It’s Raining; It’s Pouring; My Life is Never Boring

Ok, it’s not really raining. In fact, it’s 100+ degrees on this lovely Kansas City day. With the heat index, it’s 105, to be exact. I know, y’all in Phoenix and other desert areas are laughing at me, but you’ve got a dry heat. Try 54% humidity.

But that’s not all…..

Yesterday my morning out was a tad compromised by my van overheating. We thought it was simply due to being low on water and oil. (Ladies, check your fluids!) I added water my very own self and then came home for FishPapa to add oil.

But, then….

I woke at 3 am this morning in a dripping sweat. Hormones, surey. But, nonetheless, I went to crank the AC, only to find out that it was 83 and only warm air was coming from the vents. Hmmm…..

This afternoon a HVAC friend of FishPapa’s came over to repair whatever was wrong. We called it “pulling our ox out of the ditch,” so thankful that he was willing to stop by on a Sunday. However, the house temp got as high as 91 degrees before I loaded up the kids for Walgreens and the library.

But, then….

On our way home the van started to heat up again, lights blinking, bells ringing. So, we made a quick stop at the closest parking lot where I found that my skills of adding water were unnecessary. The fluids were fine, so my expertise was exhausted.

My knight-in-shining-armor came as soon as he could, while we waited in the pseudo shade of a tree. It was rather comical to watch FishBoy4 attempt his first “peeing on a tree” with his brothers shielding his heiny.

Long story short….I am now home, my house is cooled to 87 degrees, FishPapa is on his way home with the van and all the necessary components to flush out the radiator and other whatchamacallits.

It makes a good story.

And I thank the Good Lord for Air Conditioning.

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  1. The Joys of having Boys says:

    I feel for ya. It was 106 today in Texas. 106!!!! I am glad that the Lord lined up the people necessary to get you through.

  2. So sorry to hear of all the yuckiness pouring down on you guys. I also thank The Lord for AC. Ours went out last summer and we came home to a house quickly approaching 100 degrees. NOT FUN. I pray all your troubles get repaired soon..and you can stay cool!

  3. Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead says:

    Oh yes, it might be 115 here in Phoenix, but without humidity, at least you can stand in the shade or jump in the pool to cool off. I lived in KC until I was 21, so I remember humidity!!! It was breezy today and I even got chilled in the pool. The pool that was 90 degrees…Phoenix is so funny…

    My jaw dropped when I saw that your house got to 91 degrees. Oh. My. Thank goodness you have a friend in HVAC!

  4. AHighandNobleCalling says:

    Oh my, sorry but I laughed through this whole post! I do hope your van and ac are all functioning fine though!

  5. FishMama says:

    I’m glad you laughed; that was my intent! Otherwise, I would have sounded like I was whining. I’m just so thankful to have survived! We’re now down to our very frugal 80 degrees.

  6. More than Survival says:

    Oh….HOT!!!! Praise the LORD for a husband that can fix things!!!! Praise the LORD for friends that will come on a SUNDAY to help out!!! GOD is good!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad you are all right!

  7. Lauren@ThingishThings says:

    Why does it all happen on one day like that? 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re cooling off now!

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