LAM Weekly Meal Plan #40

LAM Weekly Meal Plan #40

If you can’t see the image below, go here to download the pdf.

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  1. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    Read your posts daily! You are an inspiration! Was wondering if you’d ever consider adding in breakfast/lunch/snacks to the weekly meal plans? Would find it so helpful! Thanks for everything!!

    • There is a packable lunch plan. I don’t think we could do regular 4×7 plans, but maybe a few that rotate? What did you have in mind?

      • Jennifer Hoffman says:

        What I have seen on a few other similar blogs are they show all their lunch options for the week as well as breakfast and snack options. Based on a $50 budget a week (I know your family is much larger so that isn’t realistic for you) and some include their shopping lists. Basically, they just replicate what they do in their own household. If you ever need volunteer help..would love to help out!! God has really been using your blog and others to show me this is the area I would like to reach out to women in! Just still learning 🙂

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