Hometown Buffet – A Giveaway

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One of my children’s favorite memories is a night we spent at a hotel in St Louis several years ago. It wasn’t the newly built accomodations, the Gateway Arch, or the tour of Grant’s Farm that they loved. It was the buffet at the hotel.

There’s something about a buffet that draws kids in and lights up their eyes.

Recently, Hometown Buffet contacted me regarding some new changes they’ve made in San Diego. We headed out one night for a family dinner at one of the newly-remodeled locations to taste some of the new fresh choices they’ve added to their menu.

Eat All You Want

The kids were so excited. They’d heard of buffet restaurants and really, really, really wanted to go to one. Really, Mom.

We’d been fighting some kind of flu bug for a few weeks, waiting for everyone to be well at one time in order to go. Two boys and I went on a Hometown Buffet date one night, as a kind of recon mission. Then we went back a few nights later with the whole family.

Oh my! To hear them say, “Well, I usually start with caesar salad and shrimp when I come here.” What seasoned buffet diners we had in our midst.

The kids had a fantastic time. They were like kids in a candy store with so many choices for dinner, so many drink options, and no one had to do kitchen jobs!

And even though we normally limit sweets, we let them have as many desserts as they wanted. And believe it or not, they didn’t go overboard. But they had a great time crafting ice cream sundaes and rootbeer floats.

Some of the things that stood out to me about HomeTown Buffet:

  • Reasonably priced for children – toddlers cost $1.49 and 4-7 year olds are $3.49 (prices may vary depending on location). Considering the price of kids meals at most restaurants, I think this is an economical option for families.
  • Low risk opportunities to try new foods – normally when we go out to eat, we want to order something that we know we will like. Dining out is such a splurge, that we don’t want to be wasteful ordering something we don’t like. With a buffet such as this, kids can try a small portion of something to see if they like it, then go back for seconds. Or thirds.
  • Mild flavors that appeal to kids – While this isn’t gourmet, date-night fare, it is very kid-friendly. I felt that with so many options, I didn’t need to worry about my kids not finding something they would like. They got to try things that we don’t normally make at home. And adults could doctor things up a bit more with condiments and spices from their extensive spice rack.
  • Wide range of tastes – Not only was there prime rib and horseradish (my favorites) but there were pastas, Asian food, a taco bar, a salad bar, and a wealth of “down home flavors.” The boys and I even tried some corn stuffing casserole of which I had never seen the likes of — Southern, maybe? Different, but not bad.
  • Friendly service and a clean atmosphere – Since I went on two different nights, I was able to get a better feel for the restaurant. While some things differed between the occasions, like fresh green beans one night and chopped, possibly canned green beans a second night, the staff was very friendly on both occasions and the place looked well-kept.

Obviously, with a large chain, you may see variation between locations, but overall, our experience was a positive one. The kids enjoyed a night out of food and fun.

This week three LifeasMOM winners will each receive four dinner passes to Hometown Buffet. (If you live outside of the Hometown Buffet market, the passes are also good at Country Buffet, Ryan’s, and Fire Mountain.)

To Enter

Pick one, pick ’em all. You choose.

1. Leave a comment, telling us what new food you’ve tried recently.

2. Hop on Facebook and “like” LifeasMOM and Hometown Buffet. Then, leave a second comment, telling us you did so.

3. Subscribe to LifeasMOM in a reader or via email. (Don’t forget to verify it when Feedburner sends you the confirmation.) Then leave a third comment, telling us you subscribe.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, September 26 at 8 pm PST. Winners to be chosen at random and announced via email. Please respond within 48 hours of announcement email in order to claim your prize. This giveaway is now closed. Winners have been announced and emailed.

Disclosure: Hometown Buffet is an advertising sponsor of the Falling for Fun series. I was not compensated to publish positive comments. My opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. I had my first Philly cheesesteak yesterday, and I *loved* it!

  2. I subscribe!

  3. I like you on FB!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Melanie Schwartzkopf says:

    It may sound strange, but I’ve recently tried and fell in love with guacamole. For years I never would eat it but one day decided to make it for my husband this summer and I couldn’t serve it without tasting it and now I crave it!

