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The other day we were driving home from shopping, and FishPapa asked what was for dinner. Upon hearing the answer (which was Rice and Beans), he inquired, “You got the salsa covered?”

Well, you have that jar in the fridge that you bought at Farmer’s Market.

“No, no, no. If we’re having something simple like Rice and Beans, we have to have fresh salsa.”

What ensued was a light-hearted discussion about why I hadn’t been making fresh salsa for the last few months, that the last few batches have been dogs, and that I felt like I had lost my salsa mojo.

No offense to dogs out there, but, that jarred salsa was better than what I’ve been making. However, hubs wasn’t buying it. Instead he described the salsa that he had enjoyed recently at Senor Pancho’s, “Home of the Best Tacos in the World,” so say my three oldest children. He went into great detail about this salsa, actually.

Clearly the deck was stacked against me. Not only did I need to make salsa better than my last few batches and better than the jarred Senora Isabel’s that we bought at Farmer’s Market, but I also needed to make salsa that rivaled that of Senor Pancho’s, “Home of the Best Tacos in the World.”

So, we stopped at the store for jalapenos, limes, and cilantro, items I did not already have at home, and I got to work.

My first batch was okay. We ate it up in 24 hours, so I know it was good. But, according to the critics, it needed less heat, less  bitterness and a little something. So, I went back to the kitchen for another try a couple days later.

This time I remembered the Muir Glen Reserve tomatoes that were in my pantry. Hmmm….

I also added garlic and some chopped green onion. I used less jalapeno than usual. And with a skeptical look on my brow, I took some to hubs for a tasting. I got a high five on that one.

Just so you know, I have arrived. My salsa is now worthy of being compared to Senor Pancho’s, “Home of the Best Tacos in the World.”

While I can’t promise that Muir Glen tomatoes were the trick, I do think that had something to do with it. Not all tomatoes are created equal, especially the canned variety. These had a fresh, sweet taste to them.

I’ve been using Muir Glen tomatoes on a fairly regular basis for about two to three years. They are always so generous with their coupons and sales are fairly frequent, making them a great thing to keep on hand in the pantry.

About Muir Glen Reserve

In case you didn’t know, Muir Glen produces a specialty product once a year.

Just as many Napa Valley wineries bottle both a house wine and special Reserve line that gets a bit more attention, Muir Glen also harvests and cans a limited run of Reserve Tomatoes each year. The Reserve Kit includes one 14.5 ounce can of Reserve Meridian Ruby™ Fire Roasted Tomatoes; one 14.5 ounce can of Reserve Meridian Ruby™ Diced Tomatoes; one 14.5 ounce can of Muir Glen Organic Chipotle Seasoned Petite Diced Tomatoes; and one 15 ounce can of Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce. You can order your 2010 Reserve kit by visiting Muir Glen; the cost is $8.00, which includes a free shipping option.

The Reserve kit is packaged in a wooden crate which makes for a pretty presentation and fun, inexpensive gift for the foodie in your life. It also comes with a small cookbook with inspiration in how to use the tomatoes.

This week six LifeasMOM readers will each win a 2010 Reserve Kit.

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Leave a comment on this post, telling us about your favorite holiday dish that includes tomatoes.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, December 19th at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. You must respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

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Disclosure: Muir Glen Reserve is an advertising sponsor of The Christmas Fun series. I received a complimentary Reserve Kit for review. My opinions are my own. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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  1. Our favorite holiday dish with tomatoes is tough to pick. Either lasagna, or good old chips and salsa. My salsa is unpredictable..sometimes its great, sometimes not so much.

  2. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I have to say that I agree with your family. There is nothing better than a good salsa! It goes well with so many things and a great way to get the veggies in. (unfortunately, my family doesn’t agree with me on very much of that, since they are picky eaters, but I say, hey, more for me!!)

  3. Lasagna. It started as a now traditional meal at Christmas when my fourth child was born on Dec 22nd. I came home on the 24th and was not about to try to make a ham with all the trimmings, so my husband bought a frozen lasagna that we ate Christmas day. Now, we have it Christmas Eve every year.

  4. Chantel Day says:

    I always love some good brushetta. Yumm!

  5. Favorite dish using tomatoes ANYTIME of the year is my homemade guacamole – YUM!! However, if you want a wintertime dish, then I would say there is nothing better than a big pot of chili on a cold day. 🙂

  6. Hmmm, not a lot of holiday meals have tomatoes. I agree with you, fresh salsa is fantastic and really the best use of canned tomatoes in the winter.

  7. We enjoy a salsa, sour cream, cheese dip that goes great with chips….a family favorite for years!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  8. Love lasagna, but also just a good old fresh lettuce salad with tomato on top of it.

