Laugh and Learn (and Win)

I remember all too well what a know-it-all I was when my first child was born. I had purchased a number of pregnancy and baby books. And somehow I figured that I knew everything that there was to know about caring for a newborn. So much so that I didn’t watch the videos that the hospital recommended new parents view while under their care.

This particular hospital also did not offer lactation assistance. And since I “had read the book,” I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought “on demand” feeding meant feed him only when he cried. So, he got very little nursing in those early hours.

We had taken a childbirth class, but I now know how much we didn’t know. Oh my!

My first delivery was during “the drive-through baby” era when insurance companies only let you stay in the hospital for 24 hours. My mother, who had stayed 3-4 days with each of her babies, was shocked that they sent us home so soon.

Long story short, all of this compounded into a very hungry baby and an extremely engorged mother. I learned the hard way. And it took hours to feed my poor baby and years for me to get over the guilt of my stupidity. I’ve learned and I can laugh about it — now.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case for anyone else. I’m pleased to offer up a giveaway for a set of DVDs that I think will help any parents of newborns learn about the basics in a fun, easy way.

Laugh and Learn DVDs feature Sheri Bayles, a nurse and childbirth educator with a great sense of humor. I enjoyed watching the childbirth class and was pleased to see how she really makes an effort to educate moms about their options and to help them avoid c-sections whenever possible. These would make a great gift for a new mom, but they would also serve as an excellent refresher course for anyone who’s already had a child.

Personally, I feel like I learn something new every time. And I’ve had SIX KIDS! I wish I had had something like this with my first, and again last summer when it seemed like my brain was forgetting everything I knew.

The DVD set includes Laugh and Learn About Newborn Baby Care, Laugh and Learn About Breastfeeding, and Laugh and Learn About Childbirth.

For a limited time, you can watch the first Childbirth class here.

This giveaway is open until Saturday night at midnight PST. Winner will be chosen at random by and announced early next week.

How can you enter?

1. Post about this giveaway on your blog, linking to Life as MOM, and leave the link to your post here in the comments section.

2. Leave a comment telling us what dumb thing you’ve done as an inexperienced mom. (If you’re not a mom, you can tell us something else that was dumb.) And if you’d rather not share that, just ask a question you have about babies or childbirth.

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  1. When my sister was in labor with her last child, I was in the room while she was having some major contractions. Right after she had one of the worst ones of the day, she had another smaller one and I said, “See it’s not that bad. It could be worse!”

    I will never give a woman in labor any advice again!

  2. ShellyLynn says:

    I just tried cutting my 14 mo old’s hair yesterday for the first time. That was dumb. It’s thin and curly and she wouldn’t sit still. Needless to say, the right side is a bit shorter than the left or the back. :-/

  3. Michelle H. says:

    Sunday – as I pulled out of the CVS parking lot my 2 year old started screaming “Seatbelt!” at the top of his lungs, at which point I realized that I had never belted him into his car seat. (8 1/2 months pregnant, and I am getting stupider by the day.)

  4. After I had my first son (now 2 1/2) I had issues with him peeing out of the diaper repeatedly. I remember complaining to a friend who already had a few kids that the diapers weren’t very absorbent because his clothes were all wet but the diaper was still rather dry. She then kindly told me that I needed to make sure I point his penis downward when I diapered – ha! Problem solved! After that, it took me awhile to realize that repeated peeing out of a saturated diaper might indicate that they are ready to move up a size. I was going merely by the weight requirement, not the amount that my boy could urinate. With my second boy (4 months) I am much wiser, although we still have pee-outs and blow-outs just because 🙂

  5. Mommy Kerrie says:

    this is hilarious! you look JUST LIKE ME at olathe med center after i’d had joel in 2001 … lost blood and i was pale and looked shell-shocked, trying to learn to nurse with flat a-hems, etc. cute picture!

  6. One of the funniest things I can remember doing was all due to that lack of sleep in the early days. With my first daughter, I oftentimes would cuddle up with her in a twin bed in her room and nurse her back to sleep when she woke up for a night feeding. One night, I was trying to get her to latch on while lying on my side and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. After about 30 seconds, I realized that I was trying to get her to latch onto the wrong side! Duh!

  7. **F.B.** says:

    The funniest thing I’ve done is while potty training my son (now 3). One night he woke up and I tried to help him to the potty w/o turning on the light. In the dark and very sleep deprived from being up with my youngest son (now 6 months)I realized in the morning that he actually peed in the waste basket next to the toilet. Oh Well!

  8. which dumb thing should i choose?

    setting the alarm to wake up a nursing baby every three hours at night or resetting it each time he did not make it half that long for days until i realized this kid would not nearly go hungry!

    insisting we would keep the indoor cat with the biting problem in our apartment or crying 20 minutes after we brought home the baby that the cat had to leave b/c she looked in the baby carrier or further insisting after we realized the next morning that she had snuck in our room and we had shut her in the room with the baby without us that she had to leave immediately? i think we even sent her to an cat hotel! what an embarrassing waste of money!

    or that with baby #3, a girl, i answered the nurse that i was not sure she was having wet diapers at all until i realized that girls do not wet them in the front like boys?

    i would love to give this to a friend who is pregnant with #1…and then borrow it myself!

  9. I remember sending my son back to the nursery because he was too sleepy to nurse. The nurse gave me a talking to saying that I needed to keep trying to nurse him until he actually latches on and gets something. That was my first all-nighter with a newborn. 😉 Thankfully, the lactation consultant saw us the next day and she worked magic.