  5. Over the weekend we tried an Asiago cheese and Artichoke dip. Oh my goodness was it ever tasty. When I praised this as a dip, my sil suggested trying it over pasta. Oh I can’t wait!!!

  6. I recently tried perch, some fish that my husband caught on a fishing trip. I am not usually a fish person, but it was so mild tasting and had good texture.

  7. Onion Rings! I have an aversion to Onions, but I did try onion rings and liked them…fairly well πŸ™‚

  8. I like you on Facebook!

  9. I subscribe via email πŸ™‚

  10. Shrimp and grits. It was delish!

  11. I recently made a cabbage soup that turned out pretty well. I don’t know if it is my favorite thing but it was something new:)

  12. I tried a seckle pair a few weeks ago — tasted just like a normal pear!

  13. I recently made my first recipe with goat cheese – and loved it!

  14. I also subscribe in my Reader πŸ™‚

  15. tofu!!

  16. I “like” you on FB.

  17. I’m a subscriber!

  18. I tried artichoke dip recently. It was good. Not my favorite thing ever, but I would have it again.

  19. I like you on facebook.

  20. I “liked” you and HTBuffet on FB.

  21. I have recently tried quinoa… not so sure I like it yet. We just fixed it plain, so now it’s time to experiment. We have a large bag from Costco, so we’ll figure out how to put it to use.

  22. I just tried a mini muffin recipe, after buying a new mini muffin pan. It turned out awful. Not muffiny at all, I think the person wrote the recipe or instructions wrong.

  23. My boys love Hometown! It’s the place we go the most when we go out all as a family. I love that the older two can serve themselves -which makes them feel important.
    A new food I’ve tried recently is Kale, made kale chips. pretty good, my kids were not impressed though ;p

  24. I β€œlike” LifeasMOM and Hometown Buffet on Facebook!

  25. Liked you on Facebook!

  26. Subscriber via google rss

  27. I subscribe via a reader πŸ™‚

  28. Ooh,I would love to win this!!!I love fire mountain and Ryans! Um, I tried Duck for the first time but it was horrible.I am very good about trying new foods and new places.

  29. I subscribed in a reader

  30. I really appreciate that although this is an advertising posts of sorts, you took the time to personalize it and let us know specific reasons why you like this restaurant.

    I would love to win!

  31. I’m a subscriber!

  32. feta cheese…yummm!

  33. We recently tried swiss chard and it was good! My kids love buffets so I hope we win!

  34. I’m with Melanie, guac/avocado are new to me…but now I can’t live without them!

  35. I subscribe via reader

  36. New food…hmmm…spiced wafers with a pumpkin dip. Yum!

  37. I subscribe to Life as Mom via blogger dashboard.

  38. This week I tried tofu noodles! :/ is how they smelled lol before preparing them

    πŸ™‚ Allie

  39. I like you two on FB

  40. Jenny Whetten says:

    I subscribe!

  41. Oh yes, and I’m a subscriber too

  42. I subscribe.

  43. I tried tomatoes this week (I hate tomatoes so this is a big deal)

  44. I like both you and HB on facebook.

  45. I’ve tried Swirlberry tart frozen yogurt for the first time. It was amazing!

  46. I like you on Facebook.

  47. I subscribe via Google reader.

  48. I subscribe!

  49. We tried a new zuchinni bread recipe – yum!

  50. We tried okra for the first time. Of course we didn’t cook it perfectly, we later found out, but it was an experience!

  51. I used to eat at Hometown Buffet when i was younger. As a matter of fact i went there usually for my birthday lots of fun. The last food i tried was Buffalo meet it was really good i can still taste it now.

  52. I just made Mexican Lasagna for the first time…it was yummy!

  53. I am just making a new type of burritos tonight… trying to copy the ones at Taco Bell that my kids love. πŸ™‚

  54. We made the apple dumplings that were featured on The Pioneer Woman. I’ve also been trying to incorporate some stuff in the cook this not that cookbook like the chicken fingers with honey mustard.


  55. Goat cheese!

  56. Already a long-time subscriber….love everything that you do here, FishMama!

  57. We tried red beans and rice for the first time last week.

  58. We recently tried milk tarts that a friend from South Africa made. Yum! We absolutely love Hometown Buffet – we have 4 children!

