How to Retrieve the Mailbox Key From the Storm Drain

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how to get key from storm drain

1. Reassure sobbing FishBoy that it is okay, and he is forgiven. It was a mistake to swing the key so that it flew into the sewer.

One that he won’t do again.

2. Call your brother who doesn’t have to go to work or school too early in the morning. (FishPapa leaves at 6:30 am.)

3. Brother arrives with a small piece of rope and a tiny wrench. And he acts like he knows what he’s doing. Somehow I get the feeling that he has done this before.

(And my mother is now wondering what her son has been doing in storm drains.)

4. Watch as Brother slips the rope through the hole in the storm drain cover. Then holding one end of the rope, he lies in the gutter and reaches for the other end of the rope. He ties the wrench to that end of the rope. He uses the rope/wrench combo to lift the drain cover, assuring me we are doing nothing illegal. Brother climbs down into storm drain and retrieves the key.

5. Brother performs Step 4 in reverse.

6. Thank Brother profusely for saving you a phone call to the water dept. and/or property management company.

7. Spray key with Lysol.

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  1. That is so funny! I never would of thought to remove the cover with a rope and wrench, great idea.

  2. Yeah, JJ would know how to do that. I guess it comes in handy sometimes! Super Bro to the rescue!