Keeping the Kids Table Happy

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I well remember those days of being relegated to the kids table at holiday events. I did not go quietly. (Sorry, Mom.) I was simply too hurried to grow up. And I balked at being considered small.

It wasn’t until I was no longer “a kid” that I appreciated those moments of being with the younger set. Sigh…. we’re never satisfied, are we?

There are a number of ways that you can help your children enjoy the kids’ table and the inevitably long wait until dinner is served.

Provide a craft

Provide a Project

Over the years we’ve done a couple bigger projects that involved adult help and supervision. One year we transformed a refrigerator box into a sailing ship. Our kids were into pirates at the time, but you could easily make your own Mayflower and provide hours of pretend play.

Another year we had a gingerbread house building contest. We provided boxes of graham crackers, frosting, and candy and divided into teams. The older boys men really got into the competition.

Provide a Game

If time allows, bust out the board games or decks of cards. Invite grandparents to join the kids for a few rounds of play. You could even try out Turkey Bingo from Make and Takes.

Provide a Snack

Food will keep children of all ages quiet for an extensive amount of time. Make sure the appetizers are age-appropriate (no choking hazards for babies) and allergy-safe. Consider a cheese and cracker plate, a simple vegetable tray, healthier spinach dip, or hummus and dippers.

Other ideas for keeping kids entertained during holiday events?

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  1. Also – one thing we always had a tradition of doing was putting the black olives from the relish tray on our fingers – endless fun! I miss that tradition now that I’m an expectant Mom.

  2. We have seven grandkids under five so for the past two years my mother has rented a huge bounce house/slide. Here in the sunny South we move the fancy table outside so we can take our time over dinner, and they have a blast all day. We even took pillows and blankets in there last year for the adults’ after lunch nap while the kids played around us. Super fun.

  3. I will be serving cheese pizza on the children’s table this year. It will not be homemade and it will be delivered the night before. I read this on someone’s blog–it wasn’t even my own idea. And for this borrowed idea I am very thankful.

  4. Lots of nice ideas, but I just wanted to mention that the baby carrots in the photo are considered a major choking hazard. They are slippery and perfectly shaped to lodge into a little one’s airway. Thinly sliced carrot sticks are a better option.