Homemade Fried Rice: A Review and a Giveaway from SunBird

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Our family loves Asian flavors. One of our favorite splurges is a Panda Feast. And while I have perfected some copy cat meals, Chinese food is not one I’ve excelled at. I can do Potsticker Dipping Sauce and Summer Rolls, but that’s about it. Traditionally, I am a chinese food fail. So, I jumped at the chance to review some Asian seasonings from SunBird.

Since our family is trying to include more whole grains in our diet, it worked out perfectly that one of the seasonings I received was for the Fried Rice. Fried Rice is made with cold cooked rice, something very easy to do since we’re eating rice often these days. I simply cooked twice as much one day and refrigerated the rest. Other ingredients needed included green onions, soy sauce, oil, and eggs. The packet recipe also called for green peas. I know that would have made it more authentic, but since my family doesn’t like green peas, I decided we could live without it.

I loved the simplicity of this recipe. Heat oil in a pan. Add cold rice and green onions. Saute and add seasoning packet and soy sauce. After stir frying, add in the beaten eggs and scramble-cook those. Easy as can be.

The result was a tasty side dish to accompany marinated, grilled chicken, and stirfried broccoli. It was interesting to hear the family’s responses to this side dish. We don’t normally order fried rice when eating out, so it was a new taste for many of the children. The picky eaters didn’t care for it. But that is to be expected. That is why I call them my picky eaters! My adventurous eaters loved it and kept asking for more. Hubs said that it reminded him of Rice-a Roni, “but not in a bad way.” I liked it, but it didn’t taste exactly like I remembered take out fried rice tasting. It was good, regardless. I’m looking forward to trying the other spices we received. And for those of you with gluten concerns, I think you’ll be impressed with the number of gluten-free products they produce.

SunBird has graciously offered up a great giveaway for one of my readers. The winner will receive a case of SunBird Asian Sauce mixes (variety pack of 24 spices valued at $25) as well as a $25 Visa Giftcard to buy the groceries they need to create their meals.

To enter, tell us your favorite Chinese food dish. Visit the SunBird list of seasonings for inspiration. Please make sure you leave an email contact so that I can contact you if you win. Winner will be chosen at random. Entries will be accepted until 8 pm PST on Monday, March 22.

Disclosure: SunBird Asian provided me with compensation for my time and effort in running this campaign as well as four spice packets to try. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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  1. I love love love all kinds of Asian dishes. LOL.. I LOVE sushi, plain fried rice, WON TON SOUP(YES), and, of course …”Chef’s special shrimp”…I also would not turn down rice noodle, egg foo young, pot stickers, egg drop soup, or sweet and sour chicken…and you know those crab rangoon things? Those too.. LOL
    And, spring rolls…not the fried kinds, though… Man, is that enough? hahaha

  2. My favorite Chinese food is orange chicken from Panda!!

  3. I love chinese food…a little too much. But my favorite dish is always general tso’s chicken…or sweet and sour chicken…or anything chicken. OHH I love wontons too…cream cheese..okay I have to order out now!

  4. I love sunbird! I personally enjoy the szechwan chicken (just the right amount of heat) and the general Tso’s. For fried rice, I like their seasoning, but I find adding about a tablespoon of hoisoin sauce (found in the asian section of any grocery store) really makes it more asian in flavor and color. Plus you can now get hoisoin in all natural, no msg!

    I love fried rice, lo mein noodles, and pretty much all of the asian main courses.

  5. i haven’t been brave enough to try asian foods at home, but there’s a super buffet in atmore al!!!! 🙂

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  6. My favorites are Kung Pao Chicken, California rolls and orange chicken. I am going to try you spring rolls soon!
    chrisee1032 at hotmail dot com

  7. Crab Rangoon!

  8. My favorite is Hot and Sour Soup. Since no one else in the family likes it, I don’t have to share my order. Plus, they are too busy fighting over the steamed dumplings!
    marlandann (at) rocketmail (dot) com

  9. Rebecca Elwell says:

    I lOve sunbird stir fry sauce!! We use it all the time. I use cubbed chicken add the veggies and towards the end I add some cashews! An awesome dinner and great way to use the leftover celery and carrots.

  10. Chicken and Garlic sauce – add extra mushroms!

  11. I totally luv me some Generals Chicken & Fried Rice.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. My all time favorite Chinese dish is Almond Chicken, but not the breaded chicken with a gravy and almonds over top. I go 45 minutes from home to get the BEST Almond Chicken in the world! It’s made like a stir fry and is to die for! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

  13. I love broccoli chicken, yummmm!

  14. I make stir fry at least once a week. I use whatever veggies and protein we have in he fridge. i don’t make fried rice, but would like to try it. Thanks for the chance.

  15. I really like asian foods. We make pepper steaks and sweet and sour chicken at home. I also make homemade fried rice, but it is never quite the same as out – perhaps the spices are the differences.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Fried rice is my favorite.

  17. I love it all so it’s hard to narrow it down. I guess I’d go with the horribly fattening beef dish where beef strips are breaded (not batttered), fried, and then coated in a sticky, sweet and very hot sauce (sometimes orange flavored..sometimes not).

