January’s Good Cheap Eats

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For those of you who read my food blog, Good Cheap Eats, you’re well aware that we’ve been undergoing a Pantry Challenge this past month. Having a well-stocked pantry and being able to “eat out of it” is a great way to save money and resources.

This past month, I dedicated my energies toward stock rotation, clearing everything out so that we knew what we had and making sure we used up things before they went bad.

The posts on Good Cheap Eats reflected those efforts this month. In case you missed them:

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  1. The picture of the snickerdoodle bars looks fabulous! But I can’t find the recipe. Where is the recipe??

  2. I saw your picture of the bars with milk at the top of your good cheap eats post and now here as well. What are those bars??? I really want the recipe!!!

  3. I look at your blog as a bastion of good sense about health issues. Today’s Cleveland plain dealer had a huge article about the problems of BPA in canned goods; what is unsettling is that mainstream experts like the head of adolescent medicine at the Clveland Clinic are concerned about and researching the effect of BPA in kids. The FDA is going to make a decision on March 31 as to whether BPA should be banned in containers for foods – and most metal canned goods contain BPA!
    Do you think this should impact the way we fill our pantries?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      “A bastion of good sense?” I like that. Well, I haven’t read extensively on the topic, but I do know the basics and have tried to let that inform my plastics purchases. I am considering doing a lot of my own canning and preserving in the next year now that I have sourced affordable organics. But, I am not really sure if I have a better answer.

      I know that if we were still in debt, I wouldn’t have much choice but to buy whatever cheapest thing was available.

  4. Libby Nelson says

    What’s in the picture at the top? Yum!

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