I’m Gearing Up for Christmas Mode

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 Forgive me while I talk about Christmas for a little while….

I dealt with the turkey leftovers quite promptly on Thursday. One extra turkey breast was chopped and frozen to use in soup later. I made stock. I fed the fam a turkey dinner/lunch again on Friday. I cleared up the fall decorations. And that was it.

I’m moving on.

It’s not that I’m not thankful. In fact, I am very thankful! But, I’m ready to gear up for Christmas mode.

NOT “the mad rush of stuff to do” Christmas mode. But “the twinkling lights, soft music, fun things to do with my kids kind of Christmas” mode. There’s a month until Christmas and I really want to enjoy that month.

Christmas is that yearly reminder for me that time is passing. My baby is now four. It’s been four years since we moved back to California. I am 40!

I want to enjoy the daze.

Here’s my list of things to enjoy this month:

  1. Countdown the days with my kids.
  2. Bake up a storm. I’ve got a freezer baking plan that will knock your socks off. Available for download at the next Freezer Cooking Days.
  3. Visit the in-laws and take a trip up to some of our favorite places.
  4. Make this gingerbread house with my kids.
  5. Ending the hockey season. Whoohoo! I’m ready for a break.
  6. Decorate the tree — and debate about its location again. I’m going to make a case for a table top tree in the family room.
  7. Bake and decorate Jesus cookies.
  8. Bust out the holiday mugs.
  9. Listen to our Christmas playlist over and over and over again.
  10. Put together our yearly slide show. (I ordered the girls each a scrapbook of 2012 photos from Shutterfly since I still haven’t done their baby books yet.)
  11. Take more pictures and video.
  12. Write letters to the kids again.
  13. Try to follow my kids’ lead when it comes to fun activities for the family. I learned this the hard way in Christmases past.
  14. Dig out the Christmas story books.
  15. Make our Buche de Noel cake. Why did it take so long to figure out the Stump of Jesse symbolism in this?
  16. Wrap presents as I buy them instead of spending so much time on Christmas Eve doing it.
  17. Remember the Only One who completes His to-do list.

These are things that I truly enjoy doing. While it’s a long list, it’s not burdensome to me. Apologies in advance as you may be peppered with Christmas chatter here and there this month as well as some very fun giveaways.

How are you gearing up for the season?

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  1. I have finished my christmas shopping just some homemade things to finish up. It is just my daughter and I this year for Christmas so we are baking a few different things but not like other years. Our tree is up and the decorations except for some outside things like wrapping our pole on the porch with velvet ribbon. We are really trying to cut back on our expenses so looking at other ways to increase our income is top on our list for the new year.

  2. My Thanksgiving/fall decor was down by Friday morning, Friday afternoon we went tree hunting and came home with a gorgeous 8-footer which is now completely covered in twinkle lights and memory-jogging ornaments. Peter asked me over the week-end why I liked Christmas so much (I’ve converted him to join the Christmas fun after 12 years of marriage), and I told him I thought it was because my mom always made it so much fun. That, and the fact that I also celebrate my birthday in December – it’s a good month. 😉 You’re making memories that your kids will treasure forever. They may not remember the toy that they got for their 4th birthday, but they will remember the Christmas movies, the special cups, and the time spent together as a family. Well done! 🙂

  3. Like you Jessica, we had leftovers for lunch and by dinner, Thanksgiving was packed up and we were sipping hot cocoa while decorating the tree and house. Christmas music has been playing consistently for over a week now (had it going while prepping for Turkey Day and even snagged a few dances with the kiddos!). Shopping for our short gift list is done during the Black Friday blitz. If it’s not done, it’s one or two specific items left. This puts all the “have to buy this and that” away for the season and just leaves fun and enjoyment. We’re vacationing in SD for the next week AND the 3 year old is extremely curious about wrapped gifts, so we’re holding off on wrapping until a few days before.

  4. I’m super excited about the Christmas season! We too took down all the fall decoration on Friday but quickly put up all the Christmas decorations and we have just the ornaments to finish putting on the tree. A couple items we have on our bucket list is read through the Advent Jesse Tree devotional, unwrap one Christmas story book each day of December and read it, make ginger bread houses with friends and drive around looking at Christmas light.
    Yes, I am very excited about this season!

  5. I like how you said, “Here’s my list of things to enjoy this month.” I feel like my idea of what to enjoy around the holidays has a way of turning into more into a dreaded too do list fast. I’ll try to keep up your mind set even when it gets closer and closer to Christmas.

    Also, as much as I’ve complained the last couple of weeks that Thanksgiving came too early (seriously, where did November go?!) I’ve got more time now to enjoy the season. It’s my favorite time of year. 🙂

    1. I’m trying to be purposeful about the to-do list, making it be things that matter. 🙂