How I Get Both Feet Back on the Ground

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Ever wake up and ask yourself, “How did I get here?”

Whether it’s an untidy house, a jumbled bank account, or an overpacked schedule, I’ve found myself in chaos on more than one occasion. It may be because I am bursting with creativity or actively working on a project. Or I might be in such a fog of busy-ness, I can’t see clearly.

When my head is in the clouds, I seem to forget to manage things here on Planet Terra.

Hop on over to Simple Mom to read my guest post and how I get both feet back on the ground.

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Ive read the “how to get both feet back on the ground”. Not only are my feet not on the ground I sorta feel like im hanging wildly upside down! You say the household notebook is your saving grace, is this the place I should start?

    1. Well, I guess I would say “praying to God for help” would be my first step — and then a daily to-do list, and then a full-blown notebook.

  2. Thanks Jessica! I do a lot of praying, mostly for others. Guess it’s time to focus on me. With two kids, 10 months apart, who are now both 10 one with disabilities… I’ve somehow lost my way! Thanks for giving me what I can see as a “to do list”, a go back to basics!