Ingredients for a Fun Friday Night

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Chips and Salsa, anyone? It’s one of our very favorite snacks. FishChick calls it, “Spicy.” As in, “I want some spicy, please.” That’s its name. Love that!

Need a recipe? Hop over to Good (& Cheap) Eats for a peak at how we make it ’round these here parts. What a fun way to enter the weekend! Chips, salsa, and your favorite cool beverage. Who needs dinner?

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  1. I made some of this earlier today. Only, I had forgotten to buy any peppers so ours is far from spicy (until the hubby brings some home after work). Yay for fresh salsa!

  2. One of the girls and my favourite "meals" too. Hmm your salsa is a bit different to mine will have to give it a try