  59. I had lumpia at a fair recently. It was pretty good.

  60. A new food I’ve tried recently is indian food pizza. It was indian style toppings for regular pizza. It was delicious!

  61. I subscribe via google reader.

  62. I just subscribed!

  63. Homemade applesauce. Yum!

  64. I recently tried tomato pie….it was a little different at first but really good & got rave review from guests : )

  65. I recently tried turkey bacon for the first time. Not bad!

    saz AT chainreader DOT com

  66. I recently made cheese and bacon muffins which were really good with homemade soup.

  67. I subscribe in a reader.

  68. I tried calamari -(if that is how you spell it) recently. It was fried and a little bit spicy, but it was very good!

  69. I’m a subscriber and have been for a while! Love it!

  70. My weekly CSA box keeps us trying new produce. This season we’re trying fresh cranberry beans for the 1st time.

  71. I subscribe via google reader.

  72. Elizabeth buckner says:

    I like you on facebook!!

  73. Corn and shrimp chowder! I am not normally a chowder fan . . . but this was awesome!

  74. Our family is going to try salmon for the first time tomorrow night.

  75. I can’t think of much that I haven’t tried, but I did make a southwestern potato salad recently that was NOTHING like traditional mayo/mustard/hard boiled egg potato salad and it was delicious.

  76. I β€œlike” LifeasMOM and Hometown Buffet on Facebook (SusanBenegas)

  77. I’ve recently ground up cauliflower in my food processor and steamed it to substitute it for rice! It was yummy with chicken breast and a few other veggies mixed in πŸ™‚

  78. I liked Life as Mom and Hometown Buffett on Facebook. πŸ˜‰

  79. Sushi!

  80. Like you both on facebook πŸ™‚

  81. This seems so simple, but I’ve recently started making steamed broccoli, and my family loves it!

  82. I recently tried chickpeas in one of my husband’s vegan dishes. They were pretty good.

  83. I’m a subscriber.

  84. I subscribe via RSS

  85. I baked my first from scratch chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday- yummy!

  86. I like you on FB.

  87. I recently tried blackberry ice cream. I love blackberries and ice cream, but I had never tried them together. It was delicious and I will be making it in the near future!

  88. i just tried onions again and I now LOVE them. I eat them on everythng!

  89. i follow you on facebook

  90. i follow you – email

  91. Believe it or not… steak! Technically I’ve had it before, but I just never really liked it. My parents took my husband and son to Outback Steakhouse for their birthdays, and everyone else got a steak — at the last second, so did I. I chose to get my medium, which is a *big* change for me, and it was SO delicious!

  92. I subscribe via Google Reader!

  93. We recently tried homemade Dilly Beans! Yum!

  94. I tried Baja fish tacos and really liked them.

  95. I subscribe via google reader.

  96. Well… I haven’t tried anything new recently. However, on a recent trip to Monetery my 5 year-old son decided he likes fish and chips! Yay!!! Something new the picky eater will eat! πŸ™‚

  97. I like on FB.

  98. I subscribe.

  99. I subscribe through google reader. πŸ™‚

  100. I tried an awesome bacon shrimp spinach salad.
    My son LOVES Hometown Buffet. What a treat it would be to win.

  101. My hasband and I just started cooking scrambled eggs with little “packs of goodness” inspired by your freezer cooking. We both love scrambled eggs but we love them even more with sauteed onions and mushrooms. When we are making breakfast and trying to get to work and school early in the morning we never have time to be so fancy until we thought to just sautee a bunch of onions and mushrooms to keep in the freezer. It gives us a gourmet breakfast every morning!

  102. Buffets are the only way I can take my 4 boys out.

  103. I’m really bad about trying new foods, but I did start making my own chicken broth this week. πŸ™‚

  104. And I subscribe via google reader.

  105. Authentic New England Clam Chowder….it was GREAT!

  106. Skate… and it’s pretty good!

  107. I recently tried crab legs for the first time ever. I wasn’t impressed.

  108. Found out my family REALLY likes cilantro-lime flavored rice!

  109. I ‘like’ your giveaway on fb.

  110. No brand new foods just new preparations…hmm….I recently tried asparagus a new way…and I still don’t care for it. :^) I just put cauliflower and broccoli in a vegetable soup and it was a hit. I am planning on trying spaghetti squash when I get my hands on one.

