Just Wondering….

I so enjoy your comments, questions, and emails. They are a fantastic reminder to me that I am not talking to myself. If that were the case, I might as well go get that laundry done!

I gain so much from those who read and offer feedback, and I’m really enjoying the friendships I’m building along the way.

Knowing that people may be hesitant to leave a comment or write a full email due to time or anonymity issues, I thought I’d just throw this lil’ questionnaire your way. It will help me plan and prepare content to help YOU in your Life as MOM.

Thanks for helping me in …

*photo Microsoft Office

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  1. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    Is there a survey? I’m not seeing anything for some reason.

  2. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    RE the last question: I don’t subscribe in a reader, but I follow you on blogger.

  3. Miss you guys…love your posts!

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