  9. chips and salsa! i love pineapple, peach, or mango salsa with some nice crunchy chips

  10. Bette Barkley says:

    Y’all are talking about lasagne and salsa, I have a very easy recipe for a mexican “lasagne” which is good for this holiday/busy time of year. It pretty much uses stuff that you would find in your refrigerator & pantry. The salsa has tomato in it, but roasted, diced canned tomatoes would probably work as well. The salsa recipe looks great, I am going to try it!!

  11. I have lots of meals that we have around the holidays with tomatoes! Lasagna is my FAVORITE, burger soup is a great one for Christmas Eve and of course, chili.

  12. My favorite holiday dish that includes tomatos is an easy dip- layer cream cheese, salsa and then mexican shredded cheese on top- bake for 20 minutes and you are all set!

  13. We always have chili on New Years Day – perfect for staying in!

  14. This looks so delicious. I have been searching for a good homemade salsa recipe. I am trying to get my family to start eating healthier by using organic products as well as homegrown vegetables.

  15. Manhatten clam chowder on Christmas Eve.

    moneysavingmaineac at gmail dot com

  16. We make “frito pie” which is chili layered with corn chips, cheddar, and optional sour cream. yummy

  17. Salsa and chips! Can’t wait to try the Muir Glen tomatoes!

  18. Rebecca S. says:


  19. I love tomatoes, but my husband doesn’t, so there isn’t much cooking done with them here. But I do love taco salad with diced tomatoes! Yum!

  20. Our get together usually includes a few vegetarians and so we started including stuffed shells:). Now I can’t think of not having them!

  21. We always have salsa at all of our holiday (and non-holiday) gatherings! This would be perfect for Christmastime with our family!

  22. My family’s favorite tomato dish is definitely chips and salsa. We eat tons of it year round! I love Muir Glen and would love to try their special reserve tomatoes. Our favorite salsa recipe is very similar to yours only we add a little ground cumin and roast the Jalapenos in the oven first. So delish!

    Just one question- are the 2 special cans of reserve tomatoes organic? The cans in your picture look like it, but the description of the reserve kit doesn’t say that they are? Just wondering because I am considering purchasing the kit if I don’t win it.

  23. Yum! This looks fantastic!
    My favorite holiday dish that has tomatoes is a Pesto Cheese Blossom (Food Network, I think) w/sundried tomatoes.

  24. Guess it doesn’t seem like a holiday dish, but we only make chili in the winter. I love Muir Glen’s fire roasted tomatoes in my black bean chili.

  25. I make a holiday breakfast casserole with mushrooms and tomatoes on top – YUM!

  26. Does my grandma’s beef stroganoff count? It has tomato paste. She often makes it around Christmas, and it is just so.good!

  27. Me make salsa around the holidays. This would be perfect!

  28. I love a tomato-y chili – mmm, sounds great!

  29. Mmm, homemade salsa, yum! I love anything with fresh cilantro in it! Lasagna is really the only thing that comes to mind since not too many holiday meals have tomatoes…

  30. Our favorite holiday dish lately has been salsa with cream cheese. A sort of dip for tortilla chips. We’re so addicted!

  31. Love Muir Glen products (and their coupons are a bonus) So, with tomatoes, I love to mix up a quick dinner of chopped tortillas, meat, tomatoes, and any extras-vegis, olives, sour cream and let it simmer in a skillet pan…this is a quick and easy meal (and I think that I got it from you Jessica) Thanks!

  32. We love salsa here…any time of the year!

  33. Jennifer Foutch says:

    We love lasagna for my brother’s birthday, which is right around the holidays.

  34. Around here it’s chili on Christmas Eve – by the fire – with fudge as dessert!

  35. Sally Mcquaid says:

    bruschetta with lots of garlic and parmesean. YUM!!!!.. we love using canned tomatoes as a quick sub in this great appetizer.

  36. Butterbeans in sauce…large fordhook butterbeans in a tomato meat sauce made by my grandmother who is lebanese…delicious!

  37. Lasagna for a main dish and taco dip for an appetizer!

  38. Another vote for lasagna.

  39. I stumbled on a dip made with chunks of cream cheese, fresh rosemary and thyme, lemon zest, sundried tomato vinaigrette and sundried tomatoes a few years back. I made it on a whim to take to a family gathering. Now it’s the only dish my mother in law has EVER asked me to repeat! Around my house, we eat LOTS of canned tomatoes, so we’d love to try the Muir Glen Reserve pack!

  40. Oh gosh, what DOESN’T taste better with tomatoes?! My favorite is vegan chili – made with some fake sausage, it fools everybody. And it’s so hearty and delicious, and with some homemade bread on the side, it just SCREAMS “winter is here and it’s a happy time!!!”

