Keeping Things Steady

Grant's Farm, St. Louis, MO

Life is full of ups and downs. Like a roller coaster, there will always be a turn we don’t expect, a sudden drop, an exhilarating high. For kids, it’s helpful when Mom and Dad work to make things move on an even keel. Consistency is a key to making that happen.

Despite my best intentions, I don’t do this as well as I would like. I’m constantly looking for ways to simplify our life and to make systems that help our home run more smoothly.

Jamie at Steady Mom has been running a series, interviewing different moms and collecting ideas for how we can all maintain a sense of equilibrium — for ourselves as well as for our children.

Today’s my day to be interviewed. Pop over and see what we do, quite imperfectly, to keep things steady at our house.

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  1. I can’t wait to go read it! Thanks for letting us know!

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