How I Became a Hockey Mom

When I was in junior high, I was in love with the movie Hockey Night. Starring Megan Follows, a very young Rick Moranis, and Yannick Bisson, the movie tells the story of a young girl who moves to a small Canadian town and wants to play hockey. Since there isn’t a girls team, she tries out for the boys. And makes it.

Of course, there’s all kinds of tension, a little junior high bad language, and a community in uproar of a girl playing a boys’ sport. I was not athletic, so I didn’t really care about that part. But, I watched the movie over and over.

Not only did I love the heroine’s spunk to play the game she loved, but I was also infatuated with Yannick Bisson’s character (I was 12, okay?). I vowed to one day name my son after that character. His name?


We still laugh over how I married a Fisher, and was not able to fulfill my lifelong dream of mothering a Speare.

Definitely not naming a baby Speare Fisher.


However, I find it the ultimate irony, that despite all that, I am now a hockey mom.

With the pedicure to prove it!

As I mentioned before, I knew FishPapa’s love for the game when I said yes. But that interest lay dormant for all the years that we lived without a TV and all the years that we had no cable and even for the years that we had DirecTV. But, once we got Cox? Well, our life was changed.

Our cable package (the bargain one) included all the NHL stations. So, last winter/spring my men became reacquainted and/or infatuated with hockey. All five Fisher men have since learned inline skating, acquired all the necessary equipment, created all kinds of net/screens to protect the neighborhood from flying pucks, and have otherwise become fully immersed in the sport.

Granted, some are more “into” it than others. But, it’s become a family interest and how we spend at least three days of our week now that two boys are playing in a hockey league.

The funny thing is that we’ve downsized our cable. We only get the basic channels now for like $10 and are diverting that savings to treat hubs and the boys to the occasional Kings game at the Staples Center. It’s a couple hours’ drive but such an exciting time for a father-son event. FishPapa has taken one boy at a time and they make an evening of it.

Last week the FishBoy11 even got to ride the Zamboni! It was very cool, even if I only saw it in pictures later.

We’ve talked about going for a date night. I laugh that it’s a little like throwing pearls to swine since I might not enjoy a hockey game as much as someone else. But, I’m happy to embrace my husband’s hobbies with the same enthusiasm that he’s embraced mine.

(It’s an adventure being married to a lady writing a cookbook, I’m sure.)

This weekend I watched my 7-year old skate back and forth across the rink, sometimes “into it,” sometimes not. At least he wasn’t chasing butterflies.

I laughed with the other moms trying to figure out who’s who, just two weeks into the season. It was a really fun experience. And even though I’m not athletic, and really don’t understand the game much, it’s been good to embrace something outside of my own interests and experience.

Hockey is quickly becoming another rich, unifying tie among our family as well as our community.

And hubs got that new Kings hat, after all.

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  1. I loved that movie too! Only I was mostly just fascinated to see Anne of Green Gables playing hockey.

  2. I love it!!! I too married a hockey man… We sometimes kid that he threw his hockey schedule into our wedding vows to make sure I really knew what I was getting into:) now my two boys, 5 & 6, are embracing the tradition… They love skating & watching hockey! Soon they will graduate their skating lessons to a league and i’ll be there all the way!!

  3. My hubby married a hockey girl ;). I grew up watching hockey with my dad at my grandparents house sometimes since we didn’t have tv at home. Great memories!

  4. Thanks for letting us know your story…I guess that is why they do not ever say”never”…I have a 3 year old who knows what kind of mom i will be, maybe a soccer one…lol..fingers crossed

  5. Grew up in the land of Hockey…Minnesota. My alma mater, University of North Dakota is playing soon in the WCHA Frozen Five. If I can watch UND I will…with my sunflower seeds and a diet coke (how we spent every game in college).

    Have you ever heard the Zamboni song?? It’s by the Gear Daddies….that was our song when we were heading to the games in college always had it loaded into the tape deck.

    I could never convince my son to love hockey….he loves football…the Oklahoma genes won…

  6. Well, I’m Not a fan of hockey. I’ve Never been to a hockey game and the only time I’ve watched one on TV is when the US Olympic team is playing. I’ve not see the movie you mentioned either. But, I’m a huge fan of Yannick Bisson — at least in his role as Jack on Sue Thomas FBEye! 🙂 GREAT SERIES! Have you seen it? Very family friendly, but some episodes may be too intense for younger family members. Depends on your viewing habits. Anyway, let me know if you are not familiar with it and I will gladly tell you more!

  7. Welcome to the hockey life! I have two boys that play, for nine season all together now. It is a family affair and addictive! We now take a whole week’s vacation for the end of the season tournament, go a day early and relax! Hockey families are awesome – we are our own breed I believe!

  8. My husband started playing hockey (ice) when he was 5. So did my daughter (roller). He coaches her team and a couple others in our youth hockey league and plays on the mens league. And I do believe we watch every NHL game on TV. I always say that at least I know where to find him. And it could be worse, it could be baseball! (I’m not a fan at all!)

  9. Slowly embracing life as a “hockey mom”…my husband started playing at 3. Now, our three kiddos play (2 sons and a daughter!)…all 3 love it! My husband is still waiting for me to slam the glass wall and scream at the ref ….apparently that’s what true hockey moms do 🙂

  10. my valentine’s gift this year was a date to a hockey game!

    my sons played hockey when we lived in anchorage

    (but i am the biggest fan in the household)

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