How Can You Be More Productive at Home?

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I am always looking for ways to make life at home easier. There’s so much to do in a given day, that it’s easy for me to be overwhelmed. That’s just when we consider the tasks at hand. Throw in interpersonal communication — and miscommunication — and stresses from the outside world, and I can be totally thrown off my game.

I found this video to be both interesting and inspiring. Just get started. Wash those dishes. Fold that pile of laundry. Start sorting those bills to pay. Once you get started, your brain should/will want to finish.

Work hard and then take a break. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.

Here’s hoping that’s true.

What do YOU do to be more productive?

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  1. Thanks for that video. Loved the part about deliberate practice. Being a musician, that really is the key to reaching your goals and maintaining sanity between any recital or competition!

    I’m going to do the accountability chart starting *now.* Little afraid of what might I discover…

  2. So true! I’ve found that I’m never more motivated to clean my own house than when I get home from my 3-hour per week cleaning job! I work very hard for 3 hours, but making other people’s homes sparling clean makes me want to make mine that way too! I think this video is right on!

  3. That was interesting with some good tips. What I’m wondering is whether or not it’s possible to not multitask when you’re a mom, especially a homeschooling mom? He says multitaskers are less productive which makes sense. One of my frustrations with being a mom is always being interrupted when I’m trying to finish anything. I can’t just tackle a task and stick to it.

  4. I really needed to hear this! I’m working on being proactive and no reactive!