  18. Everyone in my family like egg drop soup and on our monthly menu at least twice we have some sort of stir fry. The favorite is beef and vegetables served over a bed of rice.

  19. I love Asian food too! Chinese and Japanese are my favorite. I’d have to say General Tso’s Chicken is my favorite but I don’t get to make it at home since my children and hubs don’t like the spicy flavor. I’d love to try that Fried Rice recipe…bet it would be good to disguise brown rice too!


  20. I love General Tso’s chicken, Sweet N Sour chicken and Orange chicken! YUM! Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!!

  21. carly harrison says:

    I love love chicken fried rice and orange chicken! Yummy!

  22. Kung Pao chicken (extra spicy!) and crab rangoons are my standard Chinese takeout order. Yum, it’s only 8:30 AM and it’s making me hungry…

  23. When I had my second baby, someone brought me divine homemade Beef and Broccoli over brown rice. I still get cravings for it!

  24. Rachel Manley says:

    I love any kind of stiry fry, the picture of stir fry they have on their website looks super yummy!

  25. Tamen Eis says:

    My favorite Chinese food is Sweet and Sour Chicken, Eggrolls, and Fried Rice. Yum!!!

  26. I didn’t have chinese food until I was an adult. My husband taught me how to make fried rice, but it never comes out like our favorite take-out place makes it. I’m sure its the seasoning, can’t wait to find this in the store and give it a try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Favorite of all time is their stir fry plain and simple the more veggies the better!

  28. My favorite is sweet and sour chicken! I have used these seasonings in the past and liked them.

  29. I love anything teriyaki. Especially veggies. They are so good. We try to do something Asian-inspired at least once a week….it is a great way to get in some extra vegetables. This is an awesome giveaway. I hope I win!

  30. Can I say “all of it”. I love Sesame Chicken and any kind of Asian Dumplings. But, I really love all of it!
    clarksrfun at gmail dot com

  31. I love steamed steamed vegetable dumplings, steamed in soy sauce. I would love to recreate this recipe at home!

  32. Shrimp fried rice has always been my favorite.

  33. *dipped* in soy sauce

  34. Sushi is my fav, but I’m also a chicken and broccoli stir-fry kind of gal. 🙂

  35. My favorite Chinese dish is MooShu Chicken. Mmmmm.

  36. Sesame chicken! I could live on the stuff.

  37. My family loves General Tso’s Chicken. I found a cheap way to make it with a frozen bag of bourbon chicken then added a general tso’s sauce to taste with a side of broccoli. I love fried rice.

  38. I LOVE Asian food. Right now my favorite is Almond Chicken. It is the absolute BEST. In fact, we are going out to lunch today for my son’s birthday and I already know what I am going to order!

  39. I love stir fry tomato and eggs. I first had it while I was studying abroad in China and fell in love with it there.

  40. I love orange chicken. Thanks for the chance.

  41. My family loves fried rice. Sweet and sour pork is great too.

  42. Christine says:

    We love chicken and broccoli and veggie lo mein! Yum!!

  43. I love Asian food! Scallion pancakes & fried rice are my favorite make-at-home Chinese food meal. In fact, we had fried rice last night (with leftover beans & rice). It’s a great way to get veggies in my kids — slivered carrots, frozen peas (even corn or beans or asparagus have made it in our wok), and onion is the standby. I’d love to try the seasoning packets since mine doesn’t taste exactly like takeout but I attribute that to the lower amount of oil I use than a restaurant. Trying to keep it healthy, ya’ know. 🙂

  44. My favorite is definitely sesame chicken over fried rice. Yum! Now I’m hungry for some Chinese food….

  45. My family loves spicy garlic chicken. I have also had many failed attempts at making my own Chinese food. I would love to win this!

  46. My favorite dish is Mongolian Beef. I am really excited they offer gluten-free products as well 🙂

  47. Leslie Price says:

    My favorite Chinese dish is orange chicken, but I think you must have been reading my mind- last night I put a bunch of leftover rice in the fridge and told myself I needed to figure out how to use it to make fried rice so it wouldn’t go to waste!

  48. My favorite- EGG ROLLS!
    I am with you though… I can’t cook chinese very well. I have Cambodians neighbors and they cook wonderful things…and once they came over and gave us hot egg rolls…yum! I really should go ask for lessons!

  49. I LOVE Chinese food and I’m so glad I’m not the only one to have not yet mastered it. Maybe if I win this giveaway, I will be able to get a little closer to my goal of eliminating our take-out habit!

  50. My favorite Chinese food is Orange Chicken…so good. And while I like Chinese food, my husband loves it, so he would be incredibly excited if I were to win this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. I’d have to say Kung Pao Chicken hands down. When we use to eat out my husband always ordered Kung Pao Chicken and my daughter and I always got chicken chow mein. When we stopped eating out my husband was craving the kung pao so he asked me to recreate it. So I found a copy cat recipe for P.F. Chang’s Kung Pao and it was soooo good. The nice thing about it is with the exception of the green onions (which sometimes I omit) everything else is a basic pantry item of ours so we have it on the menu often.

