Keeping Valuables Safe in an Emergency

I’ve never been one to own things that I was worried about being stolen, unless, of course, it was one of my children.

Most of our physical belongings have more sentimental value than they do anything else. But, quite honestly, I’ve been remiss in protecting those things.

For years I was clueless that bugs could damage the Christmas stockings that my mom has handknit for my family. I stored them rather casually in the attic — until she found out. Now, they’re stored safely in a cedar chest, protected from moths and bugs.

I don’t backup our family photos as often as I should. Yet, I would be heartbroken if we lost the last ten years of pictures. Likewise, I’m not all that diligent about backing up computer files or other important documents.

While we don’t live in tornado or hurricane country, we are susceptible to fire, flood, and earthquake. And the idea of losing those things that have sentimental value is daunting. We’ve all known someone that it’s happened to, yet tend to think it won’t happen to us.

Keeping Valuables Safe in an Emergency

Today’s giveaway speaks to this desire to keep valuables safe in an emergency. Sentry Safes recently sent us a Big Bolt Safe to review. I’ve never considered owning a safe, but once I thought about it, it was an interesting prospect, even if you don’t own property that someone would want to steal.

Here are some of the characteristics of the Big Bolt safe that stand out to me:

  • Advanced fire protection – UL Classified for Fire Endurance (1 hour at 1700˚F/927˚C), to protect documents, records, and valuables stored inside from fire damage
  • ETL Verified water resistance up to 8 inches for 24 hours
  • L Verified for 1 hour fire protection of CDs, DVDs, Memory Sticks and USB Drives up to 1700˚F/927˚C to protect precious media in the event of a fire
  • Plus, it’s pretty hard to break into, so if you do own diamonds and gold, they’re protected.

While I know that fire and flood are not huge risks, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. And storing back ups of important documents, records, and digital storage devices is one great way to make life on the other side of an emergency go a little more smoothly.

(I inquired about the length of a house fire. Typically, they are extinguished within an hour, though this can vary, depending on the situation.)

I also learned that safes are amazingly heavy. Oh my word! I can’t believe the delivery man was able to carry it in. I can hardly budge it!

This weekend three LifeasMOM readers will each win a Sentry Safe product. Each winner will receive one of the following: a 1.2 cubic foot Big Bolt Safe, a Fire File or a Fire Chest.


To Enter

Tell us what you want to keep safe in an emergency. What would you store in a safe?


This giveaway will be open until Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 8 pm PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners! Big Bolt goes to tennisluv85@; Fire File goes to klarobinson215@; Fire Chest goes to thurmans88@

Disclosure: I received a safe for review as well as compensation for time spent.

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  1. I would put many things in a safe, but most importantly would be our important documents and a backup of our family photos!

  2. Definitely important family documents, photos & family mementos. I’d love to win this!

  3. I’d keep a back up of our computer, deed to our house, and passports, etc.

  4. We have a small lock box now that holds all of our immigration paper work, the negatives of our wedding pictures, and assorted papers we would need for any border crossings for our family. It is seriously bursting.

    I would put all that in the safe plus our back up hard drive, and some family jewellery that was handed down to me that I never wear, but am sentimental about.

    Also, emergency cash and spare keys.

  5. Cynthia Price says:

    I would keep social security cards, all of those savings bonds the kids get when they are born, birth certificates, car titles in a safe. We have been having so many wild fires here near our house in Texas that a Fire File would be awesome!

  6. I would keep documents, savings bonds, and passport.

  7. All the important documents (passports, licenses, social security cards, etc). And probably back-ups for the computer with picture files and videos. I’d be heartbroken if I lost all my pictures and videos of my kids and family!!

  8. The most important things I have would go into a safe. Our daughter passed away 6 years ago and I would put her keepsake box, first outfit, the videos we have of her, pictures, etc. I would also put important documents like birth certificates, marriage license, insurance policies, etc.

  9. I would store insurance policies, deeds, ss cards, thumb drives with pics and important info and a few cherished family letters (from my grandparents who have all passed on).

  10. Life Insurance policy, my childs pictures on dvd and banking info. Awesome giveaway!

  11. My birthday was yesterday, and the only thing I asked for was a 1TB external hard drive. I keep journals for my kids in Word, and their journals, pictures and home videos are by FAR the most valuable things in this house, so my HD would definitely be in there!! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  12. I would put our important documents, cd’s/memory sticks of pictures, family heirloom jewelry, and whatever else I could think of in the safe.

  13. Definitely important paperwork, a computer backup, photo backups and videos. I would love to win this!

  14. I need to back up all our pictures, and we keep all our important documents in a regular file drawer. I would love to have all of that in a safer place!

