I Hate Cleaning

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Daily housekeeping can be a chore. But, with a few tricks, we can change-up our systems and put the joy back in having a clean house.

There, I admitted it. I hate cleaning. I love things to be clean, but it really takes effort to motivate me. Kind of like exercising. I love how it makes me feel. But the distance between my chair and the exercise is far.

However, I know I think better when things are clean. Thinking is always a good thing.

To inspire us both, I dug up some cleaning articles from the archives. Hopefully, they’ll help put a spring in your step  (and mine) as we go about caring for home sweet home.

Cleaning with Kids

General Cleaning Tips

The Kitchen

The Laundry

Cleaning? Love it or Hate it?

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  1. I hate cleaning too! But I hate a dirty house even worse, so somehow, some way I drag myself around and get it done. It’s a whole lot more fun when the kids are happy about helping, but sometimes they make it hard. Those are the days when I call a time out and take everybody outside. They take a good nap when we come inside, and I can run around and clean while they’re sleeping!

  2. Looks like you got a couple of sweet little helpers there!!
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  3. For sure, I hate cleaning, too. My kids are already learning how to help at almost 2 and almost 3! A friend told me the other day that when her friend’s kids get in trouble, she puts socks on their hands and they go to town on the baseboards. She hasn’t cleaned the baseboards in her house for years! The mental image just makes me laugh out loud!

  4. Dusting is the one cleaning chore that really bugs me the most–because the dust isn’t there because we actually used or dirtied the item, it just shows up anyway!

    My secret to making it a little more bearable–give each of my kiddos (almost 5 and almost 2) a feather duster, pop in the “Mamma Mia” soundtrack, and then the three of us jam our way through the week’s worth of dust accumulation. I suppose this could work with any peppy music, too. My kiddos just seem to get a kick of the ABBA music…:)

  5. Tip: If you hang your shirts on the line upside down, you won’t get peg marks on the shoulders – they will be on the waistband which you probably tuck in anyway 🙂

  6. Yep – I too hate cleaning!! But I hate a messy house more!! :). Am teaching my kids to help clean too but sometimes it is just easier to do myself. And now that I said my piece, off to clean the kitchen!! 🙂

  7. I don’t like cleaning, but it’s more the never ending process. I like to have a start and finish, and cleaning/laundry just aren’t that way. But as my kids are getting older, they are lots of help, plus we can spend time together while we’re doing jobs together.

  8. Yup, I hate cleaning too. I would love to have a clean home, but feel like having an almost 4 year old 20 month old, and 30 year old husband who works from home…it just isn’t my time 🙂 I am starting to get a handle on everything, but it seems like I am constantly picking up something!