How to Have a Happy (New) Year

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We say “Happy New Year!” But I wonder if we are really just referring to the night or the day surrounding the change of years. Ya know, “Have a great party!”

Rarely on January 1 have I thought about the year as a whole and how to make the next 364 days happy ones.

Life is so full of twists and turns in the road and things go in a totally different direction than what we plan on Jan 1.

Sometimes it’s not a good direction. At least not at the time. But, having lived through some very rough patches in life (miscarriage, debt, death, and loss of friendships), I’m convinced that God has a wonderful way of working things for our good.

While I did not enjoy the above mentioned rough patches, I know that God has used them to grow me, mature me, and make me more thankful for the blessings He’s given me.

It’s generally not what we would have imagined or chosen, but if we trust God and do our best, well, it can be a good thing.

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What’s does the future hold?

I have no idea what will happen in the new year. I imagine that some things will change, some will stay the same. But, I know that I want to approach the twists and turns that are sure to characterize the road ahead with the right attitude.

Will these things guarantee that my year is a happy one? No, there’s no guarantee to anything in life.

But, I think if we expect the unexpected and prepare our hearts and minds to tackle stumbling blocks with determination and a good attitude, well, I think it can be a happy year.

May yours be a very happy year!

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  1. Thanks, Jessica. I appreciate and agree whole-heartedly with this post. Would I have chosen some of the tough patches? No. Did God lead the way? Yes. Was He always with me? Yes. And like you, I’ve learned and matured and thank Him for the journey. Trusting my Sovereign Father with the new days, months and year.

  2. Love your goals for the new year, especially your one to do a little more geocaching! We LOVE geocaching and have had a great time as a family doing it. You can check out my post on Garanimals for a how to or a funny story about a personal Geocaching Adventure we had. It has created so many memories for our family!

  3. Thank you! These points, your words of wisdom and hope are what I needed to encourage my heart. I can say with confidence in God that I can have a “Hopeful New Year.”