  52. Jennifer C. says:

    I love General Tso’s (not authentically Chinese, i know) and Sesame chicken. Also, pork fried rice and egg rolls. MMM..I’m hungry now!

  53. We love fried rice. It is one dish just about everyone will eat.

  54. I like all kinds of Asian foods. Maybe beef & broccoli or the chicken lettuce wraps from PF Changs.

  55. This makes me want to get some Chinese take-out today! My favorite is chicken fried rice.

  56. Love orange chicken from Panda! I love lo mein more than rice. I love beef and broc. I adore egg drop soup. I guess I just love Chinese food! 🙂

  57. We love fried rice. Last time I made it I just did some cinnamon and ginger.

  58. Preparedmom says:

    I LOVE Chinese food! Any kind! Egg rolls, General Chicken, beef broccoli, etc. Mmm, mmm! I’d love to be able to make easy chinese at home. 🙂

  59. We like lots of Chinese…Sweet and Sour, Teryaki,…

  60. I love fried rice, but I never order it because of the peas–your fried rice looks yummy! When I order Chinese food, I usually get orange chicken or sweet and sour chicken.

  61. I love pan-fried rice noodles with beef, a Cantonese-style dish. Not healthy, but so stinkin’ good!!

  62. So many, how to pick? Fried rice, beef with broccoli, garlic chicken, potstickers…

  63. Favorite would be a cha siu bao (bbq pork bun).

  64. veggie lo mein is my fave.

  65. I love, love, love beef pepper steak and wor su gai. I’m sure there would be others I would like, but I love these so much, I rarely pass up the opportunity to have them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Catherine says:

    Wonton soup! The place by my house has dumplings, all kinds of veggies, shrimp, and the most delicious broth ever… and it’s fairly healthy, too!

  67. Our favorite is chicken and broccoli.

  68. I try to be a healthy girl, but I’m addicted to fried food. And my Chinese food preference fall right in line: fried rice, won tons, egg rolls. But truthfully I love it all. Haven’t had any chinese food I I don’t like.

  69. My favorites are egg fried rice and potstickers aka pan fried dumplings. I think I could eat those every day!

  70. Chicken Lo Mein. Definately. We also make fried rice regularly…without eggs b/c of a food allergy. But we add in the peas…only when Dad isn’t around. He hates peas, too!

  71. I love beef and broccoli! Cashew Chicken is another favorite.

  72. I like stir fry, cram cheese wontons, fried rice, egg rolls, and potstickers. Yum!

  73. My FAVORITE is sweet & sour chicken, but a close runner up is fried rice. Mmmmmm…good!!

  74. Susan Runnels says:

    I love Chinese food. I love it going out to eat and I also love to cook it at home. I stir fry chicken mushrooms and zuchinni, add some flour to thicken it up. Then on the side I cook the sun bird fried rice. It is our favorite. I have discovered the less salt soy sauce. i can’t taste the difference. Wonderful

  75. Its always a toss up between orange chicken and sweet and sour pork. I’ve tried that fried rice mix before, we thought it was great!

  76. I love teriyaki chicken with broccoli. My family LOVES Chinese food too!

  77. Chicken Lo Mein is a favorite around here.

  78. Around here, we LOVE chicken fried rice. I haven’t tried these seasoning packets before – will have to try them now!

  79. My husband loves the general Tso’s chicken seasoning! I don’t really care for chinese food but I do eat fried rice so I may have to give that one a try next time I am at the store.

  80. Kim in AZ says:

    I am also a Panda Express fan – orange chicken or string bean chicken with chow mein. Yummy!

  81. I use the Sun Bird fried rice spice but I add chicken to the rice. I love how simple and easy it is to make. When I go grocery shopping I usually but a few packets because they are so cheap, and it makes A LOT!!!

  82. Julie Gillen says:

    I love Chinese food period!! Fried rice is definitely a fave 🙂

  83. Oh, yum. My all-time favorite is Hot and Sour Soup. I love ordering it wherever I go and sampling all the different recipes.

  84. My favorite is fried rice….I could eat it all day long with nothing to accompany it. My husband always makes fun of me for eating so much rice, but I really don’t care, LOVE IT!!

  85. My family loves sweet and sour, egg rolls, noodles… lo mein. I am hungry just thinking about it.

  86. Frances Kendrick says:

    King Pao Chicken is my favorite! I love the spicy flavor! And Mongolian Beef runs a close second! :o)

    Thank you for the oppurtunity to win this incredible deal!!

    Take care,

  87. My favorite dish is Mongolian beef! Yum

  88. My Dad once took a Chinese cooking class. He made the best homemade egg rolls and a dish called Moo Goo Gai Pan. In memory of Dad, I’d have to say my favorite is Moo Goo Gai Pan.

  89. TEMPURA! You could pretty much tempura cardboard and I would eat it 🙂 I’d love to try their mixes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  90. My favorite Asian dish is Sesame chicken. YUM! I love Asian food also!!