  41. It just isn’t Christmas in our house without queso!

  42. When I was younger, we always ate homemade spaghetti and homemade sauce on Christmas Day. Yum!

  43. Ours is homemade ravioli for Christmas day, but honestly there aren’t many things I cook without tomatoes 🙂

  44. I can’t say that we have many holiday dishes in our Southern cuisine! But we do like to have chips and salsa at our gatherings and I like okra and tomatoes, though my husband doesn’t!

  45. I’m itching to make homemade spaghetti sauce out of the cook this not that book. Muir Glen Fire roasted tomatoes got great scores from the book. Organic tomatoes are supposed to have more nutritional value then conventional and cooked moreso than fresh so I’m trying to add them to our menu more.

    We are definitely a big spaghetti family.


  46. We like lasagna and salsa. 🙂

  47. I love lasagna with home made spaghetti sauce. I usually can tomatoes from my garden and then use those to can jar of spaghetti sauce…delish. Lasagna is usually our Christmas meal. We are usually sick of turkey by Christmas.

  48. Ashley White says:

    In my opinion, you can’t be good, old-fashioned Texas chili on a cold winter’s night!

  49. Our favorite dish with tomatoes is my husband’s mom’s spaghetti sauce! It’s my go-to dish around the holidays because it is so simple to throw together on very busy days!

  50. It’s definitely salsa around our house!

  51. The salsa sounds so yummy I think the kids and I will make some this week! (after cookies of course!). My fav. Holiday dish is an appetizer, make croissants laid out flat not rolled, mix 1 cup mayo and 1 pig cream cheese, 1 pkg ranch dressing (powder mix). Spread over cooled croissants. Then add your favorite chopped veggies, raw. I throw them in my little food processor. I like to use tomatoes, green peppers, broccoli, and carrots. Chopped olives are yummy to. Then cut in bite size pieces! Enjoy.

  52. We always have salsa available for those who drop by during the holidays but we also use tomatoes for brushetta and homemade lasagna on Christmas Eve.

  53. I exclusively use Muir Glen tomatoes whenever I use canned. My favorite things to use them in are my tomato sauce of course and my chicken & broccoli over penne. Delish! 🙂

  54. Believe it or not….we like a good homemade lasagna for the holidays. Yum.

  55. Definitely salsa! I have to buy ours at the mexican restaurant in town, because I have never even tried to make it. Now I think I will!

  56. kacie wiersma says:

    I love stuffed tomatoes with cream cheese and bacon

  57. I married into and Italian family and they have lasagna for Christmas Eve. I love Lasagna.

  58. We always have salsa on hand.

  59. I am always on a quest to find the perfect salsa! I would love a shoot at making it myself!

  60. With the holidays comes lots of Turkey for my family. Turkey meals like you’ve never tasted before. With it, and all othe other goodies, is Pique’ (pronounced P.K.). Pique’ is Colombian salsa. Send me an address Fish Mama and I’ll ship you some.
    Merry Christmas!

  61. Michelle P. says:

    Our favorite holiday dish is a simple taco dip. My family and co-workers love it. In fact I just made it last night for our work party today!

  62. This holiday season we have been taking advantage of the fresh salsa, chips, and queso dip from a mexican restaurant that recently opened up down the street. Best $3 I have spent 🙂

  63. I think my favorite holiday dish with tomatoes is salsa! My family always asks me to bring it for Thanksgiving and Christmas snacking.

  64. My favorite holiday dish is my mother-in-law’s lasagna. She makes the World’s Best lasagna every Christmas Eve.

  65. It’s a toss up between my Christmas Eve chili, and Ro*Tel Potatoes. We love them both!

  66. I frequently make homemade salsa also.

  67. I LOVE fresh, homemade salsa … I can’t imagine there could possibly be a “not so good” batch! Tomatoes and Cilantro … YUM! I love an omelet for breakfast with fresh salsa … or chips in the afternoon … or top a grilled chicken breast with it! I also love any kind of pasta dish with tomatoes! I just realized writing this that many of my favorite dishes included tomatoes. Wish my family loved them as much as I do!

  68. My families favorite holiday dish is homemade chili. It’s a nice cozy and comforting dish that helps to warm you up after a hard day playing outside. And it’s easy to fix too.

  69. Lasagna! I can make it and freeze it and pull it out offer the holidays for a nice warm meal without the effort.

  70. I love Tabouli, and find excuses to make it for all occasions.

  71. my grandmother’s taco dip-1 pepper cooked until soft, 1 onion cooked until soft, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 cup salsa, 1 lb ground beef or turkey-browned and drained, 1 cup refried beans, 1 c black olives sliced, 1 pkt taco seasoning. mix everything, add c cheddar or mex cheese, put into casserole, top w/extra 1/2 c chz, bake 350 til melty…serve wchips.

