How Do You Do It? What Helps Your Body Get Through the Day?

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One of the things that helps me get through the day are little energy boosters. Productivity enhancers, if you will. A series of good nights of sleep is a great start. When I have no dietary or budgetary restrictions, I might take advantage of a Vanilla Coke, over crushed ice with a straw; a good cup of Peets coffee with lots of cream and sugar; a Starbucks mocha frappucino; some good chocolate; or something as simple as a few glasses of tangerine flavored Emergen-C, dispersed throughout the day.

For someone else, exercise, vitamins, or lots of water may be just what helps her get from sunrise to sundown.

What about you? What helps you have energy to get through the day? Share it in the comments, ’cause chances are the rest of us could benefit from it as well!

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  1. Any caffeinted drink…lol. I try to shy away from sodas and stick with iced tea because I have a history of kidney stones.

    Oh and chocolate….which I don’t usually have on hand….lol!

    My other mainstay is a short or long afternoon nap. I usually fall asleep trying to get my 11 month old to take a nap 🙂

  2. Isn’t it crazy how sometimes it’s a struggle and other times it’s easy to get through the day (energy wise)?!

    I try to start out w/good vitamins and working out. On off days where I need a lil boost I have a few things I like to do…I’ll do a 15-20 minute power nap. Get totally relaxed and then I’m ready to get going, it’s amazing. Then there’s also the Starbucks mocha frappucino that you mentioned…with caramel drizzled on top! (am I the only one out there that has a hard time w/energy drinks, they make me jittery where coffee drinks w/caffine are fine!)

  3. I do not do much caffine I don’t like coffee or tea. I drink less than one can of pop a week. Exercise makes me feel better and gives me more energy. I have not been exercising much the last month and I can tell the difference. A little chocolate here and there also helps. 🙂

  4. Because my one year old daughter still has some trouble sleeping through the night, these days I am relying on lots of caffeine and hot showers to get me through the day. And if I can gather up enough energy to actually get started, exercise always helps.

  5. I find that doing a brisk walk/jog on the treadmill in the late afternoon helps me make it through the rest of the day.

    Belting out a tune at the top of my lungs usually gets me fired up too! (and amuses my children…)

    As an absolute last resort, I’ll take Alka Seltzer Morning Relief. It’s a one-two punch of caffeine and aspirin that helps me get through the worst fatigue.

    Chocolate actually makes me want to curl up and take a nap… I love it! But it won’t help me if I’m dragging… : )

  6. Lots and lots of coffee!! I also go walking outside with Lucian in the morning before it gets to hot. That usually wakes me up no matter how sluggish I was when I got up.

  7. When I get up and exercise a little or take a walk I’m usually more energetic throughout the day. Sadly I haven’t done this for a while (I’m 14 weeks pregnant and haven’t been up to it). I hope to start it up again soon, it helps so much!

  8. I’m in need of more energy, so I’ll be reading these comments:-)

    I do perk up with an nice cool root beer from Sonic–they have the best drinks and the most crunchable ice.

    Chocolate helps me also.

  9. I confess — I take a nap! I rest for about 20-30 minutes (in my room with the rain machine going and a timer to make sure I get up!) during my kids naptime. It is awesome — then I get up, splash a little water on my face, grab a cold drink (usually diet coke) and I am ready to go.

  10. This does not fit in with “TMM” BUT, for our family it is what has worked: a membership to the local Y. IT’s the only way I’ve consistently exercised 3 days a week for the last 7 months. This has certainly reaped benefits in terms of energy for me to get through my day.

    The two other things I rely on: sugar and I usually take a power nap (20-40 min. long).

  11. I have to start my day with exercise, quiet time and GOJI juice. The stuff is amazing. It’s good for an afternoon boost too.

    I used to rely on the chocolate, but the crash is too much for me now. And naps are non-existent in the house with 4 kids.

    God Bless

  12. I have always found that a nice walk at lunch or over a break can make things fresh again. Sometimes, just the mental break alone can let me clear my mind and I feel less exhausted going back to the tasks at hand.

    A brisk work out before the morning shower can help too. Somehow, no matter how tired I am when I get up, if I exercise, I feel full of energy.

    Some days though, it seems that only caffeine will do.

  13. I have to agree with the caffeine idea, Diet Dr. Pepper is my choice.

    However, what can really get me going is to turn on good music. Steven Curtis Chapman always gets me up and moving, Broadway show tunes (the Wicked soundtrack is a favorite), and my own “fun tunes” playlist I’ve made from songs all over the place.

    When my kids were littler I used to do the power nap (20-30 minutes), but now that they all sleep through the night I have a hard time not feeling guilty. I should get over that, huh?


  14. I have quite a few little feet in my house, too — 4 kids that don’t nap, but I still insist on “rest” time for everyone. Usually between 2 and 3 pm. That way, I can get in a quick power nap on the days I really need it and the kids get some much needed down time.