Life is a Special Occasion: Time to Get Carded

Remember these?

When I was a kid, I loved to browse the local Hallmark shop where the owner, Jan, gave you the stink eye if you raised your voice or rattled a shelf. Still despite Jan and her library ninja attitude, I loved those rows and rows of cards with their bright colors, funny sayings, and crisp white envelopes. I was blessed with aunts and grandmothers who always remembered to send a card on my birthday. Always. So me and a Hallmark card go way back.

Yet, in an age of texts, emails, and voice mails, it’s easy to let real mail slip out of your daily existence. Yet, “snail mail” is really so much more fun!

Snail mail rocks.

In my younger days I was the ultimate pen pal. I wrote letters back and worth to Gramma John, Aunt Cass, and my cousins. When I was an exchange student in France, I regularly wrote FishPapa-then-just-my-boyfriend and eagerly awaited his return letters — which are currently bundled in a box in a garage for us to read over and over when we’re old and gray. And the arrival of the daily mail has always, always, ALWAYS, been one of the highlights of my day.

Just ask any sibling, parent, or former roommate of mine.

But, I must confess that in my old age I’ve gotten lazy. I might send you a card at Christmas. Maybe. I might send you a birthday card. But, probably not.

I’ve become too reliant on email, Facebook, and my phone instead of picking up pen and paper and writing a real letter. In fact, I still have our box of Christmas cards from last year that I never mailed.

(Note to self: don’t order Christmas cards anymore.)

Get Carded

So, when Hallmark challenged me to write real letters to my friends, it really was a challenge. But, it was a fun one. They sent me a ginormous stack of cards and encouraged me to choose seven people near and dear to write to — because life is a special occasion. What fun — and how hard — to narrow it down to seven. But, I did.

The cards were all so unique and different, it was fun to think of a friend based on the card, instead of the other way around. I sent them to my sisters, my mom, the Great Aunt Cass, and three of my forever friends: Shari, Sheila, and Jessika. These are all ladies who’ve been around for multiple moves, multiple babies, and multiple hard times.

And they are a steadfast bunch!Β I’ve known these ladies from 7 to 39 years, so they’ve proven that they know how to put up with me! As I was writing my cards, I realized how much I take them for granted, and tried, albeit imperfectly, to tell them what they meant to me. I am one blessed woman.

Only three of the seven live in the same state as I. The rest are flung about the country — or will be soon — so I also realized that relearning to write letters might be a nice thing.

A little surprise that I added to my cards was a little something extra, a photo or a gift card or a little fun money to share with the people I love. THAT was really fun, too. Wouldn’t you love to receive this in your mailbox? πŸ˜‰

Of course, the best part of the challenge was to hear back from someone. Today my friend Shari wrote me and explained how perfect the timing was and how it really gave her a boost. What a lesson to me! I want to do that more often. There are many wonderful women in my life who support me and listen to all my “issues”. I want to say thanks a little more often.

How ’bout you?Β You can take the Get Carded Challenge, too.

Win some cards!

Hallmark is offering greeting card packs to ten LifeasMOM readers.

How fun is that? They’ll mail you a selection of greeting cards so that you can spread the love. Some of the cards even come with the postage paid so you don’t have to worry about a stamp.

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post of the first person who came to your mind when I talked about writing to people you love.

For extra entries,

Like Hallmark and LifeasMOM on Facebook and leave another comment telling me you did so.

Follow Hallmark and FishMama on Twitter andΒ leave another comment telling me you did so.

While you’re on Facebook, you can also enter the “_________ is a Special Occasion” Contest for a chance to win $5000.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, July 24th at 8 pm PST. Winners will be notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours in order to claim your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: joannamattas@, bloggy@, emilyanndietrich@, rsjrocks@, Β Zealmag@, delongnb@, mwsrjones@, Β lavonne.long@, fmschwartz@, emilyjgaitonde@

Disclosure: I’m partnering with Hallmark to bring you ideas for celebrating life, the ultimate special occasion. I’ve been compensated for my time and have been provided with greeting cards and stamps to participate in this challenge. However, my opinions, jokes, family photos, little extras, and funny quirks are all my own.

