How Does Your Garden Grow?

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As moms, we can aspire to greatness:

  • to feed our children healthy food that they will actually eat — without complaint
  • to provide cultural, athletic, and literary experiences that they will enjoy
  • to provide a clean and tidy home where it is their joy to clean up after themselves
  • to teach our children to love one another, never to argue in an unkind way
  • to be that sweet nurturer, always with a soft answer, whom they desire to confide in

I don’t know about you, but I don’t live there. My life is full of messes, stains, less than kind words, and dinners that are absolute train wrecks.

I lay in bed at night reviewing all the ways I’ve failed as a mother, how wretched and weedy my garden growns.

I was too harsh when….

I should have….

I missed saying goodnight to….

It’s so hard to fight Discouragement in the watches of the night when I’m tired and Perspective has ceased to keep me company.

Somehow a new morning and the bright sunshine can change my perspective. I see the uniqueness of our family. I see how much one child has grown in his struggles for self-control. I hear a son complement and encourage another one. I hear a nine-year old say to his big brother, “You need to be more confident, because you’re pretty awesome.”

In those moments, sunshine sparkles on the dew of a jumbled, but prettyish garden.

Will I focus on the weeds and berate myself for letting them grow? Or will I admire the beautiful blossoms already growing in my garden and praise God for them?

Will I pine away for what might be? Or will I enjoy what is already?

Today I’m choosing to be thankful, and embrace the beauty that’s in my garden — today.

How ’bout you?

How are you thankful for what’s growing in your garden?

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  1. Thank you for this post. I had exactly the same type of evening that you wrote about. I’m trying to let go of the guilt and bad feelings and know that today is a new day and I can try again and try harder!