How do YOU stream free music?

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My go-to music source is Pandora. When my ten-year old isn’t playing piano or blasting his ipod off my speakers, that is. But, I keep seeing Spotify scroll through my Facebook feed.

(Facebook’s where I get all my news and information it seems.)

Apparently, a lot of my friends use Spotify for free streaming. I’m curious if you do too? If so, why? Pros? Cons? Inquiring minds want to know.

What are your preferred methods of streaming music?

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  1. We stream Pandora through our Roku (we gave up cable about a year ago and picked up a Roku to stream Netflix and Hulu), that way it’s hooked up to the Big speakers and we don’t have to listen to the advertisements they play via the web. I see Spotify everywhere, but I’ve yet to check it out.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I’ve been eyeing the Roku so that we could stream our Amazon without hooking up a computer. Currently, we can stream Pandora through the Blu-Ray player. There are so many things out there! I want a multi-tasker. Do you think Roku is it?

  2. Emily says

    We live with my dad right now and he has Direct TV, so usually I put on one of their music stations (60s and light classical being my normal choices). But if I’m in my room, I use Grooveshark. I like that you can listen to only one band (rather than related artists on Pandora) and the ads are limited.

  3. Rachel says

    We use Spotify because it’s JUST become available here in Australia. Pandora isn’t so that’s why we use Spotify. 🙂

  4. joy lewis says

    spotify is completely awesome! I use the iPhone app which you do pay a subscription of $10/mo to use but I think it’s worth it because it’s rare to not find an album or song I’m looking for! and it streams really well usually. Im not sure how well the app works on other phones but it’s great even if just through your computer. My listening is much more album based vs. song based which is why I way prefer spotify to pandora where I can choose an album and listen all the way through. they also make suggestions about similar artists so you can discover new music similar to what you like, and you have the ability to see what new music has been released as well as make playlists. Like you mentioned, spotify has given the ability to link to Facebook and tell everyone what you are listening to : a feature I don’t have enabled but you can share music with friends this way. Anyhow, as a big music fan and a musician, I love it. Then I buy the albums I discover and really like 🙂


  5. Karen says

    I use Spotify in the US, but I have to pay for it to use it overseas. Here I use Jango, which is more like listening to FM radio, but it’s available for free here.

  6. Kristin Peterson says

    I’m still a Pandora user – I actually prefer having multiple artists playing in a genre rather than one artist and their entire album. There are few albums on the planet I like all the songs on. Also – I would never know some of those other artists exist if it were not for Pandora.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I love the Cranberries channel. There are such fun groups lumped together there.

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