  72. “the night before Christmas” eve tacos!

  73. Yum! That salsa sounds fantastic.

    I make green beans with tomatoes from one of Giada’s cookbooks. It is perfect for the Christmas dinner table!

  74. I love lasagna!

  75. i am Italian so we make lasagna on Christmas day as well as a turkey!

  76. Well, I’m making chili today, and I wouldn’t call it holiday food, but we do love it, and it is a winter food.

  77. Like many others, I love lasagna for the hectic holidays. It tastes great and easily feeds a crowd!

  78. On Christmas day we have an Italian feast with homemade pasta sauce, sausage, peppers, lasagna, breaded veal and chicken, salad and homemade bread.

  79. Charity Shapiro says:

    Love making homemade salsa! Use tomatoes alot this time of year in chili.

  80. Definitely bruschetta!

  81. Lasagna with homemade sauce is our Christams dinner tradition!

  82. mmmm…lasagna for sure!

  83. A big pot of chili that everyone can help themselves to! That salsa looks great, I could probably eat it by the spoonful.

  84. Baked Ziti made by my Mom every year at Christmas. Yum. I haven’t been able to make it yet myself since she’s gone now. One day though. Although it just won’t be as good. 🙂

  85. Salsa salsa salsa. I can never tire of salsa. Or guacamole. Yum, guacamole. You know, guacamole is only good with lots and lots of tomatoes. 😀

  86. We go through quite a bit of chips and salsa while watching football games.

  87. chili is popular this time a year around here!

  88. Well, by holiday, I’m thinking New Year’s Eve. My man couldn’t have a new year’s without some sort of salsa. So, salsa it is. He would love this package, because making salsa is a fun hobby for him!

  89. Jennifer Ott says:

    Other than the lasagna (who knew it was so popular?!), we also like to roast our frozen garden tomatoes and toss them with pasta for a meal to remind us of warmer weather!

  90. Jennifer H. says:

    Chicken cachetorie! I don’t know how to spell it!

  91. Enchiladas Rancheros, just like my Great-Grandma used to make…in fact, exactly how she made them because I pull out that time worn card and follow it to the T. We always make them for Christmas Eve dinner, with tamales, frijoles charros, sopapillas and fresh cranberry margaritas.

  92. On Christmas Eve, we make three big batches of soup to feed my large extended family. One of the must-have soups is chili.

  93. Mostacciali (apologize for the misspelling!)

  94. We would use the sauce and one of the diced cans for homemade sauce for our Christmas Eve tradition of pizza for dinner. The fire roasted and other can of diced we would use to try your salsa recipe for our New Year’s Eve dinner snacks.
    Thank you!

  95. I love chana masala. Simple and delicious!

  96. Does lasagna count. We always have it around the holidays 🙂

  97. We always have lasagna on New Year’s Day. The last time I made lasagna, I used Muir Glen Fire Roasted tomatoes and it was the best lasagna ever. Love Muir Glen products!

  98. My favorite holiday food with tomatoes is a tradition from my hubby’s family–lasagna. Yummy! I’m going to attempt to carry on the tradition at our Christmas Eve get together this year, although it will be hard to live up to my father-in-law’s lasagna. 🙂

    In the past year I started making my own sauce because it’s so easy and delicious. Muir Glen is my favorite canned tomato brand, and I usually mix those with some chopped fresh tomatoes when they’re in season. I made my special sauce once with another brand, and my husband knew right away (not in a good way, either).

    Thanks for the giveaway, and Merry Christmas!

  99. My favorite holiday dish that uses tomatoes is breschetta. It’s a great appetizer for parties.

  100. I enjoy any type of salsa.

  101. My grandmother always made chili on Christmas.

  102. Jessica Kaiser says:

    Anything mexican all year long but once it starts getting cold bring on the chili!! This year I have perfected my recipe. I do diced tomatoes instead of stewed ground beef and ground pork pinto beans black beans and dark red kidney beans. Then we serve it up with your choice of scoops corn bread or grilled cheese. Its soooo good : )

  103. In our family any get together or holiday there are tacos, and what is tacos with out Not very good. 😀
    My poor salsa needs help< PICK ME PICK ME

  104. Chicken Tortilla soup which has a can of tomatoes in it. Technically it’s wintertime, not holiday, food…but we are having it on Christmas Eve this year so I think that makes it holiday fare.

