It’s Coming! Christmas (in July)

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Christmas is Coming!

True, it comes every year on December 25th. But this year, it’s coming a little early. Well, sort of.

From July 25 through 31st, 2010, we’ll be thinking about and planning for Christmas here at LifeasMOM.

Why? Let me count the reasons.

1. Summertime is a little more laid back. Schedules are a little looser. Now is a great time to think about last Christmas, what you want to improve on, what you want to do this year, how you want to plan ahead so that you can enjoy the season more.

2. Some holiday projects take some time to put together. If you start thinking about handiwork now, you won’t feel so pressed come November — or December 24th. Let’s do some brainstorming and create some wonderful memories — ahead of time.

3. Death, taxes, and that January credit card bill are inevitable. Wait, no, not all. By planning ahead, you can start adjusting your budget today and avoid over-spending (and debt) later on. Stay in the black this season.

4. End-of-summer sales are great, as are back-to-school specials. Savvy shopping in July and August can pay off in money and time savings later.

5. Planning promotes peace! Having a holiday plan before you enter the busyness of Fall enables you to enjoy the holiday season more, without feeling stressed out or over-spent.

Join us for a week of giveaways and creative Christmas planning! The fun starts on July 25th.

— The Christmas in July series is brought to you, in part, by Dave Ramsey, Steribottle, and The Modest Mom.

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  1. Haha, I am planning to make jam for the first time tomorrow and was just saying to my husband that if it turns out we could give some away as Christmas gifts. Maybe I could do a little basket of dry scone mixes and jams.

    1. @Heather @ Heather’s Fort, I did apple butter last year for Christmas, and it went very well! I packaged it all up with some pancake mix in dollar store baskets. [Canning in October meant I had much less to worry about in December when I was 8-1/2 mo pregnant…]
      I am planning even better this year and getting my canning supplies in-season [meaning NOW] so I can use coupons and trim down my expenses even more. =)

      1. @Kelly,
        That is great! I noticed that the canning supplies are all on sale this week at my favourite grocery store and couldn’t resist. $7.99 for 12 decorated 250ml Mason Jars, regular price $11.99! And there were coupons for the pectin right there in the aisle. It was meant to be 😉

  2. I”ve been doing some Christmas in July at my home and planned on posting what I’ve made next week so this will be perfect!
    I always say it but this is the first time I’m actually getting started early. Yay for being organized! LOL!
    Have a great day!

  3. I am looking forward to this. I would love to be more organized and spend less this year. Usually I am running out to buy gift cards on Christmas Eve. :(( Don’t want to do that this year.

  4. I’d love to be more organized. Last year I tried and then Father in law was hospitalized with brain tumour in Mid November and it completely threw me for a loop. It made the hectic season go wonkers and I didn’t end up getting alot of things that I normally do done.

  5. Looking forward to this. From November 15 through the end of the year we have 3 birthdays (Nov. 15, Dec 16 and Dec 29) on top of holidays. This year I will be having a c-section probably around Dec. 10th. Talk about added stress this year.

    Hubby and I have already started talking about some ideas for Christmas. For one thing—we plan on doing ALL our shopping for Christmas and birthdays in September/October. This will help motivate me and keep me going : )

  6. back to school specials are great for christmas shopping. i still always tell my mom i want pens and markers in my stocking

  7. Ooo I’m excited to read this series! This year will be my first Christmas in my own place with my new baby girl! Though my Hubby is oversea I still want to make this The Best First Christmas Ever! Hopefully your planning strategies can keep me out of a mess and out of debt lol.

  8. I love this! I’m always on the lookout all year for great deals to stash away for Christmas and love trying to get all done before the holidays actually start. I don’t always make it but the more I get done the less stressful my holiday ends up being that’s for sure!

  9. I love this already! I always start my Christmas shopping the day after Christmas and everybody I know thinks I’m crazy! I think that THEY are the crazy ones though, trying to fight the crowds in December or the week of Christmas and then paying (full price!) for everything all at once. I’m already almost done with my Christmas shopping for this year. And since I make some of our presents, I have to plan ahead or there just wouldn’t be time to get it all done! So excited about this!

  10. Your site is really cute! I love it!

    I’m so excited for your first Christmas in your new place with your baby girl! And it’s great that you’re planning ahead – thanks for the tips. My first Christmas with my son was really special. I made him a christmas blanket and also had a personalized 1st christmas ornament made (kind of like these! I think they’re great for keepsakes – besides, the first only comes once and who wouldn’t want to remember such a special time!

    Hope your Christmas ROCKS!

  11. Word has it that the Christmas colored yarns will be hitting the Big Box craft stores at the end of the month.

    While this is great news — I began Christmas knitting a week ago!

    Anyhoo — looking forward to seeing what’s coming. Can’t have too many Teacher’s Gifts ready too soon.