  91. paula ayojiak says:

    I love sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken!

  92. Favorite – Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry – lots of flavor!

  93. we love Asian food…some of the at home faves: fried rice, eggrolls, and cashew chicken

  94. Mu shu pork is the special occasion favorite, and Kung Pao Chicken is the anytime favorite!

  95. That’s hard, but I’d have to say pad thai.

  96. mmm i love chinese food, and so does my husband! i really like hot & sour soup, and orange chicken, and sesame chicken, and pepper steak… mmm tasty! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  97. totally not fair! I’m in early labor at the hospital and since not much is happening yet and they haven’t let me eat for several hours, I’m starving! Please let me win so I can at least satisfy my cravings at some point in time!

  98. Love Chinese! Egg Drop Soup, Pork Fried Rice, Vegetable Lo Mein and Cashew Chicken are all favorites. The husband loves just about everything including Pad Thai and most other Vietnamese dishes as well as Sushi.

  99. I love cashew chicken but chicken fried rice is a close second. Chinese food is a special food in our family. It is a food for special one-on-one time with a family member or a special occasion food!

  100. I love fried rice, but have never made it. Your post makes it look pretty easy. Maybe I’ll try it!

  101. Kimberly Baker says:

    I love pretty much anything Asian, but I think my favorite is shrimp fried rice or General Tso’s Chicken. Yummy!

  102. Family fave is General Tso’s chicken and I’ve never attempted to recreate the spice mix at home. What I fix at home is a fried rice – peas and scrambled egg dish that goes over well.

  103. I’m a fan of kung pao chicken.

  104. YUM YUM! Love Chinese Food!! Fried Rice ROCKS!! Love General Tsao’s, orange chicken, beef and brocoli and many others!


  105. I love the fried rice…my mom cooked this all the time when i was growing up!! Love it!!

  106. I just looked at the seasoning list – what a great variety. I will definitely have to check my store to see how many types they have. My favorites are General Tso’s chicken, chicken on a stick and fried cheese wontons. I’m excited to try some healthier versions at home.

  107. My favorite is Beef w/ broccoli, although it might not be such a bad idea to start cooking Broccoli w/ Beef! Either way, it’s tasty!

  108. My husband and I both love General Tso’s Chicken (extra spicy).

  109. I like Beef and broccoli….so good

  110. I’ve actually used SunBird fried rice seasoning (the exact same package in your picture), and it was very good! I have a half-pack up in my cupboard still, waiting for when I have leftover white rice. I didn’t know they made sauces mixes, too!

    I love Chicken Egg Foo Young. If they could somehow duplicate the sauce for that, that would be awesome. I also love Beef and Broccoli, Wonton soup, and egg rolls. And fried rice, of course.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  111. Honey walnut shrimp. Hands down. Oh, I love dim sum, too though.

  112. I’m not much into Asian dishes but I do LOVE Veggie Fried Rice & Veggie Lo Mein every so often!

  113. My favorite chinese food is orange chicken and fried rice! I have tried serveral versions of fried rice but not found one that matches what the restaurants make so I am excited to try this if I win. Thanks so much!

  114. Michelle M. says:

    Sesame Chicken, YUM YUM!!

  115. Sweet and sour chicken and crab rangoon are my favorites! But I have love for many Asian dishes.

  116. Dumplings, and I just recently took a class to learn how to make them!

  117. There are lots of them that I love, but Cashew Chicken is probably my fave!

  118. I love General Tso’s Chicken. I’ve tried several times to make it at home, but sadly I’ve failed each and every time. The results have always been edible , just not the same as take-out:(

  119. Love ham fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and fried wontons!

  120. Sushi! Or wonton soup!


  121. I love Sesame chicken, though I’ve yet to find a make-at-home version that’s as good as the restaurant kind.

  122. Everyone at our house loves Asian flavors. We eat chicken ponzu a couple times a month. I’ve never achieved the right flavor for fried rice and would love to try that out.

  123. hands down crab rangoon

  124. I love Orange Peel Tofu. Or chicken. Or shrimp. Orange peel anything is delicious! 🙂

  125. General Tso’s chicken–deep fried spicy goodness–and crab wontons. I have a pretty good recipe for crab wontons that are baked (!!), hummm now I’m hungry.

  126. Lisa Jaksik says:

    We LOVE orange chicken!

  127. Sweet and sour chicken is my all-time favorite Chinese food and of course, a side of egg rolls. Yum!

  128. We all love pork fried rice with bok choy and its a great way to use up leftover pork roast!

  129. Beef and broccoli and chicken in garlic sauce.

  130. I love Asian food. But……the only thing I’ve tried to make is stir fry veggies. I don’t have the extra money ……….. if my family doesn’t like it, it goes to waste. I would love to win. I’m sure my family would love it… Thanks

  131. My favorite is sweet and sour chicken. That is about all I can also get my husband to eat also. But it is oh so good.

  132. orange chicken! simply delicious!! i’d love to try these asian flavors!

  133. shrimp fried rice is my favorite. thank you for the chance to win.

