Homeschool Help: Managing Multiple Schedules

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While I’m busily uppacking my homeschool, I’ve turned to Connie from Smockity Frocks to share how she manages the fine art of teaching many children at once. Her posts have made me laugh, so hop on over and browse her archives if you’re in need of a chuckle.

Managing multiple homeschool schedules can be tricky at best. This year, five of my seven children are “in school”, which is to say they have school work to complete each day.

I use a schedule from Managers of Their Homes which shows each child (and Mom!) what he or she should be doing at 30 minute intervals.

In addition to that, I use this system of index cards attached to a ribbon hanging next to the schedule. Each child has a ribbon with different color cards.

After an activity is finished, the child turns the card over. That way, the child and I can both see at a glance how much work has been done and what needs to be done next.

This has eliminated the scenario where Mom asks repeatedly, “What are you supposed to be doing? Have you finished your math? Have you done your spelling?”

Thanks to this system, managing multiple homeschool schedules is, well, manageable.

— Connie blogs at Smockity Frocks. She is a Christian, homeschooling mom of seven rowdy children, wife of one hunky golf pro, maker of aprons, wiper of noses, writer of stories. It’s a wonderful life!

FishMama here: I find Connie’s system to be a fun, fresh way to help a mom and student to stay on task. And when I find our school books, I am going to give it a whirl with my kindergartner, using pictures as well as words on his cards.

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  1. heartnsoulcooking says

    It's been 7 years since I did home schooling and I only had one child. I can't imagine more than one. I loved every year I home school. I did from K thru 8th grade with my son. He went to high school, I didn't think I could do the high school years. I did something like your ribbon idea, but I use a magnets on the refrig. Happy homeschooling and hope you have lots of great memories with your children. Geri

  2. Joy @ Five J's says

    Cool idea. I think this might be good for my 2nd grader. I'm always a bit scatterbrained with her schedule. This would give her a little more control over what she does each day. I've got the cards and the clothespins, and school starts back up in a week and a half. Plenty of time to set it up!

  3. Ashley Allain says

    Great idea! We homeschool four children and every day is an adventure! For us, we are on the geeky side. I make weekly schedules on Google Docs and post them on our school website. I keep that up on the computer in our school room and we can all check and see what comes next in the day. For us, it works. However, I think this would be excellent for my preschooler who is not reading yet. Maybe I could use pictures?? Thanks!!

  4. Stephanie says

    Awesome! Thanks for the tips. Have you written anything on how you homeschool the big kids with active toddlers roaming around? I know you're super busy, so no problem if you don't have time for this question :-)

  5. Allyson Kellner says

    I love schedules this looks like a fun way to get my kids involved with the schedule too! Can't wait to try it!

  6. Smockity Frocks says

    Stephanie, I have times when one big kid is reading to the littles while I'm working with the others and times when the littles are (supposed to be) playing on their own – in the kitchen sink with bubbles, for instance.

    It is a juggling act, that's for sure!

  7. Eleanor Ellingson says

    What a great idea. I run into organization problems all of the time. It doesn't come naturally to me. I love any idea that my kids can do things independently. I think I am going to implement this not only for school projects, but for doing chores as well!

  8. Michele says

    You ladies are awesome! This is why I could not homeschool – I am not nearly so organized. I don't know how you do it!

  9. Anonymous says

    Muchele have you ever heard of eather relaxed homeschooling (the way I belive all school should be) or unschooling (which I don't fully agrea with but it is for some) google these words and see if you feel that you still couldn't homeschool 😉

  10. Momma Nut says

    I started homeschooling this year. I have five children three of which are school aged. I am so glad I ran into your blog! I am in desperate need of figuring out the scheduling technique, especially with two younger children to entertain. Thanks so much!

  11. Ashley Shulski says

    My husband and I have 4 children, one is 8th grade currently, and we are going to begin homeschooling next school yr with our 3 younger children. We live in military base housing here in AZ and do not have a room we can dedicate for our school. Do you have any suggestions for this?

    Thank you,

    • Jessica Fisher says

      We’ve done it lots of different ways. While I do have a room where I store our school stuff, each kid has his own bucket of stuff so we can cart it wherever we want to do school. This post might be helpful in adapting some organization ideas.

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