  15. I would store all of our backup harddrives in a safe.

  16. I would love this! My husband and I are moving into our first house soon! I would love to keep my pictures safe!

  17. I would definitely put precious photos in there along with birth certificates, licenses, insurance policies, etc. Thanks for getting me to start thinking about this. I have definitely got to improve on safe-keeping our family valuables! Great Giveaway!
    Terri G

  18. I would keep important documents, licenses and records in the safe. As well as emergency cash and picture back up’s. I’ve already been through loosing about 4 years of digital pictures, and it is a horrible experience, especially since those years included a last happy trip to visit grandparents who suddenly got sick and passed on soon after. I would also keep in the safe, a copy of all important account passwords and credit card phone numbers. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for these great items! 🙂

  19. Pictures, birth certificates, kids SS cards, marriage license…

  20. If I had a fireproof safe, I would put in all of our digital picture discs (it would have to be roomy!), the kids’ baby books, our marriage license, social security cards, birth certificates, my teaching license, and our will. As long as my family is safe, and those documents are protected, everything else in the house is replaceable! 🙂

  21. I would place important documents (deeds, birth certificates, marriage certificates, social security cards, passports, etc.), important back up computer files, heirloom jewelry.

  22. I would keep a digital backup of all of my pictures and important files, the cassettes of our family videos, and my photo negatives in a fireproof location. If there was room, birth certificates, SS cards, and passports also. Those could be replaced if necessary…

  23. I’d keep family/legal documents and our portable hard drive in it.

  24. Ooh- I have wanted one of these for a long time!! I would definitely keep all of my digital photos in there and even scans of my scrapbook pages along with my computer backup!

  25. I would keep our wills in a safe, other documents and valuable items that are not in a safe deposit box for whatever reason.

  26. Definitely our important papers! Some papers can be replaced but who wants to go through the hassle???

  27. I want to keep paperwork (birth certificates, etc) plus the CD’s with all my photos safe

  28. Computer backup, photos, important documents (passports, deeds, etc.) – probably the same kind of things everyone else here has listed!

  29. Photos, SS cards and the like, marriage license, adoption documents, and much more!

    Thank you for entering us. 🙂

  30. Charity Shapiro says:

    We keep talking about getting a safe. I would put our birth certificates and other documents along with our backup drive for our computer.

  31. Don’t have any jewelry but definitely the important documents: birth certificates, SS cards, marriage license, etc. My trusty list of passwords and account numbers. And the CDs with digital copies of wedding and honeymoon photos!

  32. I would love this safe! Right now we have a binder with our important documents … social security cards, birth certificates, passports and various certificates. They would be much safer in something to protect them from fire and water damage!

  33. All the pictures for sure!!! And birth certificates, bank acct info, etc. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to my pictures!!!

  34. My wedding pictures! We have something online to store our other pictures on, but I got married before digital photography was the way to go. And like you, I have very little that is worth much monetarily; we just have a lot of sentimental things.

    • You should scan your wedding photos, that way you could have the same back-up as your digital photos.

  35. Julie Tietz says:

    I would keep birth certificates, ss cards, passports, and all of our photo CDs. We have wanted a fire safe for so long .. hope to win this! 🙂

  36. I would store important paperwork- birth certificates, social security cards and my husbands military discharge papers, as well as a backup of all of our photos.

  37. I would keep important papers in it.

  38. Definitely important documents for family, accounts, passwords and back ups of computer files and pictures. Can you believe technology allows us to keep so much in such a small place?!It would be such a comfort, knowing these items were secure and protected.

  39. Wildflower Wynd says:

    My precious photos! Multiple generations of family photos going back almost a century should be protected!

  40. When I was in high school writing a huge paper (like 30 pages), our teacher told us he kept a copy of his dissertation in his freezer in a metal lockbox (when he was a grad student). He called it the “poor man’s fire safe”. Now I would keep our external hard drive (with pictures and all my writing) as well as important documents like titles and insurance stuff. Now you’ve reminded me that I need to figure out what kind of natural disasters happen here (I am used to hurricanes, none of that in the desert).

  41. Have been looking at these for a loooooong time! I also have very few monetary valuables but lots of “close to my heart” valuables. I would keep backups of important documents and our pics as well as inventory of our house contents.

  42. In the safe, I’d put backups of our pictures, as well as identification documents. Everything else is pretty replaceable.

    What a great giveaway!

  43. Heather Siani says:

    I would keep our insurance papers, SS Cards and Passports in a safe if we had one.