  134. I like fried rice and orange chicken.

  135. I love Hot and Sour Soup and General Tso chicken. My husband is a fan of lemon chicken. We’re both big fans of sushi, but that’s no longer in the budget.
    I make fried rice often and use frozen peas & carrots in it.
    (I’d love to win this!)

  136. Oh, just about any kind of Chinese food is my favorite! LOVE it! If I had to pick a favorite I guess I would say Tangerine Chicken and chow mein noodles.

  137. Sesame chicken, hot and sour soup and chicken fried rice.

  138. sarah hanrahan says:

    I love Asian food. Fried rice and moo goo gai pan (sp?) are my favorite

  139. Pork Lo Mein! I’ve been wanting to try a few of their spice packets.


  140. Christina Burrell says:

    I love Moo Goo Gai Pan.

  141. I have a house full of picky eaters. And I’m not just talking about my kids! My husband and my father (who lives with us) are both as picky as the kids! The ONE type of food that we all can agree on is Asian. Although, never the same dishes! Oh well, I try! My favorite is sweet and sour chicken and crab wontons (who doesn’t love warm, creamy cream cheese?). My husband loves General Tso something or another, one child only eats veggies and noodles or rice, so any stirf ry does him good. My older son loves broccoli beef. My father is a hot and sour soup and egg foo young fan. Of all these I only know how to make stir fry. This prize pack would really save us on the budget of having to order out for all this good stuff and will give me a chance to learn how to expand out of the stir fry rut! Thanks so much for a chance to win! Michelle (

  142. Kung Pao Chicken with Cream Cheese Won Tons — yummy!

  143. My favorite Chinese food recipe is:

    ” Kelly’s ~ Lil Sweet ~ Lil Spicy Salmon”

    1.) Package of “Sun Bird HONEY SESAME CHICKEN
    2.) 1 – 2 lb (BIG CUBES) Cubed Fresh Salmon
    3.) 1 Bunch of Fresh spinach or lb of diced Asparagus, Broccoli or Green Beans. “FRESH”
    4.) Jasmine rice or Rice noodles
    5.) 3 Tbs. Hot chili oil or more if love spicy like me.
    6.) 2 Tbs. Garlic powder with parsley
    7.) GENEROUS Pinch of brown sugar or more if you love it more sweet like me.
    8.) Soy sauce as needed
    9.) Olive oil as needed
    10.) 1/3 cup orange or pineapple juice

    First , Cook the Jasmine Rice or Rice Noodles according to instructions
    Roll the Salmon cubes around in the
    Drizzle Salmon cubes with a little bit of Hot chili oil or if you don’t like it too spice you can use olive oil.
    Roll Salmon around in dry mix. Coat well.- Drizzle again with a “little” olive oil.
    Fry the Salmon cubes on medium in the HOT CHILI OIL or OLIVE OIL for 8 to 1O minutes.
    Take out and set aside. Add 1 cup water( LEAVE DRIPPINGS IN PAN FOR FLAVOR) and add vegetables. Bring to a boil for 10 seconds and turn down on low. Add garlic, sugar, soy sauce and juice. Add cooked salmon BRING TO A BOIL FOR 10 MORE SECONDS and serve over Jasmine rice or Rice noodles.
    YUM!!!!!! You will LOVE it!

  144. YUM! I love Asian food of all kinds, and I eat a lot of it. But I never cook it, and I’d love some quick and easy ways to prepare some of my favorites.

  145. Amanda Y. says:

    I love cashew chicken!

  146. I’ve used their General Tso’s mix and it’s really good. It doesn’t quite taste like eating out, but we like it well enough!

  147. My favorite is the hot and sour soup.

  148. My favorite is Beef with Broccoli- my own homemade recipe! You can read it here:

  149. I like Sweet & Sour Chicken & Lo Mein best, but my favs include: fried rice, pepper steak, crab rangoon, egg rolls, peanut chicken… the list goes on and on… 🙂

  150. I pregnant and on bedrest and I am soooo craving Chinese food! I love Moo Goo Gai Pan, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Fried Rice and Lo Mein with whatever meats, and so much more. Bring on the Chinese food!

  151. I love fried rice and the Sunbird recipe is the ONLY one I have ever had that turned out perfect. I LOVE their fried rice. The only problem I have is I make too much. Spaghetti and rice really get away from me, I always make too much of those.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  152. Yumm! My favorite is cold noodles, sweat and sour chicken or eggrolls! Thanks!

  153. My family loves orange chicken but won ton soup is my favorite.

  154. First of all thanks so much for your blog!Even though I am not a stay at home mom I still use alot of your tricks and tips. And I love your recipes. We like fried rice. I make it with brown rice and just add the stuff we like. One thing I try to do is watch out for hidden sodium, so I kind of created my own version of fried rice without soy sauce. I would love to try this, though. I am beginning to teach the olderst daughter how to cook various things sine she will be in college in five years. Thanks!

  155. We are a fried rice family too (and Sunbird is the seasoning we buy!)

    I love to add ham or sausage to ours – we have even done shrimp!

