Lagging Behind? Here’s How to Catch Up with Your Goals

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We’ve all found ourselves buried in work or to-dos. Life as MOM contributor Prerna helps us get back on track with these easy-to-follow tips for getting back on track.

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We’ve all been there, haven’t we, Mama? You know when we fall behind our to-do list or goals and it seems like we’ll never catch up.

  • It can be the laundry pile that we’d set out to slay before getting sidetracked by the cluttered linen closet.
  • It can be the business development we’d intended to work on before getting overwhelmed by an unwell family.
  • It can be our own self-care that gets pushed to the back burner every month because something else more important comes up.

Yes, we’ve all fallen behind, gotten overwhelmed and even, given up in despair. However, it needn’t always be so. You see, you CAN catch up and you can catch up FAST.

Here’s how:

1. Eat your frog…one bite at a time.

I’m a fan of eating your frog first thing in the morning. But when you’re catching up, eating the whole thing or crossing off a huge task can seem daunting. So, eat a bit every day. Take baby steps to your goal but take them consistently. Every single day. And before it, you’d have caught up in no time at all.

For instance, let’s say, laundry is your frog. So, commit to doing a lot of laundry every single day. Don’t try and finish it all in one day. Just one lot, from start to finish.

2. Put together a no-do list.

Again, something I talk about a lot is having a no-do list. A list of things that you wouldn’t waste your time on at all.

For me, it is watching re-runs, getting drawn into discussions with negative people, and goofing off on social media when I have work to do. It isn’t a lot but it helps save time especially when I need it the most.

What 3 things can YOU put on your no-do list and use that time to catch up instead?

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3. Put Your Head Down and Get to It

Finally, when playing catch up with your goals, minimize or eliminate distractions. Then give your one hundred percent to the task at hand.

Whether it is not taking phone calls from chatty neighbors while you finish that work assignment or setting working hours after discussing it with your spouse, do whatever it takes to help you get down to work.

4. Put Together a Robust Action Plan

When catching up, I like to put together an action plan with timelines to help me see what gets done when. I also use a project time-and-money calculator to see which tasks are eating up time but not giving me any returns.

Whether at home or in my business, having things jotted down and seeing which tasks are most beneficial for my home or business gives me clarity and peace of mind.

How do YOU play catch up when lagging behind?

– Prerna Malik is a mom, a wife, a writer and woman who believes in parenting with love, being postively productive, and creating a home that invites you to put your feet up and relax. Check out her free eBooks on organizing and productivity to get literally, hundreds of ideas on how to get organized on a shoestring budget, right now.

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  1. Overwhelmed. Yes, that’s where I’ve been after a very busy few weeks and too much on my to do list and a lot of decisions to make and a mild case of the flu.

    To get back into things I needed to clear most of the clutter off my desk, get the kids to help meet our goals, take a relaxing break when I got stressed, and just do the easy-to-do tasks even if my brain was feeling foggy. And pray. And eat good breakfasts to give me energy.

    And, of course, decide not to do things that don’t need doing. I like your idea of a no-do list! It’s brilliant! It makes it so much more obvious what I’m trying not to do. 🙂

  2. It’s easy to get behind but you have excellent motivational skills. I’m feeling caught up again.