I Want My Two Dollars

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Back in the 80s there was this John Cusack movie whose name I have long forgotten. It was kinda wierd. But, it had one of those classic lines that you would find yourself repeating, particularly around kids who’d seen the movie. John Cusack played a teenage boy in a strange family. The paper boy always came around ready to collect his $2. The parents were never around to pay up and Cusack wasn’t about to shell out cash to the paper boy. The paper boy, however, was tenacious, and is seen throughout the movie, calling, “I want my $2!” He even chases Cusack up a snowy mountainside to reclaim his due.

I felt a little like that paper boy last night when I came home from grocery shopping to find that I had been double charged for an item. The amount? You guessed it. Two dollars!

I want my two dollars! And I’m gonna get it tomorrow when I drive by that store on my morning out.

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  1. Just started reading (thanks to Biblical Womanhood). Wasn’t that Better Off Dead? I used to love that movie, and often tease my husband that I always thought John Cusack was kind of cute. Hope you get your $2 back!

  2. FishMama says:

    Yes, that’s the movie. It was no Academy Award winner, but I guess it stuck, didn’t it?

  3. Tiffany says:

    Same thing happened to me last week!!! If I happen to catch it while in the parking lot, I go back in. But last week I didn’t see it until we were home…and we live 30 minutes from the store. So I just had to suck up my $2.00 loss. But you’re’s SO aggravating! Especially after spending so much time couponing and doing sales to SAVE!!!! 🙂

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