    Ryan’s and FireMountain are in my neck of country….A big hit for my food allergic son who usually gets a plain hamburger pattie and plain fruit if we eat out.

  111. I tried apple dumplings.

  112. I subscribe to you via google reader.

  113. I just tried a quince for the first time this week.

  114. Grassfed beef!

  115. LOL – we went to Hometown Buffet just 2 nights ago after years away. My son picked it for his 12th birthday dinner. I tried their carrot/pineapple/raisin salad – it was good – not too sweet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  116. I recently tried Thai coconut chicken and loved it!!

  117. I’ve tried new pizza crust recipes without success.

  118. I like you and hometown buffet on FB.

  119. I subscribe to you on google reader.

  120. I tried homemade soft pretzels. Ok but need more flavor.

  121. I just tried some fried green tomatoes.

  122. *So I WOULD TRY FRIED BanaANAS …. I’VE seen them BUT the texture of BanANas ….. WOW! But guess It WON’t Kill me and would BE fun FOR the FAMILY! Thanks – Cindy

  123. I tried a new whole wheat pizza crust and I liked it a lot!! Simple but new for me. We have Old Country Buffet’s here in Minnesota, same chain, different name. My kids LOVE it! I tend to eat too much so we don’t go as often anymore. It’s pretty much the only time my kids get pop too as it is included in the kids price! So that’s a treat for them!

  124. i had okra…it was okay. I am sure if it was deep fried it would have been better!

  125. i read you through blogger.

  126. hmm what have a tried lately? quinoa it was nice

  127. I ate a craw dad this summer.Good stuff

  128. Because I have extensive food allergies, I’m very cautious about any new foods. But recently, my daughter made chicken breast strips at home – seasoned, floured, and fried – and they were delicious! She’s added other spices for the rest of the family.

  129. I Subscribed to LifeasMOM via email – John at darrows dot us

  130. I β€œliked” LifeasMOM and Hometown Buffet on Facebook – Johncee Darrow.

  131. I recently made cajun sausage alfredo, for the first time. Yummy!

  132. I recently made yogurt in my crockpot. It was so easy and turned out lovely!

    ~ Carrie ~

  133. I’m subscribed via Google reader….

  134. quinoa salads….delicious!

  135. I just tried crepes with apple butter, yum!

  136. I have tried Chicken Tikka Masala. YUMMY!!

  137. I subscribe to you through e-mail.

  138. It’s strange that someone else said this, but I too recently started eating guacamole. The taste is so-so, but after hearing it’s good for you from avacados and that so many people like it, I tried it. I wouldn’t say I love it, but it’s good for you and I can deal with the taste, so it’s a keeper!

  139. I’m an email subscriber!

  140. I tried fried corn and loved it.I don’t fry any thing but I plan to try making this myself.It will be one of those “special” once or twice a year food’s.

  141. I’m a facebook fan.

  142. I subscribe via email. We have a new Ryans that opened here about 6 months ago. We haven’t tried it yet.

  143. I had drunken noodles at a Thai place. yummy.

  144. Liked you on fb and liked them on fb. I had to find a link for them. The one above didn’t work for me.

  145. I’ve been subscribing to you via email.

  146. We tried cooking with converted rice. It wasn’t too different, but I want to try it in the slow cooker.

  147. I recently tried making a Mexican Lasagna.

    Suk Yee Ng

  148. I also just “liked” your Facebook page.

  149. I’m a subscriber

  150. Me and the kids tried a new cookie recipe that uses a dyed egg wash instead of colored frosting. They were wonderful!

  151. I’m a subscriber. :0)

  152. I “like” you on facebook! :0)

  153. I subscribe so I don’t miss a post.

  154. I tried fat free chocolate frozen yogurt and was amazed at how much like regular soft-serve it tasted. Really delicious!

  155. kale!

  156. Orange flavored fish, using orange rind. It called for red snapper, which my store did not have at the time I was there. I made the recipe anyway and it was a family hit!

