Homeschooling and Food

If I had a maid, a chauffeur, and private chef, homeschooling would be a piece of cake. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little. We know that even the best laid lesson plans sometimes meet with reluctant learners. But what can break a homeschool mom at the knees are those regular household tasks.

Molding young minds and teaching multiplication tables is tricky enough without the meal prep, laundry, and cleaning tasks that compose a well-run household, not to mention the fact that everyone’s home all day to give the place a rather “lived-in” look.

Careful meal planning and some make ahead meals can save your bacon when it comes to managing your busy household.

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  1. Enjoyed this post a lot. I’m working on doing more freezer meals. We take the summer off of homeschooling so I’m hoping to use some of my “extra time” to get a schedule of meal plans that work.

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