in need of a new emergency kit if anything happens and I break down somewhere!

  130. We plan on getting and installing a screendoor to help with drafts and to fix the air drafts on all our windows. Hopefully that will help with the heating bill this year

  131. We are cleaning & organizing our garage, cleaning out gutters, yard maintenance, & Checking over our truck-wipers, tires, fluids, belt, etc.

  132. We just replaced our van’s battery and will soon be cleaning out the gutters around our house!

  133. We’re painting our railings and trim on the house and calking our shed before our 8 months of rain sets in:(. Gotta love NW Oregon!

  134. My husband is replacing our door sweeps as we speak – we’re about to go from summer to brrr later this week.

  135. Gathering emergency supplies in preparation for earthquakes or other natural disasters.

  136. We need to update the weather stripping on our doorways and get our heater checked!

  137. With the cooler weather this fall we will split and stack firewood, clean out the gutters, refill the supply of fuel for the generator, and add anti-freeze to all the vehicles.

  138. I’ll be putting together a bad weather box for my car – getting prepared!

  139. In San Diego, we’ll have some rain in the coming months, and so we need to apply some sealant to our deck to waterproof it.

  140. Well for us, we prepared in July for hurricane season and re-prepared when Irene was heading straight for us and we have mild winters typically, so our preparations are done for now, but it’d be great to have the gift card to add some things to our kit, like a better battery radio and some tarps.

  141. Where I live, winters are mild. However, I do make sure I have lots of bottled water and prepared foods in case of a power outage. My kids love it when we have no electricity because they know Mom is going to make them hot chocolate on the gas stove and we sip it together by candle light.

  142. We are planning to get the air conditioner serviced. It has had such a tough workout this summer and we want it to be prepared for a long and healthy life. Cooler temps here mean a chance to open a bit!

  143. I restocked and switched out old and expired canned goods and rations that I had stored in our emergency stash in the basement. We also put new batteries in our smoke alarms, flashlights, and radon detector.

  144. We are going to get the heatpump serviced and clean the yard of any debris.

  145. We are in hurricane season right now and just made it thru “Irene”. We are preparing for the next one by having supplies, tools and medical kits available and keeping the car in a state of readiness

  146. I’m actually getting an emergency kit together. Since it’s pretty expensive, I’m doing a little at a time but I’m almost done now. All I have to do is just reorganize everything and put it somewhere where it’s easily accessible.

  147. Trimming the trees, getting the car stocked with water, granola bars, flashlight, candle and blankets and having the furnace serviced.

  148. We sealed our roof with a quaility coating here in Arizona. I am also needing to make a good emergency kit . I have a lot of the supplies but would like to make them easier to get at once if needed.

  149. With Hurricane Irene, our basement flooded. We are working slowly to replace all that the water damaged, but it’s a long slow process. So we’ve been spending an awful lot of time at Home Depot looking for solutions to this problem so it doesn’t flood again with the next big rainstorm!

  150. Our area (NC coast) was hit pretty hard by hurricane Irene. We’re doing some big repairs to as a result – new roof for our shed and fixing the roof on our home to prevent leaks in the future. We’re also considering a generator so we don’t lose our freezer meals next time around…

  151. I live in Arizona so getting ready for the Winter is not as intense as it is in some parts of the country. But my husband does prep the heater and make sure it is ready for when the cold hits 🙂

  152. I’m going to get ice melt and kitty litter (for traction) to put in my car for the winter, as well as getting a better cell phone for emergencies. I will also be getting my car thoroughly checked for winter.

  153. We have cleaned our air conditioner out and have tidied our yard. We will also be putting plastic around our windows soon.

  154. WV winters can get a little rough. I make sure we have all the generator supplies together and ready to go, as well as lots of candles and making sure the fireplace is ready to go.

  155. I don’t know??? This is our first fall in our own home so this is a new frontier. I’ll start by reading your recommended list and go from there!

  156. I have my vehicle stocked for emergencies, and I am working on my home. Seasonally, we have been preparing the farm for winter. We just put up the last of the hay. My garden is not quite ready to be put to bed for the winter, but my tiller is. I would love to win this gift card. We really need to stain our deck!

  157. We just cleaned and organized the garage, I am having the safety inspection and fall tune-ups done on the car and I need to get the furnace serviced.

  158. We’re having our roof inspected and our tires replaced…ah, the fun of life as an adult! 🙂

  159. We are preparing by getting new tires on our car. They should be much safer to drive with than our current bald tires. 😉

  160. We’re preparing for light–making sure we have enough candles, flashlights, and hand-generated lights in the house and know exactly where they are in case we lose power.

  161. We are going to get new batteries for both of our cars. No one wants to be late to work or school because of a dead battery on a 0 degree Chicago day!

  162. My husband is the ultimate handy man. Everyone at Home Depot knows him. He has built our deck, re-plumbed the house, built our back porch, just too much to mention. He winterizes our cars, changes all the fluids, etc. He replaces rotten wood, fixes loose boards, fixes our pool….the gift card would be a real blessing!

  163. We are making sure our cars are in good condition (i.e. checking tires, routine oil changes, etc;) and keeping them filled with at least a quarter tank of gas at all times.