  156. Michelle Crook says:

    Do we have to pick one?
    I LOVE Chinese food …

    Wonton soup
    Fried Rice
    bean sprout/pork stir fry ours makes!!
    Egg Rolls
    Moo Goo Gai Pan
    Teriyaki Chicken on a stick

    Yum!! Thanks.

  157. the steamed dumplings!!!!

  158. I would love to make Mongolian sp? grill!!!!

  159. We love Kung Pao chicken & shrimp. We make it at home now since my husband was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease-it’s tough to eat out.

  160. Deborah K. says:

    Pepper Steak is my absolute favorite, hands down!!! Fried rice is a close second. I haven’t tried Sunbird seasoning yet, but would love to.

  161. beth wight says:

    General Tsao Chicken stir fry is my favorite!

  162. My favorite Chinese food has to be potstickers!

  163. Sara Jane says:

    I love General Tso’s Chicken! My favorite!
    I also really enjoy SunBird’s seasonings, I’ve used a few. Thanks for the great give away!

  164. Our family loves all Chinese foods. One of our favorites is fried rice and sesame chicken. I, too, have failed at every attempt to compare to the Chinese restaurants. I would love to try these spices to see if they can help me.

  165. I love Moo Shu chicken.

  166. We always order ham fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. I have used Sunbird fried rice seasoning before and we really liked it. Please enter me. Thanks.

  167. I love love love the beef and broccoli!!!! And sesame chicken…..And sweet n sour chicken….And fried rice……And low mein…..and I could go on and on….

  168. anne marie says:

    Sesame Chicken is a big favorite here. Fried rice and pork lo mein too. So craving Chineese food now!

  169. Beatriz Fernandez says:

    We love orange chicken

  170. Beatriz Fernandez says:

    Orange chicken is the best

  171. Michelle P. says:

    I love making sesame chicken!!!

  172. I love Genearl Tsos chicken and fried rice. YUMMMO

  173. They have a great mix for sweet and sour pork, that is really great!

  174. I like to make a simple chicken and broccoli dish at home. But when I go out (or have yet to learn) I love potstickers, sweet and sour pork and orange chicken!

  175. My favorite Chinese dish is orange chicken. I could eat it every other day!

  176. I LOVE making chicken fried rice for my family, so quick, easy, and economical!

  177. Thanks to the many dinners at Lui’s Kitchen as a kid, Sweet & Sour Pork is still my favorite. I have attempted at times to make Chinese food, but it is never quite right. I haven’t tried a mix before though.

  178. Favorite Chinese food = good “Young Chow” fried rice (a.k.a. “everything but the kitchen sink” fried rice)

  179. My favorite is Sesame Chicken!!!! YUM!

  180. Eggrolls are my favorite!

  181. When I was little, I love my mom’s sweet and sour spare ribs. But now my favorite is Mongolian beef. Thank you for the giveaway!

  182. My fave is probably Buddha’s Delight- a mix of veggies and fried tofu in a brown sauce.

  183. oh! I love Chinese food!!! Hmm…a favorite…how about my husbands’s favorite, egg rolls! I like it all!

  184. I love General’s chicken — nice and spicy!

  185. My favorite chinese food dish is shrimp fried rice or chicken terrakyi.

    chantal cooper

  186. Crystal S. says:

    My favorite chinese dish is Sweet and Sour Chicken.

  187. chicken fried rice

  188. Wow!! This would be a dream come true. I worked at a chinese restaurant for 9 years and I still crave it. I love wonton soup, hot and sour soup, kung pao beef, garlic chicken, black bean ribs, crab rangoon and the list goes on……….. I have used the Sunbird Broccoli Beef mix and it’s awesome. Would love to try the others.

  189. My favorite is pork chow mein…sounds so good tight now.

  190. I love shrimp egg foo young and chicken with broccoli, Yum 🙂 .

  191. I have two favorites that I can’t choose between- orange chicken and chicken fried rice. For an appetizer, I cannot pass up crab rangoons. Mmm…

  192. My favorite chinese dish is General Tso’s chicken but really I love most of it. Never met a chinese take out I didn’t like;) Please enter me!

  193. We love Chinese take out and I’m not great at recreating it either. I love veggie fried rice, veggie steamed dumplings and veggie lo-mein. My FAVORITE is boneless BBQ spare ribs, but they are so bad for me and I’m trying to eat less meat, so I’ve had to cut back!!

  194. I love Lomein and winning this giveaway would be great.

  195. monica baker says:

    I love fried rice!

  196. Ruth Hill says:

    I absolutely love sesame chicken!

  197. I love sweet and sour chicken and beef and broccoli. Also, I am a fan of the chicken fried rice. Thanks!

  198. Chow mein…. fried rice is wonderful too!

  199. We love beef with broccoli, lo mein, and ham and fried rice I make at home!

  200. We make szechwan pork ribs in the crockpot and serve over some rice. It’s amazing!!

  201. I love egg rolls & fried rice…hubby likes chicken chow main.

  202. Beef and Broccoli is always a big hit, my 5 year old always orders Sesame Chicken at local Chinese Restaurant. We made oven dried Tofu regularly, adding it to steamed veggies or Coconut Curry. I will make Fried Rice tonite!!!

