How to Find Fresh Produce When You’re a Gardening Loser

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So,um, a terrible blight hit my tomato and basil planter. It’s called neglect. Obviously, I am one big backyard garden fail this year.

It seems I’ve never had great success with container gardening. Sigh….

But, never fear, I’ve got a hold of some great sources of fresh produce. So pop over to Food Your Way today and read my post about what to do when your thumb is brown.

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  1. Haaa! Just you wait until you see MY PATHETIC tomatoes and basil plant. My husband jokes I have the thumb of death. Sad, really.

    PS-go check your review out on my site if you haven’t yet! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I would not be horribly disappointed if you wanted to shout it out on your blog, ahem, I’m just saying.)

  2. Hey Jessica-I tried to leave this comment on the Food Your Way blog, but the discus commenting wouldn’t let me. I tried to leave it as a guest, but it kept coming up as an error. Here is the comment, FYI:

    I had thought about doing a CSA, however, they were TREMENDOUSLY expensive (at least the ones available to my area were) AND I wasn’t crazy about the fact that you had to take what they gave you, regardless if you have no idea how to cook with that particular vegetable in stock. Funny enough, at the park today, I was chatting with another mom and she mentioned she usually hits up the farmer’s market at the Botanical Gardens in NYC. Now that sounds like something to go see!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Ammie @, well, I think they vary greatly depending on where you live and on the season. I just splurged on a trial membership for October. I got to look at the contents of what they did this time last year and that gave me a good idea that we might be okay. Plus, SD is really different than NYC. I would imagine…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      This week’s box is supposed to contain only one strange bird – swiss chard. I’m looking forward to the adventure of using what they give us. I’ll let you know if we keep up with it.

      • @Jessica Fisher,
        I am actually doing a post to link up to your recipe exchange, but Ill just tell you–my sister in law came across this amazing book that might interest you if you are doing the box thing–I have to look it up on amazon so I can post the actual real title, but it’s something called “Cooking In Season” or “Cooking with the Seasons” or something like that. The author goes through recipes by season, so you make these amazing recipes with fruits and vegetables that you are guaranteed to find either at the grocery store OR at your local farmer’s market. I must say–reading your post and talking with that mom at the park inspired me to go look up some local farmer’s markets this weekend. I”m going to go give ’em a gander. Thanks for commenting back.

      • @Jessica Fisher,
        PS–I looked at a local CSA not too long ago and they wanted $400 (eeeeek!) for 3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! I sincerely hope that yours are cheaper???? Yes, NYC prices are absolutely ridiculous.

  3. This is a bit off topic but I am wondering what you think your homemade red sauce costs per “jar”? Do you think it is cheaper to make your own in bulk even when you can often get a buy one/get one/coupon deal? Or is it a matter of better for you/taste?


    • Jessica Fisher says

      @M, that is a great question. For us, it’s about taste primarily. My husband really does not care for sweet pasta sauces, which most canned and jarred varieties are. I’ve bought a few jars of Ragu when they were a quarter and they were “fine.” Just not something we’d enjoy on a regular basis.

      But, seeing as I can make 8 – 10 dinners for about $3 when buying the bulk can of tomatoes at Costco, I’m thinking it’s just as competitive price-wise.

      Plus, it is healthier than storebought. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. For 2 years now my husband and I have tried to have a garden the only thing we got to grow was cucumbers.We had them coming out our ears.When family members and friends heard and noticed our desire to can and freeze fresh produce we were blessed with okra,green beans,squash,zuchini,tomatoes,peppers,corn and even apples.I thank God for every ones generosity and we were even able to share with others that needed and wanted fresh produce.

  5. Mary E.S. says

    I tried to have a garden for 2 years in a row and it was such a dismal failure that I did not even bother this year.Next year,we are going to get some top soil to put on it and fertilizer.Maybe that will help as well as putting a fence around it to keep the critters from eating everything that does come up. My garden would be covered in little green shoots one day and the next day it would be completely bare. Maybe I’ll have better luck next year and hopefully you will too.

  6. Jessica H. says

    I just wanted you to know that you are not alone! I had such great intentions this spring when planting my garden. I did all the work to dig out the weeds and make a bed (we did not have a garden bed) pre-plant the seedlings, and then move them to the ground. Well, after that, I guess perhaps I forgot about it, or maybe time got away from me, but my garden has suffered! My daughter snuck all the tomatoes off the plants before anyone else could even have a bite!

    Oh well, I guess there is next year! lol

  7. Lorrie says

    I used to have a giant garden when we lived in Washington, but alas, our new home is the stereotypical southern California home without much yard. My husband just built me some shelves to hold pots so I can grow a few tomatoes and herbs at least. I shop at Frazier Farms in Vista and everything is so cheap in season there that it is cheaper than growing it yourself. The magic day there is Thursday when both last week’s ad and next weeks ad cross and are both good. Check them out.

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