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Keep Good Going - learning from one another and enjoying our differences as well as our similarities.

Families are complex. You can start from the same gene pool, grow up in the same household, and end up in different spots later in life. My two sisters and I started life together in a small little house on Alaminos Drive. Our mom dressed us alike for far longer than I would have liked. We ate the same foods and played the same games. Two of us almost always shared a room.

Today we live in three different cities with very different lives. Jamie won’t eat anything with mayonnaise or sour cream, owns a menagerie of pets, and has a great sense of style. Janel has an exact way of measuring her coffee each morning, volunteers at her kids’ school faithfully each week, and has an impeccable attention to detail. I fly by the seat of my pants while I homeschool a small army of children.

We don’t dress alike anymore, and we may differ on our color of nail polish, flavor of ice cream, or the way we style our hair. Yet, the things that are most important are the ways that we are alike:

  • We love family and each other.
  • We love good food.
  • We love to be surrounded by beautiful things.
  • We love to laugh together.

My sisters, though younger than I, inspire me to be a better me. They show me that it’s okay (yea, even better) not to do exactly what big sister does, but to forge new paths and find what suits one best. I love that about them.

New York Life Insurance has put together a series of videos that focus on family and the beautiful experiences and characteristics of each one. I love the one of the mom, daughter, and grandmother who wore the same wedding dress and got married on the same day of the year. Sweet.

This one called, “My Father’s Footsteps” is a great illustration of that concept.

Like the men in the film, my sisters and I have our share of differences, but I’m most proud of our similarities. That’s how we keep good going.

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What life lessons have your family taught you?

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  1. the photo was too cute. My sister and I are 5 years apart and I am the younger one. I have learned that it is ok if people compare you or not. It’s ok to totally be so different that people don’t believe you’re sisters at all. we are like night and day. Teachers couldn’t believe we were family growing up. One is that I am fire engine red hair and she’s a brunette. the other was are personalities. I have been following God for a while and she just started. But no matter where we are in our walk with God or this planet we’re family and we have each other to talk too.

  2. Very cute and beautiful sisters <3

    I have one sister who's 1 1/2 yr younger than me and our mom dressed us alike for so long too .we are blessed to be living a few meters away 🙂

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