  203. My family loves beef and broccoli and chicken and broccoli! Yum.

  204. We like stir fry or egg rolls. Some positive feedback on the these products-I have used them before . They make a delicious meal

  205. We love potstickers, shrimp lo mein and house chicken. I’d love to try these products.

  206. I love egg rolls – I recently found out how to make my own….plus stir fried veggies – YUM!!

  207. I would LOVE to win this. I love chinese food but need all the help I can get when doing it at home! Our fav chinese dish is sesame chicken (spicy of course). Thanks for the chance to win!

  208. I love sesame chicken piled on top of fried rice. This is what I get every time we get take-out.

  209. Oh I love honey garlic chicken with pork fried rice. I’ve just never ever been able to duplicate it, not the breading on the chicken or the honey sauce they pour over it … now I’m going to be craving it for the next week!!! Haven’t ordered take out chinese in months … this is going to be so bad! 🙂 Good luck all!

  210. Ohhhh, my favorite Chinese food….sesame chicken…with lots of rich, delicious, sweet sauce!! Now I’m craving it. I am trying to expand my likes, so I try different things when we order…but there is nothing I have found better!!

  211. this would be so much fun to win! i love chicken lo mein.

  212. I like fried rice – nothing fancy – just simple.

  213. I love egg fu yung, honey teriyaki chicken, orange sesame chicken, beef & broccoli, egg rolls & any type of fried rice! i can stir-fry just about anything in my wok! I have finally learned to make Orange Chicken in the crock pot! A Year of Slow Cooking: Slow Cooker Orange Chicken Recipe! Thank you for sharing this delicious giveaway with us!

  214. Connie Corey says:

    Chiken with brocolli in brown sauce from our local favorite chinese restaurant – yummo!

  215. I love Sunbird! Fried rice is one of my favorite dishes. We usually have it as an entree,adding all kinds of protiens in (chicken, pork , beef and shrimp!)!! Yummy in my tummy!

  216. I love making fried rice. We are trying to use more whole grains and I am trying to add spices to it so my husband will eat it.

  217. I love chinese food. Some of my favorites are orange chicken, lo mein, and mongolian beef.

  218. Lemon Chicken over steamed rice! YUM Thanks for the cool review and to Sunbird for a fun contest. The mixes are pretty good~

  219. Pork Fried rice and Chicken and broccoli are my favorite chinese food dishes. Ooooh, I forgot about the egg rolls and crab ragoon

  220. definitely sweet & sour chicken!

  221. I love all chinese dishes, but I guess my favorite 2 would be Chicken Fried Rice and Orange Chicken!!

  222. I love when I have enough time to make my own stir fry with lots of fresh veggies. I also love sesame chicken 🙂 mmmmm

  223. Oh. How nice to find a recipe for stir fry chicken using a sugar

  224. I love Korean food–bulgoggi in particular, which is thinly-sliced beef marinated, then quickly fried. I like Bibimbap which is rice with little clusters of things like matchstick cut zucchini and carrots on top, plus a fried egg on top. You mix everything together and add a little hot pepper paste. DeLISHous!!

    katie farrar at hot mail

  225. Guilty Pleasure: Egg Rolls! Can’t get enough of them, though I don’t have them often. other than that, broccoli beef, orange chicken, fried rice, plus other Asian foods like tempura, sushi, tepanyaki…the list could go on for days!

  226. Preparedmom says:

    Can I just say that all of these comments are making me *really* hungry! 🙂 I have a major craving for both sesame chicken and mongolian beef right now!

  227. Oh, hardly have chinese food, however really like it when I get the chance. At home, we (mom, dad + three kids) cannot eat out rice without Yoshida’s gourmet sauce…it doesn’t take much to taste delicious! ~C
    cmh esh at yahoo dot com

  228. I just LOVE sesame chicken!

  229. elizabeth says:

    I love Chinese food! Simply delish! My favorites to order out are mongolian beef, beef with broccoli & general tso’s chicken. To make at home I LOVE sweet & sour chicken!!!

  230. I like Hunan Beef the best.

  231. One favorite is much too hard to choose. I’d say sweet & sour anything, sesame chicken and spring rolls probably to the list. I’d be hard pressed to just pick one though.

  232. I LOVE Chinese food- either Sweet & Sour chicken or Broccoli Chicken is my favorite!

  233. My favorite Chinese food is either Mandarin Combination or Sesame Chicken.

  234. My husband loves the mix for the Schezwan chicken. I probably make it once a week!

  235. My friends introducted me to Chinese foods after Tai Chi classes. I love any that isn’t spicy or served with rice. Shrimp Lo Mein and Mongolian beef are my favs. Not good at cooking anything but stir fry so I would love to get your freebies. Thanks for letting us try.

  236. I love Orange Chicken!

  237. TallyMichelle says:

    mmmmmmmmmm….beef & broccoli (when I’m not nursing – too much garlic & broccoli for little tummies!)

