How to Be a Pro Mom

I’m over at Simple Mom today, sharing tips for how to be a Pro Mom. From the post,

Over a decade ago I made the transition from high school teacher to full-time mom. Gone were the days of toting my European leather satchel, wearing high heels, and attending staff meetings. Instead, my hours were filled with baby spit up, a bigger laundry pile, and endless “free” time.

Six kids later, I find myself with a home business, a homeschool, a much bigger laundry pile, and less “free” time. I’ve made a ton of mistakes along the road of motherhood. But, I would never turn back from this path I chose so long ago. Yet, I’m finding out, even now, the common ground between the old days and my current ones.

In fact, I’m discovering ways to feel more like a pro in my primary — and best — of professions.

Hop on over and join in the discussion!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post at Simple Mom. Very encouraging and practical. Thanks!

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