  44. I would want to keep pictures safe.

  45. I would love this! I would keep our thumb drives, back up of photos plus all of the documents that are bursting out of our file cabinet.

  46. I would store photo disks, cards and other homemade gifts that my children have made for me, and importand documents such as insurance policies and car titles.

  47. Kim Stachowiak says:

    That big safe is awesome! We have two fire boxes for files and they are both already full. Our most important items are our cd’s with photo’s burned to them and copies of the dvd’s we’ve recorded of our kids while growing up. My husband has a third box with sentimental items that belonged to his brother, who died in a car accident a few years ago.

  48. I’d keep important papers and our digital copies of all of our photos

  49. I’d put important documents, credit card info, etc.

  50. I would put birth and marriage documents in the safe – but also some particularly treasured items, like the tiara I wore on my wedding day, the babies’ bracelets they wore on the hospital, etc. How big do they make these safes again? lol

  51. I have important documents in a fire safe right now, but it’s not big enough to put jewelry in when we travel. I’d love to be able to do that!

  52. I’d put our important papers and a back-up file of our computer stuff (family photos, important documents, etc.). No gold or diamonds here (besides the little bit I wear on my left ring finger–ha!). 🙂

  53. Deeds, titles, social security cards and birth certificates, collectors handgun, cd backups and negative of photos we’ve taken, etc. There’s quite a bit of important stuff id put into a safe if we had one!

  54. all our important documents, for sure. i purchased a subscription to carbonite (an online backup program) so i don’t have to worry about using a backup hard drive. thanks!

  55. I would put important documents, and a few pieces of jewelry.

  56. I currently rent a safe deposit box and store important documents like originals of birth certificates and deeds. This would save me the $30 per year (and rising) cost to rent a box! I’d LOVE to win!

  57. We have a small safe instead of a safe deposit box at a bank. It has important documents like birth certificates and our marriage license. Another one would be useful because it is pretty full. Thanks for the chance to win a great product!

  58. Probably important documents and the CDs I have our photos stored on.

  59. Birth certificates, car titles, and other important papers.

  60. I have a small safe from way back when I was in college. We have so out grown it. Not only am I now married but have 3 kids as well. Its busting at the seams. We can barley keep it closed. Full of important documents and computer back-ups and back-uped pictures. We really need a bigger one to put all the precious memories of our kids in. We just cant afford a big one.

  61. I’d just store important docs…..passports, birth certificates, social security cards, etc….

  62. Jim Trietsch says:

    Jewelry, credit cards, passports, sentimental items, computer while on vacation.

  63. Birth & wedding certificates, passports, some cash for an emergency, pictures on DVD.

  64. I’d keep my backup cds of all of our pictures. Our social security cards. Wedding certificate, insurance policies, and soo much more

  65. I would put valuable papers in there along with CD’s of family pictures.

  66. Marriage certificate, college degrees (nope, they’re not hanging on our walls), and possibly a couple of sentemental pieces of jewelry that I own (but only if we went on vacation – the rest of the time I like to actually wear them!). 🙂

  67. We would keep personal documents, extra cash money, and backup of pictures.

  68. Important papers, photos, and family recipes handed down from my grandma.

  69. Photos, car title, passport

  70. We are in a tornado zone…the state of Kansas. : ) If we won this safe I would make sure this stayed in the basement and would store my Great Great Aunt’s ruby and pearl ring, our marriage license, birth certificates, passports, car titles, copy of living wills, CD of our wedding photos, etc.

  71. Hmmm…..birth certificates, marriage license, passports, and social security cards. (All annoying things to replace!)

    Thanks for the fantastic give-away.

  72. I would store a backup of our backup of all of our digital files and photos; military and civilian passports; my husband’s certified-and-signed-by-the-judge US Naturalization certificate; keys and paperwork for the home we own out of state and the box of hard copy, old school (35mm) photos we have.

  73. I’ve been thinking we need one of these for years and now that we have a business my husband would like one for the night cash. I would keep our certificates, licenses and digital picture back ups in it. I’m thinking the heaviness of it must be a good theft prevention as well. There will be mo walking off with it.

  74. I would put car titles, birth certificates, house papers, and cd’s of photos & important files.

  75. All the important papers, back ups of computer and all pics, and my wedding boquet

  76. I would store important documents on the safe. I would also store all of our backed-up digital files and pictures in it.

  77. Birth certificates, social security cards, titles, camera cards.

  78. sue chibana says:

    I will my s.s. card, deed of the house, marriage license and passport in the safe.