  105. I love to serve fresh tomatoes and mozzarella with a little dressing. Thanks!

  106. We enjoy taco dip or just plain chips and salsa. And I agree with you and your hubs. Fresh salsa is best, especially is made to taste. And Glen Muir tomato products do taste much better than the others.

  107. We really love a good salsa! I can our own out of tomatoes from our garden, but would really love to try your recipe!

  108. eggplant parmesan! i love muir glen products!

  109. either salsa or chili

  110. Lasagna is a favorite around here!!

  111. I love salsa with everything! We make lots of chili in the winter.

  112. Bruschetta for sure!

  113. My favorite dish would have to be stuffed italian chicken…it’s soooo yummy!!!

  114. My favorite holiday food with tomatoes is a turkey sou using leftover turkey and a can of diced tomatoes. It also has barley in it so it gets a little creamy after sitting for a while.

  115. Spaghetti with lots and lots of sauce!

  116. Super nachos- I have to make them for every family get together.

  117. Our favorite tomato dish this time of year is spaghetti or lasagna.

  118. Spaghetti pie. Easy to keep in the freezer and pull out on a busy night when we’d otherwise be doing takeout. Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. I’d have to say spaghetti, because it is so easy after cooking so much for other events!

  120. appetizers win out for this category, and there’s a great version of 7 layer dip that I love with fresh tomatoes sprinkled on top

  121. Bruschetta is my favorite

  122. LASAGNA is my favorite!! Will never get enough!

  123. Warm chili on a cold day – with Fritos of course. Thanks for the chance to win!

  124. Abra Gillman says:

    We love to make a good homemade pizza on Christmas Eve to eat with the in-laws and our awesome children.

  125. Anything with freshly made tomato sauce is my fav!!

  126. I love a good chicken soup or a good chili on a cold winter day!

  127. We make a lot of veggie beef soup in the winter months and canned tomatoes are the ticket in that dish!

  128. I make my green beans with canned diced tomoatoes, a little chopped onion, and some crumbled bacon. For the holidays I get really fancy and add some slivered almonds.

  129. My favorite Holiday dish with tomatoes would have to be bruscetta! So tasty.

  130. Now that we’re eating more whole foods, I can’t think of one holiday food that I love that has tomatoes.

    Can I just make your salsa and call it good? I love homemade salsa and mine is just missing something!!! I can’t wait to compare your recipe to mine and see what it is. It seems similar enough, so maybe it is the brand of tomatoes?

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  131. Love a tasty bruschetta appetizer…:)

  132. We love seven layer dip topped with fresh salsa!

  133. Lasagna or greek salad. Yummy!

  134. Living in the snowy midwest, we usually don’t equate tomatoes with the holidays here:) But my favorite tomato dish is likely Nachos Supreme, thanks to my 8th-grade home-ec teacher, Mrs. Bailey, who provided the recipe!

    I’m pleased to see that Muir Glen provided this giveaway. Many Muir Glen products are listed as acceptable with the Feingold program, an artificial-free eating guide we use to keep our children reaction-free!

  135. My family loves salsa and bruschetta all throughout the year – but they are constants on our holiday app tables.

  136. We LOVE salsa in our family!

  137. I can’t think of a Christmas dish I use tomatoes for, but we love Sante Fe Soup around here.

  138. I love a variety of different dishes made with a wonderful salsa! Rollups, corn dip, and taco soup are just a few of my favorites!

  139. we enjoy homemade lasagna with made from scratch red sauce over the holidays. those tomatoes would be great!

  140. One Christmas Eve every year, my mom makes tomato gravy and homemade biscuits! Delicious! I am already looking forward to it!

  141. Our favorite dish is chili and I use the fire roasted tomatoes for it too. Yummy!!!

  142. I had no idea they did a reserve. That is cool.

    I would have to say our favorite is probably spaghetti. Or chili. Or maybe lasagna. Or maybe chips/salsa. (We clearly go through a lot of tomatoes.)

  143. Lately it has been a Tomato, Basil and Feta Salad. Fresh and healthy!

  144. Chips and salsa a definitely a favorite dish!!! Otherwise I would have to say caprese salad. 🙂

  145. A few years ago I started making tamales for my husband who gets very homesick around the holidays. While some versions don’t include tomatoes, one salsa i use does, and fire roasted tomatoes in a can sure beats trying to roast them on the grill outside in 20 degree weather!

  146. Homemade salsa is a favorite around here. On Christmas day we just snack on all the goodies we’ve made- including homemade salsa and queso with chips.

  147. Cold Veggie pizza

  148. My husband and I both really like chili. It’s not nccessarily a holiday dish for us, but we do eat it mostly when it’s cold outside, which tends to be around the holidays!

