How to CVS with Big Store Coupons

My mom made her first trip into CVS to “do the deals” last night. She called me to trouble shoot a few glitches in the computer system. They were things that we were able to figure out over the phone, making it possible for her to go back into the store and have the manager correct the errors in the transaction. It’s exciting for me that she is starting to “play the game” because I know that she will save money AND we’ll have one more thing to chat and laugh about, especially since math is not her favorite subject. And CVS certainly gives us practice in math!

So, this post is for my mom (and you) to explain how I got all this today for $3.38!

I walked in with some coupons and a plan. I walked out with a ton of groceries and toiletries and $12.57 in ECBs. Here’s how.

First off, I received an email this week for a coupon good for $5 off a $25 purchase. CVS often releases coupons like this, however in the last few months they’ve been pretty rare. The last one I had was in July I think.

These are invaluable coupons- treat them like gold! They will greatly reduce your out of pocket expense, especially coupled with ECB deals and coupons. I printed two and planned two transactions based on this week’s sales. When I got to the store, I made sure to ask if I could do two transactions and use both coupons. The clerk said no problem. So, off to shop! Thankfully, FishBaby snoozed the entire time.

1st transaction:
1 Hershey bar $.50
4 Bliss chocolates @$3.00 ea = $12.00
1 Kisses $4.00
1 Reeses $4.00
1 Smart Water $1.59
1 Crest toothpaste $3.49
Subtotal was $25.58 + tax
Minus my CVS $5/$25 coupon
Minus $.75 crest coupon from last week’s paper
Minus Hershey Bliss coupon $2.50
Minus Hershey Bliss coupon $2.50
Minus CVS coupon for a free chocolate bar

I paid out of pocket: $14.43, but rec’d back ECBs for $10 (for candy), $1.59 (for SmartWater), and $3.49 (for toothpaste). I paid out $14.43, but got back $15.08!

Transaction #2:
2 Hersheys bars @$.50 ea = $1
4 Rice Krispies @$2 ea = $8
2 Palmolive @$1.49 = $2.98
1 Garnier hair care $2.99
1 Crest toothpaste $3.49
2 Colgate Kids BOGO $2.29
2 newspapers @$1.75 = $3.50
Subtotal $24.25 + tax
Minus $5 CVS coupon
Minus Palmolive coupon $.25
Minus Palmolive coupon $.25
Minus Colgate coupons $.75
Minus Colgate coupons $.75
Minus Colgate coupons $.75
Minus Garnier coupon $1
Minus Kelloggs coupon $1
Minus Kelloggs coupon $1
Minus Kelloggs coupon $1
Minus Kelloggs coupon $1
After coupons my total was $10.52, I paid with the $10 ECB and $1.52 cash, but got back ECBs for $3.49 (toothpaste), $2 (Garnier), $2 (Pamolive).

Total for the day: $15.95 out of pocket, $12.57 ECBs in my pocket. Very cool!

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  1. Great job! Where did you get your coupons?

  2. The coupons were either internet printables or from the newspaper. Whenever I see one from Freebies4Mom or Moneysavingmom, I print them and keep them on file with my newspaper coupons that I clip each week. I buy at least two papers each week, depending on how good the coupons are. Plus, I look through the recycle bin at Starbucks (with permission).

  3. JessieLeigh says:

    I love how FishChick is checking out your haul- so cute!

  4. Yeah, she was sniffing out the chocolate.

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