  79. Yay…I’ve been wanting a tough safe in the event of fire/flooding.
    I would store our backup hard-drive, important docs (birth certs, passports, etc.) and all that extra cash we have lying around…ha!

  80. I’d keep photos, birth certificates, ssn cards, financial account numbers, marriage license, and an external hard drive with computer docs/photos…I could really use this!

  81. I would so love to win this! I need a place to store the regular stuff (documents, passports, deeds, etc) but also, the few small items I have left that belonged to my 3 oldest boys’ father. He passed away just last year on October 18th. I saved our wedding bands, a necklace he had given me and a cross chain he wore. I plan to give it to the boys when they are older. We get quite a few hurricanes and some flooding in our area so having one would be such an awesome thing! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  82. Vicki Matacchiera says:

    family photo backup, important documents, genealogy backup, etc.

  83. I would store our birth certificates, social security cards, cash, some of my jewerly, checks, our marriage license and important family photos just to name a few!

  84. Laura Paulus says:

    I would use it for the things you mentioned (back up files, important paperwork, etc) as well as all of my journals and my girl’s journals.

  85. Definitely our external hard drive with thousands of photos on it!

  86. Since we had an earthquake AND a hurricane in the same week, this is a very timely matter for us!

    I really thought I knew what I’d take, and I have a list, but I’ll tell you, when you’re grabbing stuff with the realization that anything left behind you may never see again, it gets really difficult.

    As for the safe, I would keep the many VHS tapes that we’ve never gotten transferred over in it. We have another safe, but it’s smaller and just holds our important paperwork.

  87. Birth certificates, social security cards, deeds, marriage cert.and my Grandfathers ring.

  88. I would definitely put our important documents and backup of out pictures.

  89. I would store our external hard drive, all our family important documents (car titles, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.). I would also store my old family photo albums with pictures of me from when I was a baby and young child. I’d love to have something to be able to ensure that all the important things are kept safe, especially in light of recently having 2 feet of water in my basement!

  90. we put our passports and ss cards in ours

  91. Our photos would be the first thing I’d want in the safe. What a great giveaway!

  92. I would keep discs of my family photos, as well as back ups for my parents and husbands parents. Also we would keep all of our confidential and important family documents.

  93. Adoption papers, birth and marriage certificates, passports, social security cards, stock papers, car titles-basically anything I know if would be a pain or impossible to replace! Thanks!

  94. I would put my family photos and birth certificates.

  95. I would keep important documents and back up copies of all our pictures.

  96. I would keep our legal documents, special picture and a few valued items in this safe – I do not have one and really need one – the under the mattress idea is not a good one!!

  97. Pictures and videos!! And important papers like passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.

  98. I would put all our important documents, backups of pictures and my grandmother’s ring. The waiting list for safety deposit boxes in my city is TWO YEARS!

  99. Neat giveaway! I would keep the same things as everyone else has already mentioned: birth certificates, photos, medical information, keepsakes.

  100. I would put family photos, important documents, our external hardrive and a few items of jewelry in a safe. After a house fire several years it was the photos and my engagement ring that I was most upset about loosing.

  101. CDs of saved pictures and important documents. Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. I would keep our important documents like birth certificates and ss cards, my wedding photos, etc.

  103. I would keep all our important documents in the safe.

  104. I finally rented a box at the bank for some of the really important, don’t-have-to-keep-handy stuff.

    But I’d love to have a safe big enough to store the external hard drive that holds backups of 10+ years of digital pictures, a 3-ring binder of letter size stuff & video tapes that haven’t made it to the bank vault.

    Thanks for the chance.

  105. I would keep insurance policies, bonds, photo id’s, family pictures, fingerprints of immediate family, social security cards, bank account & cr. card acct. numbers & companies & photocopies of these cards, inventory of household goods, important phone numbers, birth & marriage certificates, immunization records, and a stack of small bills and change.

  106. I would put important documents (birth certificates, insurance policies, social security cards ect), pictures, birthday cards from grandparents that can’t be replaced (they have sentimental value), jewlery.

  107. Important documents for sure as well as our external hard drive and a few disks that have private info on them.

  108. most of my data is now cloud based, but pictures, passports, social security cards, a few documents, important keepsakes

  109. Important documents (birth certificates, etc.) as well as digital back-ups of pictures are the things I think of first.

  110. Documents for sure, especially my husbands birth certificate. He was born on Guam and my mother in law warned me it would be difficult to get another. Also, his military discharge.

  111. Birth certificates and SSN cards. I hate dealing with govt offices!

  112. Sheila Bailey says:

    birth cerificates, wedding certificates, passports, money, CD’s with photos

  113. We keep important papers, passports, birth certificates, savings bonds, life insurance papers and negatives to all the photos in my scrapbooks.