  149. I love hearty, comforting soups during the Christmas season. One of my family’s favorite recipes was created by my mom – a white bean soup with Muir Glen tomatoes.

  150. Creole Pasta Bake, Salsa, pasta with meatballs

  151. I think chili in a bread bowl sounds great around the holidays.
    I’ve never tried making salsa with canned tomatoes, but I’m itching to try it. I usually chop everything by hand and it’s way too much work. I think I need a food processor.

  152. We love lasagna and spaghetti. A pasta dish is usually on our Christmas Eve menu. And your salsa looks so yummy!

  153. I don’t think any of our holiday dishes have tomatoes in them…but we always like chips and salsa as an appetizer no matter what the occasion is!

  154. We love lasagna.

  155. Salsa

  156. We love tomatoes! Guacamole, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, salsa…they are all my favorites – though not necessarily holiday dishes!! Thanks!

  157. Annette Friesen says:

    Our favorite holiday meal with tomatoes is Lasagna roll-ups, only we had a touch of cream cheese to the ricotta filling! Top it off with Marinara and cheese and it is a nice break from turkey.

  158. My favorite holiday time dish that I make with tomatoes is chili. Great to throw together and eat on a cold winter day.

  159. My favorite is Boxing Day Ribs – so yummy!

  160. WOW! That salsa looks delicious! My husband makes salsa for pretty much every family gathering, but it’s more like a pico de gallo salsa. Would love to win this crate….Muir Glen is the only canned tomatoes I will buy.

  161. My favorite dish with tomatoes for the holidays is spaghetti with meatballs. Sounds funny I know.

  162. Lindsey Nelson says:

    I love Muir Glen!

  163. chili!!!

  164. My grandmothers and/or great aunt’s tomato sauce! That side of the family is Italian, so Christmas dinner always includes pasta…and their delicious homemade tomato sauce!

  165. Our favorite dish during the holidays is a layered taco dip with tomatoes… Yummy!:)

  166. Definitely would have to be lasagna – I know it’s not specifically holiday, but with the holiday rush, it’s such a good stable.

  167. Rebecca Coolidge says:

    One of my favorite dishes that includes tomatoes is beef stew. 2lbs hamburger meat, potatoes, and mixed veggies, with one can of stewed tomatoes and one can tomatoe sauce. Season the hamburger meat, and serve over cornbread. Yummy!

  168. Chili in my slow cooker is the best use for tomatoes at this time of year. The salsa is a second though!

  169. I love tomatoes and so does my family. Duringthe cold season Chili or Marinera would have to be the fav!

  170. Bruschetta is the best!

  171. Oooo… a layered dip with cream cheese, pesto and sundried tomatoes!

  172. It would have to be lasagna or a creamy tomato basil soup.

  173. I love anything Muir Glen! Thanks! One of our favorite dishes would have to be homemade guacamole.

  174. My ham and bean soup has canned tomatoes in it. It’s my favorite thing about having a ham at Christmas!

  175. I love making chicken bruschetta bake.

  176. Chili, hands down!

  177. Lasagna. After all the turkey and ham we need carbs!

  178. My new favorite tomato dish for the winter is creamy tomato soup!

  179. My favorite dip is using some Velveeta plus drained black beans plus diced tomatoes. Combine it all together in a mini crockpot and it makes a fabulous dip with tortilla chips!

  180. I don’t have a traditional dish that I serve in our home as part of our holiday meal that uses tomatoes but we use tomatoes on a regular basis — pasta sauces, salsa, soups, etc.

  181. I LOVE tomatoes!! Salsa and chili are two of my favorites!

  182. Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is pizza (with tomato sauce) and a birthday cake for baby Jesus.

  183. Lasagna is a favorite holiday dish with tomatoes with my side of the family. For my husband’s side of the family it would probably be Velveeta and Rotel dip. 🙂 Right now despite the snow and frigid temps outside we are actually enjoying homegrown fresh tomatoes from a patio plant we brought inside this fall.

  184. Baked Ziti. Easier than lasagna, but the same great tomato-y taste!

  185. I cannot get enough Chili this time of year, yum!!!!

  186. MMMMMMM, that sounds so yummy right now…I will give this recipe a try…thank you for perfecting it, and I do believe the brand/type of tomatoes you use will make a huge difference!

  187. Chili!

  188. Jennifer B says:

    We eat salsa year round, the holidays are no exception!

