Ingredients for a Fun Family Night: A Panda Feast

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Chinese food eaten al fresco – what a joy! It’s a rare treat for us since chinese take-out can be so pricey. But, we’ve got a routine. Here’s how it goes:

I set the rice cooker going before I head out to the Happy Panda (or whatever it’s called). Hubs holds down the fort, and the boys set the table. How fun a few weeks ago to see that they had set up a table outside!

I bring home “a Panda Feast” which includes three main dishes and two sides for $30. (Yes, it’s a splurge.) But, since I have cooked my own rice, we bypass the rice and order two sides of chow mein instead. In essence, we have five cute little boxes stuffed with yummy goodness for thirty bucks. We end up gorging ourselves for dinner and usually have enough leftover for lunch the next day. And these are definitely two meals that we enjoy immensely.

And funky chopstick tricks make the memories all the richer! What a fine thing it is!

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  1. My family loves chinese buffets but it is so expensive almost $80 for our family of 6 (3 Adults & 3 Teenagers) so we haven't been going much. We did go for Father's Day since it was my husband choice.

    We have been making our own chinese dishes at home to satisfy our cravings. We will have to try your idea since we have a rice cooker.

    That is a beautiful view.

  2. My 3 yr old is a pro with those chopstick thingys…. he picked it up for the 1st time and ate his entire meal with them never once asking for a fork…. we dont even know how he figured out how to use them! (BTW- save them for your lil ones… great fine motor strengtheners- kinder teacher coming out!:)

  3. That looks like lots of fun! I just found your blog, and it's great! Come check out some fun giveaways I have going on my blog right now!