  114. I would store all our important documents and photo cd’s

  115. Kelly Clark says:

    More than anything else, I would care about keeping my son safe in an emergency…but since he doesn’t belong in the safe, I would store our wills, passports & banking info.

  116. birth certificates, SS cards, computer back-up, my engagement ring- I stopped wearing it when the kids were babies because I was worried about it scratching them and now my finger is too big for it!

  117. I’d keep all important paperworks in there like tax records, birth & marriage certificate, school records, as well as spare cash and small mementos. We have one now but it’s small and nearly full with 10 years worth. I’ve been thinking of finding another one to keep more things in like cd backups of photos and whatever else comes up in the next ten years.

  118. Michelle Murphy says:

    I’d keep all of our records in the safe, and backups of my photos

  119. Our family’s birth certificates, my marriage license/certificate, our diplomas, and all of our priceless photos would be number one on my list of keeping safe!

  120. Important documents as well as back up of digital data.

  121. Wow, this post is perfect timing…we’ve been experiencing horrible wildfires in our area and this has caused us to think about “what would we do if we have to evacuate this week?!” I would want to keep safe (after our family!) basic documents (like bank info/medical info/ids), backups of pictures, and a few very special items to pass down to our family. Thanks for this review and post! creedamy [at] yahoo[dot] com

  122. I would put my son’s adoption records in the safe – that and our wedding negatives (yep – married before the time of digital!). And our passports too.

  123. I’d put the one thing I own that is completely irreplaceable – the scrapbook my mom made that covers the furst 18 years of my life. It’s all pre-digital.
    Then I’d add the things that would be a pain to replace – passports, birth certificate, social security card.

  124. Important and legal papers….birth certif., soc. sec. cards, wills, passports/ID’s. , pictures of home contents for insurance purposes.

  125. A back-up of computer files & photos, important documents.

  126. What a great giveaway..thanks! I would keep imp. paper work, pics, sticks and cd’s, and good jewelry111

  127. Faith Dossett says:

    I would store some cash, car titles, deed to house, marriage license, list of relatives/close friends with addresses/phone numbers. These are such nice items for a give-away; thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  128. Sylvia Fratangelo says:

    I would store our wedding album and our (VHS, lol!) wedding tape. As well as all the childrens albums growing up. Now that they are teenagers, if funny…but they love going through them and hearing what they were like at that age. Those are the most special documents. Everything else…I think I can make a phone call and get a copy right? 🙂

  129. I would keep important papers like birth certificates, wills, deeds and other legal documents in a safe.

  130. definitely important papers and family photos!

  131. I would include birth certificates, wills, a few photos and momentos that are very special but not displayed.

  132. Wow what a GREAT giveaway. We would use it for all the important papers and our external hard drive we keep for computer backups. Also some non-replaceable keepsakes.

  133. I’d put all our important documents as well as backup picture disks as the thought of losing all our family pictures is scary.

  134. I would put birth certificates, old photos, plus social sercuity cards in it. I would keep it in my bedroom closet.

  135. prob important family documents and maybe flash drives w/ photos on them!

  136. I would keep legal papers, and cash in the safe. Losing photos and things is heartbreaking. Since I lost all my data when my computer crashed a while back I went to an online backup service for peace of mind. But I’d probably keep hard copy backup in the safe too.

  137. Our passports and my husband’s immigration paperwork as well as our dying paperwork (wills, living wills, etc.)

  138. Important documents and photos…although my most precious “possessions” are my husband and six children!

  139. This is something that’s been on my mind recently. I would definitely have our external hard drive with our backed up pictures and all the “important” papers in a safe.

  140. Terri Layne says:

    Right now we have a small safe, so this one would be really nice! We keep our SS cards and info, passports, life insurance policies, but probably the most important items are our children’s adoption papers and information! It would just kill me to lose those!!!!

  141. Crystal Hankey says:

    pics of grandpa and grandma (no longer with us) and birth/ marriage certs plus a set of very old pearls my mother in law gave me on my wedding day.

  142. We would keep passports, SSNs, marriage and birth certificates and a back up drive from our computer.

  143. Due to the recent flooding that happened in my home town of Tunkhannock i have been thinking of this alot recently. I was very lucky to not have much damage but have realized that this would come in very handy if this was to happen again. Being close to a river is not fun and i would definately put this to alot of use with photos, important documents and jewelry. I have seen many friends and family members who unfortunately didnt have a safe and lost everything.