  189. Black bean salsa… my daughter is finishing up our latest batch (that she made!) right now 🙂

  190. Our favorite holiday dish with tomatoes is chili!

  191. I like to make salsa and add it to nachos. I always use Muir Glen and am so excited about the giveaway! Thanks!

  192. We are big fans of chips and salsa as well. We always have it out when we get together to snack on.

  193. I like to make veggie pizza with crescent rolls and cream cheese. Tomatoes are a delicious part of this.

  194. chili

  195. believe it or not, our traditional Christmas dinner is homemade pizza, which would have to be our favorite dish using tomatoes.

  196. My husband’s grandmother makes lasagna for Christmas and it is the best lasagna I’ve ever had, I look forward to it every year!

  197. When I married my husband I inherited his family traditions. Every Christmas night his fathers side of the family(50+) gathers for a feast. Instead of traditional meal, they make Lasagna! Thats my favorite Holiday dish with Tomotoes

  198. I think chips and salsa are always around at most holidays with our family.

  199. salsa here, definitely

  200. Homemade salsa is our favorite for any holiday or just any day!

  201. My mom makes this salad that is tomatoes, feta, avacados and onion that is awesome

  202. We have to have lasagna over the holidays (or manicotti) with homemade sauces!

  203. TwoDiffSocks says:

    Hi Ya’ll,

    hands down–either my Father-in-law’s fresh salsa or my mom’s Rice with Pigeon Peas – Arroz con Gandules:


    Happy Holidays!

  204. I would say we love homemade salsa! I make it and my hubby asks for it almost every day he comes home from work for a snack before dinner! I would love to try your recipe!

  205. My favorite dish would have to be lasagna.

  206. Katie Amoureux says:

    Sometime in December I always make a slow cooker full of chili. It’s a great hot meal that smells good cooking all day and it usually provides at least two easy meals during the busy month.

  207. I would have to say chili–also salsa and chips or a cheesy dip with salsa and chips.

  208. so many, chili, chips & salsa, lasagna. but the best would be my grandmother’s goulash

  209. Jennifer M says:

    I always love some good brushetta. 🙂

  210. Michelle M says:

    Chili…my dad’s family always made it for Christmas Eve dinner and now our family carries on that tradition.

  211. We traditionally have lasagna (and other Italian foods) on Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law’s house.

  212. Chili and turkey chowder. I always buy muir glen. It does make a difference!

  213. Defintely a big dish of homemade lasagna!

  214. That salsa looks so good! I have been using Muir Glen tomatoes for years to make salsa. They are a little pricey but when you compare them to the cost of a jar of salsa it’s not so bad and they make the best next to fresh. I use the fire roasted with chilis. It’s awesome anytime of the year.

  215. My favorite holiday tomato dish would be my aunts 8layer taco dip serviced with tortilla chips.

    I also love Lasagna and Goulash.

  216. Chili is good. Our family does a living nativity each year in our front yard and usually have chili waiting in the crock pot for when we finish.

  217. I love to make lasagna during the holiday season, it looks great on my Christmas dishes, is something the kids make disappear and it’s fun to make. 🙂

  218. We love Taco Soup & good salsa- I will have to try your recipe!

  219. Michelle Murphy says:

    I love making bruschetta!

  220. We always have bruschetta on crispy bread. Yum.

  221. We don’t usually have any tomato based dishes at our Christmas gatherings but my husband is a HUGE salsa lover. So can I claim 4th of July and salsa?! Hee, hee.

  222. We always eat Italian on Christmas Eve; my favorite is marinara sauce for homemade pasta.

  223. Salsa and chips are definitely my favorite! We always have chili too around the holidays and it always hits the spot.

  224. Andrea Dorn says:

    My favorite holiday dish with tomatoes is either a good hot cheese dip or an Italian pizza dip.

  225. We love muir glen tomatoes at our house too!

  226. Do enchiladas count since there are tomatoes in the enchilada sauce? I make homemade from scratch ones for Christmas Day…only time of year from scratch since such a long process!

  227. We love Chili during the holiday season, but I will definitely try your salsa recipe if I win one of the gift packs. Thanks

  228. Our Christmas Eve tradition is pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce. Yum!

  229. Julie Young says:

    Ok this is funny because I always bring homemade salsa to all Christmas events, potlucks, parties, etc… My son came home yesterday and told me he volunteered me to bring salsa to his school Christmas party!!

  230. Tomato soup

  231. I just love salsa! That would be my dish of choice.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  232. Mmm! Muir Glen! I love their products and what I make out of them!

  233. We love making salsa! Chili is a big hit around this time of year. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and your salsa recipe!

  234. If you haven’t yet tried Muir Glen Tomato Soup, you have no idea on what you are missing! It is the BEST canned Tomato Soup I’ve ever had!
    And their Spaghetti Sauce(Bolognese??) is another product that I use regularly! Yummy!
    I just bought 2 of the Muir Glen diced tomatoes, but I haven’t tried them !