  164. This coming winter, we are better prepared due having a 4WD vehicle. I also plan on putting extra warm clothes in the car just in case.

  165. I have been cleaning out and organizing my pantry and laundry room to make getting to school and meal planning run more smoothly!

  166. My dh is always keeping the vehicles in tip top shape. He is such a blessing to our family in this way. I never have to worry about the vehicle when I am out and about.

  167. Well, we just had new brakes put on our truck as well as cleaned, tidied, and swept the garage out in anticipation of the cold. Next we will be fixing up the kids closets so that they are more useable and we can change out summer clothes for winter clothes easier.

  168. I like to check the emergency car kits and work on food storage for my home.

  169. I make sure I have the pantry stocked with food and non-food items. I am disabled and going out on snowy days in cold Michigan can be hard. I also keep my car above 3/4 of a tank in case I got stuck and needed to run the car for awhile.

  170. For winter, we start clearing the garage so we can park our cars. We also make sure our gutters are clean and the chimney is in good working condition.

  171. We try to keep our cars maintained by checking oil and such frequently.

  172. It is time to clean the gutters, caulk the windows, clean out the pellet stove and flue, take the vehicle in for an oil change, tire rotation and check all the fluids. This is a very busy and productive season.

  173. I am cleaning the gutters out and taking all my brush piles to the city compost dump.

  174. Caulking, insulating more in the attic, rerouting ductwork for better heating, and more.

    Thanks for entering us. 🙂

  175. I’m keeping my gas tank fuller than before, thanks to my husband’s encouragement.

  176. We always make sure to get our routine maitanance on our vehicles done before colder weather hits. We also do a complete home check making sure all our caulking, gutters, doors and plumbing are ready for colder weather.

  177. I should really get some flares or reflectors for the car. We have other useful stuff, but not those. And I think a second fire extinguisher in the house would probably be good. ..

  178. We just changed all the filters in the house. And my plan is to get the house stocked with more “preparedness” food. We do live in an earthquake zone here in Portland.

  179. Replaced the roof in the Spring. Now we are moving on to slowly replacing the windows with energy efficient windows!

  180. We cleaned out the air ducts so that when it’s time to turn the heat on we don’t have a house full of dust and animal hair.

  181. Now that I have a little one, I always try to make sure the car is well-maintained.

  182. I’m actually buying new tires for my car. I commute 3 hours a day to and from the office and with the Michigan winter fast approaching, sturdy tires are a must!

  183. One thing we’ll be doing very soon is replacing our windshield wipers in great hopes that rain will come our way 😉 We’ve had 100+ temps and a horrible drought for most of the summer. Our wipers are fried and dried.

  184. We are putting together our emergency kit in case we have to leave in a hurry.

  185. This fall, I’m trying to be more intentional with my time. For the first time in my life I have made a daily schedule and calendar that I check regularly. I’m even going to get my littles involved soon.

  186. Because we live in Florida other than rain we only have one season (hot). Before we travel north for the holidays we always get a once over on our vehicles to make sure it can handle the drive and th weather conditions.

  187. we just talked about getting a generator… we live in the country and our well is on a separate electric system than our house!

  188. Updating the emergency kit in the car, someone is always “borrowing” from it.

  189. We’re going to fix a section of our roof that doesn’t have very good protection, do little things like change the furnace filter and wash down some cupboards, and make lists of the things that should be done so we can be more organized and do what needs to be done.

  190. We’re reorganizing our pantry so we can better tell what we’re stocked up on in case of power outages, being snowed in, or other emergencies!

  191. We are going to caulk around our windows to keep the heat in and the cold out. Also, we are applying weather stripping around door frames to the ones leading outdoors.

  192. We’re putting the snow shovel back in our car… it’s getting to be that time of year again!

  193. We will be fixing a few things around thehouse that have been delayed, and trimming the trees and hedges – we live in hurricane country and don’t want those flying into the house 🙂

  194. We do routine maintenance; check air in tires, regular oil changes, and check fluids in car.

  195. Clean out the car, make sure spare is aired correctly, check tire pressure, oil change, make sure there is first aid kit and jumper cables in the car.

  196. We’ve been stacking firewood and cleaning and repairing the woodstove for winter.

  197. Our cars are very high milage, so we make sure we do all the scheduled maintence and keep them running!!

  198. I’m in the process of trying to clean out the office/toy and game storage/craft area room of the house. Such a large task, but I’m hoping at the end I will be able to find things much easier and it will free up some of my time!

  199. Getting the kerosene heater and lamps ready it never fails we always lose power on the first big storm!

  200. We just got some gallon jugs of water to keep at home in case of an emergency. It’s one thing you don’t want to be without!

  201. We are getting are cars ready. Making sure we have everything in there in case of an emergency. Thanks!

  202. I’m getting my attic cleaned out and the dura flame logs ready to go 🙂
    thanks for the giveaway.

  203. We’ve just moved into a bigger house, which has room now for me to stockpile food more easily so I’m working on getting together some emergency food supplies.

  204. Going to get my SUV oil changed and winter stockpile the pantry, medicine cabinets. Thanks.

  205. We’re in the process of buying our first home so right now we’re having very thorough inspections so we’ll now what needs to be done to keep our new home in tip top shape.

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