  144. I’d put my “emergency file” in it and it would inspire me to make a backup of my photos to put there too.

  145. Passports, First things belonging to my son, wedding album though i do have this digital as well…a couple jewel gifts(sentimental ones)

  146. family photo’s, deed, insurance, copies of id’s.

  147. Passports, some money, a teeny bit of jewelry, savings bonds.

  148. Id definitely put my important documents in one as well as a thumb drive of our pictures.

  149. I would store birth certificates, social security cards, and photos/thumb drives with photos on them.

  150. Important papers, passports, and some emergency money.

  151. Document, computer back-ups, heirlooms..I would love to have one that has a combination lock. Currently have one that is key-locked and I always forget which “safe” place I have put it in.

  152. In order, my children, my pictures, and important documents. In the safe, pictures and important documents.

  153. I’d store important documents and of course 13 years worth of priceless photos of our children!

  154. Photos!!! Also important family documents-birth certificates, house papers, copies of drivers licenses, etc.

  155. I would put documents, safe-deposit box keys, family items and probably a list of information needed in an emergency like insurance company numbers, policy information, etc.

  156. Important documents and computer back ups for me too.

  157. Gina Ransford says:

    I would keep a thumbdrive back up of pictures. a back up copy of family dvd’s. jewelry inherited from my mother in law, birth certificates etc. and special drawings/art made by our children..

  158. I would keep all our social security cards, our birth certificates and a few key photos of each our kids first few years.

  159. I’d keep photo backups on thumb drives, BC’s, and copies of all important documents and cards.

  160. Is there a safe big enough for me to hide in? There are somedays I’d love todo that! LOL

  161. I would keep our important papers, and backup of our photos.

  162. Amanda Johnson says:

    I haven’t had much time to print/organize many photos but I would put my wedding album in the safe as well as my family binder with all of your important documents in it.

  163. The biggest thing would be a backup of all our photos. Also important papers and some of the keepsakes from our wedding and when my daughter was born.

  164. Jennifer Foutch says:

    Family photos and home movies.

  165. I would keep my children’s birth certificates, SS cards, and professional pictures!

  166. I’d put our family’s documents and a few other items in the safe. We all need one of these!

  167. I would keep birth certificates, photos, back up of our computer, important documents and husbands important business documents…. many things!

  168. janna briggs says:

    I would put letters from loved ones -they are so precious after someone has passed on. I would also put our wedding album and the our important papers.

  169. pictures, stock papers, and house papers

  170. Susan Cunningham says:

    I would likely store some sentimental jewelry like my grandmother’s wedding ring and some more expensive stuff that I don’t regularly wear. Mostly, I’d use it for important papers and USB drives that have pictures and data stored on them. If it’s big enough, I’d also put in my family ancestry album. It would be nice to have!

  171. Christine S says:

    Hard to replace documents (i.e. birth certificates, SS cards, car titles) and my external hard drive with picture files. It interesting to think what your life all boils down to.

    Great giveaway. It has definitely got me thinking.

  172. I just wanted to thank you for that new baby pic. You made my day!

  173. I would keep emergency money as well as all important documents.

  174. Suzanne Ruckman says:

    I would put copies of family photos in the safe, along with important documents.

  175. WOW- What a great idea. Thank you for getting me thinking of more disaster planning and prevention. I am organizing my important docs, usb, and photos of our first grandbaby Leilani Sky as we speak! Maybe it is destiny to hope to win a nice and secure safe by Sentry Safes! Crossing my fingers.

  176. All important paperwork, passport, birth certificate, anything that would be difficult to reproduce.

  177. AllieZirkle says:

    We need to keep certificates of marriage and birth and photos and computer backups…

  178. I have a box of important papers that really needs more protection. Other than that, maybe a small cash supply and a flash drive.

  179. I would store important documents and photo backups.

  180. Hope Mitchner says:

    I would store the backup of my family photos along with the geneology and antique family photos. And of course the important modern things — deeds, wills, birth certificates, etc.

  181. I’d like to put our important family documents in a safe, and also our external hard drive that has all of our photos and videos on back up.

  182. Passports, birth certficates, Social Security cards, & jewelry from my grandmother.

  183. Important documents (birth certificates, SS cards, etc.), and PHOTOS!!!

  184. I would store my wedding album,3 baby books along with our passports , marriage license and any extra money we ate saving slowly for a used-new car!

  185. Our safe would include the following:

    Zip drive disks containing financial information
    USB with photos
    Passports, Birth Certificates, Marriage License
    Photocopies of Baptism Certificates
    Cash on hand
    Credit Card numbers (to be used in case cards are lost or stolen)
    Photos of my parents (that can’t be replaced)
    Special notes from my children

  186. I would put a bit of cash and important documents.

  187. i would store photos, important documents & emergency cash. Also a dvd of a walk- through of our home for insurance purposes.