    I’m totally going to pick up a few of these packets to try!

  238. Wow, that homemade fried rice sounds delicious; the pictures are making me hungry!
    My favorite Chinese food is definitely egg rolls.
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  239. Cashew chicken is my favorite Asian dish!

  240. Anything and EVERYTHING!

    Hot and Sour soup is one of my favorites though!

    jaebroeder at yahoo dot com

  241. sesame chicken, babyyyyyy!!! thanks for the giveaway!

  242. I recently tried fried tofu . It was like fried cheese only better . When I make chinese food at home I make sweet and sour chicken or pork , rice and homemade crab won tons . Thanks for the fried rice recipe .
    I look forward to trying Sunbirds seasonings . I hope some low or no sodium products will be available , as I am trying to reduce the amount of sodium in my diet .

  243. Shelly T. says:

    I love Chicken Lo Mein and Sweet and Sour Chicken.

  244. I love Asian food. I was craving Chinese takeout but resisted this weekend. Crab Rangoons and Egg Rolls top my favorite appetizer list! While I love General Shrimp or Pork Fried Rice or Sweet and Sour Chicken! Mmmmm! I tend to go for the unhealthy fried items, but occasional order some spicy green beans with white rice…..Mmmm!

  245. Hot & sour soup! Just had it the other day, yummmm.

  246. My favs: Hot and Sour Soup and Crab rangoons! Hard to find – but I LOVE: Mala Chicken and Green Beans.

  247. Mongolian Beef…..mmmmmm!!

  248. I love all the options and love the buffet! I only weigh 105 pounds, but I can really put away the food! 🙂 I love the sauces on meats and veggies, love all the combinations, and love the crab rangoon.

  249. We love Sunbird’s General Tso’s Chicken we eat it at least once a month. My daughter would eat it every day if I would let her.

  250. I love Hunan chicken from my local chinese place!! It is always good!!

  251. I love sweet & sour chicken, along with vegetable lo mein. Yummy!

  252. I love our family recipe for Chop Suey.

  253. Chilled (and spicy) cucumber salad is our favorite appetizer.

  254. I love sweet and sour chicken!

  255. I do stir-fry a lot at home because it’s a quick & easy dish to get on the table. I’ve created a giner/soy sauce that I typically use in cooking it. But, I love to eat out for Chinese. Mongolian Beef and Mu-Shu Chicken are my faves.

  256. MMmm, our favorite chinese food is fried rice, sweet n sour chicken and our latest discovery, orange chicken.

    I’d LOVE to try these spices…I so hope I can find them around here…

  257. Favorite dish: General Tso’s Chicken

    mmmm 🙂

  258. Crab Rangoons!!

  259. I love chicken and broccoli. I also like sweet and sour chicken and veggie egg rolls. Yummy!

  260. I like Fried Rice, Mongolian Beef, Pepper Beef. . . I could probably come up with some more but I think I’ll stop there.

  261. I love fried rice, steamed dumplings, shrimp toast, spring rolls, egg rolls, mongolian beef, anything at all teriyaki and just about anything else.

    Laura D.

  262. My favorite is sesame chicken. Now I’m craving some!

  263. Michelle K says:

    I’m a HUGE fried rice and orange chicken fan. Thanks for posting this recipe. I just may have to try that out.

  264. pot stickers with fish sauce, oh my!

  265. Asian is a fovorite around my house as well. Our three favirotes are teryaki chicken, peanut butter chicken, and sweet and sour pork. 🙂

  266. Love sweet and sour chicken!!

  267. I LOVE fried rice, lemon chicken, and cashew chicken. These sauces are a great idea. I love that Sunbird Seasonings is even offering a coupon, which my store will double to a $1.00!!

  268. My husband loves Orange Chicken! I have been trying to make fried rice and this option looks awsome!

  269. Pattie F. says:

    I love Veggie Fried Rice the best. Thanks!

  270. I’ve actually found some “homemade” recipes that don’t require a “seasoning” packet that are much tastier. I personally didn’t like the seasoning packet flavors.

  271. Definitely fried rice.

  272. My family loves orange chicken! I’ve also been making homemade fried rice for a long time (as my mother did before me!) and like to add carrots and onions in addition to the peas for even more veggies. I don’t use a seasoning packet though, just oyster sauce and soy sauce. I didn’t know to use cold rice though…thanks!

  273. Yummy! My favorite Asian dish is crispy beef – not exactly healthy but it is delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!

  274. i personally am not a fan of asian food, although i do love wonton soup. my family how ever love asian food. my children love pork fried rice. ive never made it from scratch but always wanted to try. my husband could eat just about anything asain.

  275. My fave is Lo Mein!

  276. Stephanie says:

    Mongolian beef!

  277. I use their Fried Rice kit often, it’s one of my favorite easy meals. I make the fried rice, and add in some steamed asian veggies, and some meat. I’ve used sliced ham, turkey and chicken for the meat; and ususally a bag of steamable veggies. We love it!

  278. I like almost all Chinese dishes, orange chicken is a current favorite 🙂

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