  10. Ok, I’m going to tell on my husband. My husband was trying to put flea stuff on the cat after I had told him to wait a minute so I could lay our 1 week old down and I would help. No more than I lay her down, the cat jumped and scratched my poor baby on the leg! I still don’t let him live it down. He should have listened!

  11. naomi w. says:

    I am a doula student and would love to have these to lend out to the expectant couples I serve! Thanks for doing this giveaway! A question…um…are you familiar with doulas?

  12. Garden Gal says:

    I'm completely guilty of not pointing the penis down, although my son was STILL able to pee a big circle directly on his back – I have no idea how. But I remember my husband saying something to the effect of "that thing's like a hose, babe" – ooooh – DUH.

    I'm also guilty of changing my baby's diaper every single time it was slightly wet – IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. My son was & still is not a good sleeper & when I think about all the times I changed that diaper during the nights….ugh. Wish baby #2, if it ain't poo, it's stayin' on so we can all get some SLEEP!!

  13. Garden Gal says:

    Sorry – 1 more – only this one's on my hubbie. When we were first trying to potty train our son (hasn't worked yet…), I had decided to leave his diaper off in an attempt to "catch him in the act" while trying to pass a BM. So there he is, on all 4's, making the usual grunts. I RUN to pick him up & race him to the little potty – when I get over there, the lid happened to be down & PLOP – a big poop lands on the lid. So I yell to my husband to get a tissue & pick that thing up, which he did.

    Then he promptly took it out TO THE GARBAGE, like it was a piece of doggie poopie or something!! Our son was in cloth diapers for 2 years & the poo always went in the TOILET…so when I asked my son the next day about "where does the poo poo go the next time you feel it coming?" he replied,


  14. My son was only 5 days old and I had to bring him for a checkup at his doctor for the first time. I only packed one bottle and no diapers or wipes. Lucky we only lived 5 minutes away and my husband went home to get the stuff.

  15. I would really be interested in winning this. I’m not a mom, but hope to be one in the next 2 yrs or so.
    My dumb thing or lack of experience is that I haven’t even changed a diaper! I’m embarrassed to admit… I’m so clueless on babies… 🙁
    If I win, my email addr. is joelled at gmail dot com.

  16. April Lee says:

    I have a 3-month old baby boy, and I have pretty quickly learned that I am far from having it all figured out! Praise God, I’ve been blessed beyond measure with an easy-going, happy baby and with grace to fill in the gaps. I would love these DVDs to share with several of my first-time pregnant friends, though I’m sure I would learn a ton too. I bet then I’d have lots of mess-ups to share–I just don’t know any better now!

  17. jencala says:

    I’m 8 months pregnant with our first right now and not embarrassed to admit I am totally clueless despite reading all the ‘right” books and constantly watching TLC and Discovery Health! I’ve never changed a diaper and the scary thing is I think my husband is even more clueless than I am!
    Despite all the classes we are taking I think these DVD’s would definitely come in handy.

  18. rebecca says:

    Hmmm… When I went into labour with my son, now almost a year old, I really didn’t want to be the overanxious new mom and go to the hospital only to get sent home. So, we decided that the contractions weren’t “real” even though they were five, then four, then three minutes apart. Somewhere between three and two minutes apart, we finally realized we needed to go NOW. I called my mom and had two contractions within a three minute phone call. We got to the hospital and our son was born an hour and fifteen minutes later.

    gitrecca at gmail dot com

  19. Sarah Elisabeth says:

    Oh, I’m sure I’ll have tons of dumb things to share . . . once my first is born in a few months!
    But, I’ll share something totally unrelated to babies since I don’t get to hold mine yet.
    My husband has often talked about how much he likes split pea soup. I’m pretty good in the kitchen, and decided to finally make him some. I even homemade my own ham stock, etc, and cooked up a fine (double batch!) of split pea soup. Once my husband came home, he looked in the pot and asked what it was. When I answered, he said, “That’s not like any split pea soup I’ve ever seen!” Quickly losing my resolve, I said weakly, “I followed the recipe . . and doubled it . . .”
    So, I didn’t realize the split peas were any different than ordinary peas and had used frozen sweet peas in the recipe!!!
    To my frugal horror, he suggested I throw the whole thing out–I salvaged it by adding a bunch of rice and diced ham. It ended up being delicious – and I’ll never forget the split peas are very different from sweet green peas =)

    Thanks for the giveaway, and I hope to avoid too many horribly dumb stories with my first little one!

  20. Jessica says:

    I don’t have any mommy blunders that I really remember, probably got erased from my brains hard-drive after countless nights without sleep, but I was a pretty anal firt-time mom. I was way too intense about scheduling and could have saved myself a lot of troubles:)

    Here’s my link for the contest:

  21. When we had our first I was so not used to talk to the baby yet, I was tired and our little guy was quiet – then the nurse came in and said: Always talk to the baby! Whatever you do, always talk to the baby!
    When I came home, and it was all quiet (sometimes 🙂 ) I remembered – always talk to the baby!

    Even now, with our 4th little one, as I sometimes just enjoy not saying anything (after repeating countless words and answering as many questions -you know how it is with little ones) I still hear the nurse from 5 years ago in my ears: ALways talk to the baby! And here I go again, talking and babbling …
    I love it.

  22. I’m not a mom yet, but my mom had my siblings when I was a teenager, so I’ve had a number mom experiences! I was so used to holding one of the kiddos on my hip, that one day at the grocery store when I picked up a bag of groceries, I realized I was rocking the grocery bag on my hip, not my little sister 🙂

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