How Moms Do It

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Wondering if there’s another way to handle fitness, finance, or education? Check out how moms do it.

How Moms Do It

My neighbor just had her first baby and in hanging out with her, holding a newborn, and being a shoulder to cry on, I’m reminded of those early days when I just didn’t have a clue.

I did NOT know I would get fishnet underwear in the hospital.
I did NOT know that I’d wake up with breasts transformed into bowling balls.
I did NOT know that babies really do wake up at night. All night long.

I am still learning. Teenagers? College? Giving driving lessons? Yikes! Learning curve? Straight up.

But, as I teach first grade math for the 6th time, I realize, there are a few things I know. I’ve learned some things over the years. And so have you!

I’m kicking off a new series, “How Moms Do It”, looking at different approaches to baby care, nutrition, education, personal fitness, budgeting, and screen time, just a few topics that I know I struggled with as a young mom. And some that I still struggle with! Lol.

Each post in the series will cover one topic and the varied approaches we can take on it. It’s not just coming from my experience. I’ve canvassed moms I know and will be presenting ten different ways to approach a mom thing. You know there are more than just ten, but we’ll present a sampling. My guess is that your mileage may vary.

We can all achieve the same goal: happy, healthy families, via different means, so I’m excited to hear what your take is on these areas, regardless of whether or not it’s “my way”. My hope is that young moms — and those of us who are “more mature” —  will be encouraged that there are many ways to do this parenting thing well.

How Moms Do It Series:

Have YOU got an idea for a series you’d like to see on Life as MOM?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Seems like a hot topic these days is “Free Range Kids”. I’d be interested in how parents balance safety (or our fears) with creating independence.

    Sounds like a great series – thanks!

    1. Great tip. I often think about that for our family and community. The neighbors let their kids go more than I do, but I figure that we’d be the ones who got busted somehow. That always seems the way.

  2. I would like to see how other moms handle conflicts between siblings. I have a preschooler and a toddler. I know that’s a prime age for fights and incoherent screaming, but I’d like some ideas how people help their children navigate those conflicts, learn to communicate about them, and learn to control their responses. I’d also enjoy hearing anyone’s thoughts on the role of discipline in the occurrence of sibling conflict, such as what behaviors require discipline in some households and how that discipline is handled and what role the discipline plays in the overall learning and teaching goal. Thanks.

    1. Same question – two girls, 8 and 4. Constant bickering. Frustration on both of their parts, as well as ours! We’ve tried ignoring, negotiating, and separating. Any guidance would be appreciated!!

    2. ha my aunt used to make my cousins seat facing eachother when they would stqrt to fight. Must of work they are three caring productive aduls. But if you did that to me when I was fighting with my sister. I don’t think I would stay in my chair and be in more trouble.

  3. How do you handle activities for kids that are different age groups? Also, how to teach patience to kids, especially when one has moderate special needs.

  4. Budgeting and teaching,and nurturing “teen” aged children, screen times,too!

  5. Battling childhood obesity when your kids are offered junk food everywhere they go including school. The school is giving the kids Poptarts everyday this week (it’s testing week).

    1. You can control what they eat at home. Not so much when you are not around.

    2. Our school is like that too! The kids get off the bus and can go straight to the cafeteria for honey buns and sugary cereals. It was a sad day when my oldest came home from school and informed me that the school’s white rice and processed breaded chicken nuggets were so much better than my brown rice and roasted free range chicken. We just do our best at home and I know she’s listening because sometimes she passes on things- like she skips the flavored milk at school and drinks water instead. They do better if you let them choose the healthier option. We just try to set a good example and explain that people can make good choices and poor choices.

  6. Our big challenge right now, meeting everyone’s needs. They ALL seem to need me at the same time. Newborn needs to nurse, 2 year old whining for attention, 5 year old has a Lego issue, 7 year old needs school work directions (homeschool ). And they all need it at once. I think I may explode. Really praying about how to deal with this and structure our days before school starts again! Any ideas would be great.