  188. We would store all of our legal documents and other important/irreplaceable papers in there as well as photo negatives and DVDs burned with photo archives and other electronic data. One of the most important things we need to put into a safe is my husband’s pilot’s log — if it was destroyed or stolen, we could never document all of his flight experience without it!

  189. my most favorite photos that aren’t digital, back up hard drives, a note from my mom, a few love letters …

  190. Our wills & life insurance policy info.

  191. PHOTOS and home movies those are the only real irreplacable items in our home.

  192. My husband and I have been talking about getting something like this! We have things like passports and birth certificates, the adoption decree for our son, our mortgage and title information for the house, titles for the cars, and insurance/financial information. In addition, there are the more sentimental, but possibly more valuable things: pictures (okay, flash drives with pics on them), son’s creations, etc.

  193. All the important documents like deed, bc’s, titles, list of important #s and password codes, insurance papers, etc.
    But more importantly the special family pictures that can’t be replaced, my grandfather genealogy books, usb’s full of family photo’s, home movies, dvd of my wedding day, scrapbooks etc. All the things that I would hate to loose! It would make me so sad!

  194. I would store our photos and videos!

  195. Birth certificates, marriage certificate, will, healthcare proxy, . . . all the stuff that I would hate to have to jump through hoops to replace.

  196. I would store our birth certificates, ss cards, etc. along with deeds, titles and the like. I would also like to store all our print negatives and digital photos in a safe. I worry about our pictures in case of emergency but haven’t done anything about it yet. Winning this safe would make me get on the ball and protect all our photos.

  197. In an emergency, I’d want to keep pictures safe, as well as all that important paperwork– birth certificates, insurance papers, etc. (Can you imagine trying to file a claim if your insurance information was destroyed? Yikes!)

  198. Certainly the important papers. I suppose it would be smart to back up the computer and keep a spare copy of docs in there too. I wonder … is there room for scrapbooks?

  199. I would, of course, keep my important documents and pictures in there, but my first thought was of one item. My great grandfather “Pappy” made a little daily flip calendar with little quotes on it. It seems so simple, but it means so much to me. By the way, you reminded me to back up my pictures, and maybe I’ll even print them out! Thanks!

  200. Carina Henry says:

    I wish I could say I would keep something truly unique in the safe, like my great grandmother’s hand written bread recipe, but alas, I have nothing more unique than anyone else… A hard drive that includes pictures, birth certificates, and deeds. Maybe even a little smiley face toy. So every time I opened my Sentry Big Bolt Safe, I would remember how lucky I am to have a safe place for my treasures! 🙂

  201. I’d keep tax information, mortgage papers, life insurance papers, social security cards, and DVD copies of photos and videos.

  202. Important papers like birth certificates, insurance info, financial documents, and an extra hard drive with all of our family photos. We’ve discussed getting one, especially b/c we rent and in case of fire or flood this would be a great place to store those things we wouldn’t want to lose.

  203. Important papers and passports!

  204. We have a lot of medical records and I would like to have this to store them in. Great GIveaway!

  205. Photos and document backups.

  206. Oh my goodness! I have been wanting one for the very purpose of keeping my photos safe from fire or flood. Good thing we can now just throw in cds and memory stick in stead of photo albums 🙂
    My mom has always kept her photos in the hall closet by the front door. When we were growing up she always told us that if there was a fire and if we had time to toss the albums out the door 🙂

  207. I would store important documents and a backup of all digital photos

  208. I have thought through this many times and would put our laptops in a safe when we are gone. I would also include documents that have our personal information on them, checks, cash, and marriage/birth certificates.

  209. Our important documents like passports, birth certificates, SS cards, and backups of our wedding, travel and kids pictures. Oh, and very special cards and letters and notes from my husband and kids.

  210. We’ve been having tons of fires in central texas lately, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I would be the most sad to lose. I would keep our family photos, important papers, and any other sentimental keepsakes that were important to our family.

  211. Aside from the usual sentimental things like photo negatives/USB drive, birth certificates and marriage license; I would also store our wills and advance directives. It would be a good place for any paperwork on valuables, a home inventory and usb drive of photos for home inventory.

  212. I would keep my baby daughters birth certificates along with mine and my husbands, picture CD’s, social security cards, diplomas and small items we have been given from those loved ones who have passed on.

