Just Keepin’ It Real

My mom told me once that a toddler who does this is exploring in curiosity and would only do it once.

She was wrong.

Keep kleenex and wipes boxes out of a toddler’s reach. 😉

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  1. my kids all did this. i did keep them up. it was like potato chips, they couldn’t just have one!:)

  2. Zimms Zoo says:

    My older kids did that too. But the toddler, now, likes to unroll the toilet paper roll while he is going to the bathroom.

  3. Courtney says:

    My 18-month old is going through the tissue stage!

  4. My daughter naps in a pack-n-play right next to the changing table. We are supposed to move the wipes and a little bottle of water (for using with cloth wipes) safely out of reach, but it doesn’t always happen. The result is a giant explosion of wipes and a slightly damp but very happy 21 month old! My clue that this has happened is the click, click of the wipe container being opened and closed over and over.

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