  157. KALE

  158. I subscribe to your posts

  159. I tried deer meat a few weeks ago.

  160. I liked both on Facebook!

  161. I’m an email subscriber.

  162. I tried pickled squash.It was good.

  163. I tried tuna casserole for the first time a couple nights ago… I was NOT a fan. πŸ˜‰

  164. The latest new food I tried was soft shelled blue crab.

  165. I am an email subscriber.

  166. Avocadoes…believe it or not I had never tried until just recently.

  167. I liked you on facebook!

  168. I always thought I hated black beans … until a few months ago when I actually tried them for the first time in my adult life – now they’re a favorite! πŸ™‚

  169. Amanda Warner says:


  170. Amanda Warner says:

    FB fan

  171. We’ve been experimenting with amaranth lately, it’s an interesting, mild-flavored cereal grain.

  172. I subscribe.

  173. Charity Shapiro says:

    I recently tried pumpkin pancakes and loved them.

  174. I liked you and Hometown on FB.

  175. I have tried tofu thanks to my dd just last week. It was just o.k. but
    not horrible. πŸ™‚
    Please enter me and thanks for the drawing.

  176. I “like” you on facebook πŸ˜‰

  177. I love Home town buffet on FB

  178. We follow you via email.

  179. We just tried kefir. Interesting. I think we’ll like it after a couple of times.

  180. I recently tried the Jamba Juice pomegranate drink for the first time. Yummy!

  181. I subscribe!

  182. I honestly cannot think of any new foods I have tried lately. πŸ™

  183. Mandy Mallicoat says:

    We have been getting swiss chard through our CSA. The first time I found a recipe and it was DISGUSTING! But I have discovered if I throw it in my vitamix I can use it to make smoothies and the kids LOVE it!

  184. Mandy Mallicoat says:

    I subcribe.

  185. Recently tried edamame – and loved it!

  186. Follow in Rss

  187. I recently tried fish tacos for the first time, and we LOVED them!

  188. I tried Asparagus at a buffet, I was not impressed but I would like to give them another try.

  189. cavatini — yum!

  190. We’ve tried baking different things with pumpkin lately. It adds a bit of extra nutrition and you can’t taste it.

  191. I am an email subscriber.

  192. My family has recently taken a liking to spaghetti squash!

  193. I recently made homemade Pop-Tarts for the first time. Much healthier thanthe boxed kind. I think they taste a whole lot better too!

  194. Honestly, I don’t like trying new foods. I have been making new German dishes. So, I would say that.

  195. I subscribe in a reader.

  196. I tried venison. All I can say is “ew!”

  197. I subscribe via google reader.

  198. I tried clicking on the Hometown buffet link and it says page not found. πŸ™ I do “like” you on FB tho. πŸ™‚

  199. I like you on facebook!

  200. I subscribe

  201. salsa con queso. i love both seperately but i am not a food mixer so i know it sounds weird but trying this was scary to me. finally i did it! i love it now

  202. i subscribe to email

  203. Read LAM in google.

  204. We have a vegan friend over from time to time, so I’ve been learning to cook for her. Last time she was here, she bought, and abandoned to our fridge, a box of Smart Bacon. I ate some. Meh. πŸ™‚

  205. I’m not a mom, but I subscribe via email, and I like Hometown Buffet, as a restaurant, but not on Facebook.

  206. My new favorite food that I have recently tried is edamame!

  207. I bought celeraic root at the farmer’s market.

  208. A new food I recently tried was Morning Star “bacon” strips. Loved them. My new preference to traditional bacon.

  209. Well, I keep trying the baby food I feed my son. Not sure it’s that exciting, though

  210. RSS subscriber

  211. I tried flax seed in my baking this week! lol

  212. I subscribe via rss.

  213. I just recently tried and LOVE Indian food – thanks for the giveaway!

  214. I’ve liked you both on FB

  215. I’m a long time subscriber

  216. we just tried papa murphy’s pizza. my husband loved it, me not so much

  217. homemade crackers with almond flour.

  218. i am subscribed via google reader.

  219. My new favorite thing that I’ve just been introduced to recently is a yummy garlic and herb crusted chicken breast. I eat it until I’m stuffed!

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