I Married MacGyver

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See that? That is a TV missing its front panel. One of the FishBoys pried it off a few years ago.

Then a button got broken off. Then a few more. We had to stick a pencil or a pinky finger into the hole to change the volume or other settings.

One day recently I came home to see that the buttons had been replaced. And the replacement buttons looked strangely familiar. Can you guess what my amazing, MacGyver husband used?

How did MacGyver fix the TV?

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  1. Earrings???

  2. Pencil Eraser?

  3. Melissa says

    It looks like pencil erasers to me. Growing up I found erasers to be very helpful when I lost the back to an earring.

  4. Legos??

  5. Gina S. says

    Battleship pieces

  6. Brenda Smith says

    Battleship little pieces.

  7. They look a little like some buttons I have had with shanks.

  8. AllieZirkle says

    Aren’t those legos? I’m picturing the caps I like to “decorate” my Lego Christmas tree. Smart gal to marry such a great carpenter!

    🙂 Allie

  9. Seems like battleship pieces to me. From the game Battleship.

  10. I have to guess too. Hmm, I’m thinking Legos!

  11. battleship pieces. I love that game~

  12. I would have to guess BATTLESHIP pieces.
    Growing up that is how people would spell my maiden name McIver,funny though I never had watched it but I hear he is good…..

  13. I guessing those pieces of candy on a necklace.

  14. Michele says


  15. I just had to laugh at the title of your post. MacGyver is my hubby’s work nick name. We too have a TV that has been MacGyvered. The outside plastic cracked so my hubby stitched it up. I have no idea what the button on yours is but I guessing a pencil eraser or lego.

  16. I also say they’re Legos! I step on a few too many of them. 🙂

  17. I agree with Battleship pegs.

  18. Those are Battleship pegs!

  19. I would say Battleship pieces too….and on a funny note, we were at ChuckECheese the other day and there were two little boys named MacGyver and Maverick.

  20. Amy Warren says

    Battleship pegs baby!!!

  21. I am going with Legos.

  22. Legos

  23. I even changed my screen to 200% to blow up the picture and still couldn’t guess. But, I think Gina nailed it first – Battleship pieces.

  24. I’m going to guess the ends of pens.

  25. Tops from aerosol spray cans?

  26. pegs from the game “Sorry” is my guess

  27. Hey! I recognize those…They end up all over the house anytime my two oldest play Battleship! I think I’ve even vacuumed them up before…

  28. Tina Becker says

    The tips off spray cans, like spray paint.

  29. Well, my guess would have been pushpins, but since so many people are saying Battleship (and that’s one game we don’t have), then they are probably right. 🙂 I’m thankful to be married to my very own MacGyver – especially helpful when we were living in rough conditions overseas! 🙂

  30. Are those crayon tips?

    Whatever it is…your husband is a genious! I admire a man even more when he is able to “make it work” without buying a replacment for a still-functional item.

    He’s the man! (How’s that stroke for his ego? HA!)

  31. This one i recognized right away!
    How clever!
    Go MacGyver …Giggle

  32. battleship pegs. 🙂

  33. K’nex? Please tell us! We have the same TV — and same button problem! However, my husband wanted to buy a new TV when the batteries in the remote died… so NOT a McGyver kind of guy!

  34. Shannon L says

    My first thought was eraser. Then I remember how the eraser, over time, will crack into little pieces. I think it has to be something solid. I like the idea of the battleship pieces or even pen caps. To be honest, I’m lost.

    This is going to bug me. 😉

  35. LOL. Looks like battleship pegs. What a great idea!

  36. I guessed pencil erasers. And yes-that is my final answer LOL

  37. battleship pieces – I constantly find them around the house…

  38. I immediately thought pushpins.

  39. Jessica Fisher says

    Well, the answer is….. Battleship pieces! Good job, y’all!

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