  235. I love salsa too! Especially yummy fresh salsa! Holiday tomato dish…maybe a creamy tomato basil soup?

  236. favorite holiday dish with tomatoes… definitely lasagna!

  237. We got down to below freezing the other night, so before it hit, I picked all of my tomatillos (that I had grown for the first time!). After it warmed up again, I grill roasted a mess of them, processed them with cilantro, onion, and one tiny tabasco pepper, all from my, garden, and that beautiful and yes, spicy (that one little pepper had a huge kick) salsa is the first of many homemade snacks for my family this holiday.

  238. Thanks for the salsa recipe!! I’ve been looking for a good one for awhile ‘cuz my hubby loves, loves his salsa!! He would love it even more if I had a fabulous recipe, too!!

  239. I make what we call Mexican Goulash. It has cheddar cheese,salsa, refried beans and hamburger meat. We dump it over tortilla chips and make a meal of it. I’m going to try your recipe for salsa and hope they like it,if they don’t,that leaves more for me.

  240. We make a yummy baked ziti on Christmas Eve with tomatoes!

  241. homemade salsa and chips!

  242. Laura Cross says:

    Baked brie with sundried tomatoes!

  243. mmmm…salsa and chips – with all the football games around the holidays we eat lots of them. I will try your salsa recipe, mine was not good this summer 🙁

  244. Muggle.galleons says:

    We like bolognese sauce!

    muggle.galleons at gmail dot com

  245. Our favorite holiday dish involving tomatoes would be a toss up between lasagna, chili, or homemade pizza. Whichever it would be, those MG tomatoes would be fantastic.

  246. I like to make lasagna around the holidays.

  247. Lasagna would have to be it.

  248. Chili on the 26th!

  249. Lasagna!!

  250. JackieO1234 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    we always have peach/tomato salsa on xmas eve

  251. Our favorite dish is stuff ploblano pepper with tomatoe sauce

  252. We love to have Chili on Christmas Eve!

  253. Andrea Watts says:

    I love Pico De Gallo at every holiday

  254. AllieZirkle says:

    I make tamales for Christmas or New Years with a tomato sauce. Yum!

  255. Our family looks forward to the chili on Christmas eve.

  256. salsa! for sure!!

  257. Chips and salsa! Always a winner. Your recipe looks yummy.

  258. Fresh salsa is definitely the best. We made it this summer for kids without too much spice- just onion, cilantro and fresh tomatoes!

  259. After a heavy Christmas dinner, I like to take the leftover roasted veggies and make a lovely veggie soup, and I always add a can of fire roasted tomatoes or a can of tomatoes with chilis to the pot. yum!

  260. Cucumber/Tomato Salad with black olives and cheese cubes. My husband loves to drown it in Italian dressing.

  261. every year on christmas eve i make lasagna. so yummy with homamade sauce from tomatoes

  262. We love made-from-scratch lasagna with homeade sauce from tomatoes.

  263. Definitely homemade lasagna!

  264. My favorite tomato holiday dish is actually having fresh cherry tomatoes on the veggie tray. I have recently decided that I will be bringing a veggie tray to each occasion instead of a heavy side or appetizer. It helps me snack better and helps everyone else too. I love the crisp, sweet tang of fresh tomatoes and our local Kroger keeps a good stock of large round cherry tomatoes in a cute little bag. They are a bit pricey, but it is worth it for that satisfying pop and squish as you bite into one.

  265. Salsa all the way!! Thick and chunky salsa!! 🙂

  266. We enjoy entirely from scratch home made pizza.

  267. Alina Rosenberg says:

    Spaghetti. A quick and easy meal to make around this stressful time of the year.

  268. Shannon Blanchard says:

    It is hard to beat chips salsa. I love that anytime of year.

  269. Tomato chutney( spread) . Very similar to salsa but you add some seasonimg with mustard and cumin seeds

  270. I absolutely LOVE salsa and have been trying to find a refined sugar free one. I didn’t realize I could MAKE one using canned tomatoes!! Hello salsa!! Thanks!

  271. we love a holiday pizza with fresh tomato sauce!

  272. ANGELA SNOOZY says:

    We make cheese dip using tomatoes and also I use tomatoes in my guacamole dip. Yum-O!!

  273. I am allergic to tomatoes. my husband enjoys brushetta.

  274. Chili!

  275. Wow toss up between salsa and chili. OK I’ll go with salsa. I actually make it almost exactly like you. Sometimes I sneak in finely chopped zucchini and add garlic powder and cumin! Yum

  276. It’s gotta be salsa or spaghetti and meatballs. I’m hungry just thinking about it!

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