How Having Less Can Save You More

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 It’s okay not to have all that you think you want. When we have less, we save more. And we treat what we have with more thankfulness.

How Having Less Can Save You More - It’s okay not to have all that you think you want. When we have less, we save more. And we treat what we have with more thankfulness.

We tend to think that if we don’t have an excess of something, i.e. money, that we are lacking. Having “just enough” money to pay the bills can seem discouraging. Not filling the refrigerator or the gas tank to capacity can make us feel “poor”. If we don’t have more than we have, somehow we’re missing the boat.

However, I’d like to propose that having less, in most cases, having enough is just right. In fact, I think it can save you money!

Say what? Having less can save you more?

Consider the current water situation in southern California. We are in drought conditions with water rationing. Some commentators say that the current water supply will last LESS THAN 18 MONTHS. This is disconcerting. For some it seems like it happened all of a sudden. It appears that way since many cities did not move to water rationing earlier. Green lawns give you a false sense of security. When everything turns brown around you, you notice.

Now that we are on official rationing and I see my lawn withering before my eyes, water has become more precious to me. When I find a random, half-filled water bottle with no owner claiming it, I no longer pour it down the drain. I water a plant with it.

I rejoice with shouts of gladness when it rains. I appreciate green grass and flowing showers more now that we have less.

rainy day

rain and green lawns from march

And I’m more careful in how I use it.

Knowing that we have less makes me be more careful with what we have.

The same goes for money. If you have less (than you think you want), you are more careful in how you spend it, aren’t you? You don’t make the frivolous purchases you would make if you had money burning a hole in your pocket.

At least that is how it is with me.

Last week, I decided not to do a big stock up of groceries. I bought “enough” but not a ton of extras. I started with an empty fridge and ended with a not-full fridge. What I found was that I used things more efficiently. I wasted less. I knew what I had.

And I saved.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have everything you want. You don’t need everything you want. You’ll save in unforeseen ways when what you have is much more precious.

And, it’s likely you’ll be more thankful for it, too.

Does having less help you conserve more?

Is a personal shopper worth it? I know personal shopping can work. This instance worked for me. I know the shopping service can work for some people. It works for my friend.

This is Frugal Friday. As an experiment, I’ve brought back the link-up. Feel free to share a recent frugal post of yours below. Those that are spammy or off-topic will be deleted. Recipes do not count unless you’ve made it very clear how prepping the recipe will save us money.

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  1. So true! When we lived in Michigan I REALLY appreciated the beauty of spring after the long, cold winters. Whereas now that we live in Texas, it’s not such a change in season so I don’t seem to appreciate it as much as in years past.

    But, I’m with you on the drought (since we in one in North TX too). I never thought twice about dumping water down the drain in the past, and now we take it outside to at least water something. Never thought I’d have to think about water like that!

  2. Thank you for this reminder. In a society fixated on the bigger the better and the more you have the better this helps me to stay on track and make due with what I have on hand. I recently moved and I have not stocked my refrigerator to the gills and I like it! I can see what I have and I actually use it up and do not waste it.

  3. As a mother of six it is so easy to have way more than what is needed. We recently went through all the clothes in our home (with 8 of us that is a lot) and purged. As we hauled out the 6 bags full of clothes, all I could think was of the water, electricy, and sanity I am going to save. I am so glad to hear another person say it is OK to not have a full fridge, OK not to have everything you want. I have started buying what we need. I hate wasting food… costs too much to just trow away. I am now seeing that when the fridge is not over flowing, all the fruit gets eaten. All the left overs get eaten instead of shoved to the back only to be found weeks later.