  213. I would put birth certificates, ssn cards, extra car keys, passports and back up DVDs of our photos to protect from an earthquake or fire. These would make perfect Christmas gifts for those people that have everything.

  214. i would store family pictures, car titles, birth certificates, social security cards and of course my secret stash of chocolate

  215. Having just experienced a flash flood in our neighborhood/area and only have minutes to grab what was important, I would put copies of photos on cd’s, my jewelry from my grandmother and our legal paperwork. Perhaps copies of family recipes too.

  216. All the important papers that others have mentioned, photo disks, the expensive not-worn jelwelry, old video cassettes, etc.

  217. I would keep the important papers: birth certs, my mom’s death cert, marriage cert, etc. I would put my engagement ring in there (not worth much $, but very sentimental and it won’t fit on my finger anymore!). I also have 2 of my son’s hair clippings (one weird patch when he was about a year that I had to cut and one lock from the first haircut at 18 mos.). I’m sure I’d find other stuff – photos and such.

  218. Telena Reynolds says:

    I would keep birth certificates, pictures, deeds, titles, savings bonds and old money in a safe if I had one.

  219. We have a small fire box which filled up way too quickly with backup photos on cd, social security cards, and copies of very important documents (ours and my father’s) such as our wills.

  220. I would put some important documents in the safe.

  221. Backups of our family photos, and all of our important documents.

  222. I’d keep my family’s documents (SS cards, Passports, Birth Certificates, Insurance Policies, etc.) as well as Gold Coins. And I might hide a bar of really good chocolate in it to keep it safe from my hubby’s midnight snacking.

  223. I have all our important documents (ss card, passports etc.) and copies of all our pictures on CDs in my moms safe. I’d love to have one myself though!

  224. When I was 16 our home burned down. We lost almost everything. We still have a few water damaged and smoke damaged photos from when we were young and others sent us the photos they had. Photos are important. Other papers like SS cards, birth certificates, etc. can be replaced. I would put the bonds and photos in a safe if I had one.

  225. I would put all my important papers, jewelry, extra cash and keys in a safe.

  226. We would keep our important documents, (passports, birth certificates, and legal papers), and CD’s of our pictures and music from our computer.

  227. I would keep documents that are important !!

  228. I would definitely want bakc ups of all my fmaily photos, plus our will, deed, birth cetificates, ect. Also a few pieces of heirloom jewelry.

  229. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I would store all of our important documents, like birth certificates, marriage certificate, passports and certain pictures and older items from other generations

  230. i have video and photo backups stored for emergency, and any paperwork that would be a pain to replace, birth, marriage certificates, insurance policies, savings bonds, passports, social security cards.

  231. We currently have a small safe that we’ve out grown, so it would be great to win this one. I’d put in it important documents, pictures and my husbands coin collection that was passed down to him from his father.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. I would save all of those things that take time, money, and effort to replace, and are pretty important – birth certs, passports, even phone numbers of family and friends – heaven forbid my phone breaks!

  233. ooooh! this is awesome! I Would love this safe! I would put extra car keys, my external HD filled with every picture i have taken of my kids since they were born, and the CD backups of them…

  234. I would keep our external back up drive in there as it has all my family photos on it!

  235. I would store back up hard drive to safe keep pictures. Also our wedding album and video for sure!

  236. Kris in SoCal says:

    I would also keep our external hard drive with our pictures! Plus all the odds and ends of paperwork needed to start over.

  237. I would keep copies of our pictures on cds, our wedding video, and important documents that would be difficult to replace there. No diamonds or gold, though!

  238. Our life insurance policies and social security cards-such a hassle to replace!!

  239. We have a little bitty safe right now that holds the important papers we have accumulated since my hubby and I met – marriage certificate, birth certificates and baptism papers of all our children, etc. This big boy would hold more of the things we couldn’t fit into our little safe, including CD’s of the kids’ sonograms, jewelries past down to the kids that don’t fit them yet, etc. Thank you for the opportunity to do that. Mahalo!

  240. Family heirlooms and pictures.

  241. I would keep photos, birth certificates, passports and copies of our credit cards and will in the safe. I would also put 1 item for each child that meant a lot to them when they were little, so they would have something other than a photo of one of their favorite things.

  242. Katherine C says:

    I want to keep our family pictures and documents safe

  243. Marriage license, college degrees, ordination certificate, family photos, important papers.

  244. I would keep our marriage license, all of our birth certificates and social security cards, will, mortgage pay off notice, degrees, and of course precious family photos. Thanks for the chance!

  245. I would store birth certificates, marriage cert., all those important documents! Plus important photos, or other family treasures! =)

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