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  1. The first person I thought of sending a card to was my sweet Mother-in-law. She is always sending cards to others and should receive one herself!

  2. my friend Lornel and my Grandpa…the only grandparent I have left!

  3. My sister has the best taste in cards and stationary and always sends happy snail mail!

  4. The first person I thought of was my friend who just lost her husband in an accident, her daughter was in the car and spared even minor injuries! The funeral is today, and I know I want to writer her a note, I just don’t have the words yet.

  5. “And the arrival of the daily mail has always, always, ALWAYS, been one of the highlights of my day.” <— ME TOO!! I love going to the mailbox. This post reminded me of when my now-husband, then-boyfriend and I were dating, we spent 2 consecutive summers apart and sent soooo many letters back and forth. We each have a box in the basement. πŸ™‚

  6. My aunt in a different state.

  7. My great friend Tammy who summers two states away and my best cousin friend who is also busy raising almost growns …

  8. My grandparents! They love sending cards and I love receiving them.

  9. I follow you and Hallmark on Twitter.

  10. my friend Alyssa:) Still have her letters from when we were 12.

  11. My grandparents. They don’t know how to open their email anyways. πŸ˜‰

  12. Kelly F. says:

    I thought of my husband who is currently on his 5th deployment. Even though we get daily emails I know that when he gets a real card or letter it puts a smile on his face. It does the same for us when he sends us one of his homemade cards made out of MRE boxes. If I get chosen for the cards I think I will send them to him to share with the other Marines so that they can send their loved ones a smile.

  13. My Dad. Since my Mom passed away 19 years ago he has become very special to me, doing double duty as a parent.

  14. I like Life as Mom and Hallmark on Facebook.

  15. Charlene says:

    That sounded so much like me. I used to be the ultimate penpal also. Now, not so much. My sister still writes a lot, but I almost never write her back. I should, but somehow grad school, teaching and family responsibilities take away from that. She’s not on facebook and doesn’t get texts or email, so snail mail or phone calls are the way to go. I should do that.

  16. Recently I’ve been trying to be better about sending my grandparents (especially the one without a computer) letters along with pictures of my daughter.

  17. I follow you both on Facebook.

  18. I follow you both on Twitter.

  19. Marianne says:

    My sweet college friend Arti!

  20. Since we’re moving soon, there will be lots and lots of people to write. But the one that stands our the most is one of my good friends; we’ve known each other for more than ten years and we’ve gone through a lot together. One of my daughters is eight days younger than one of hers, and now we’re both pregnant four weeks apart.

  21. Charlene says:

    I just liked Life as Mom on Facebook.

  22. Both of my grown kids are the first that came to mind to send a card to. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. My friend Joy. Sending cards is a hobby of hers. Often she makes them herself.

  24. My friend Suzy, who lives in another state.

  25. My Grandma is the first person I thought of….we’ve been exchanging snail mail for a long time. I love how she always appreciates the mail, and even saves old cards and stickers for me to use πŸ™‚

  26. Nicole morrissey says:

    How fun!! My Aunt and I use to write all the time! Aunt Jamee is the first person who came to Mind! Despite winning,this is something I will diligently do!

  27. Nicole morrissey says:

    Life as mom has been liked!! Thanks so much for all you do!!

  28. Nicole morrissey says:

    Hallmark has been liked, well Loved, but they didn’t have that button!

  29. I thought of my friend, Joanna. We used to exchange a lot of letters.

  30. Definately need to write a no occasion card to my dear friend Emily. She loves me and my children so much and has been a wonderful friend for many years!

  31. Pamela J says:

    I would send a card to my sister Laura who lives far away. She is always so thoughtful and a great aunt. Love this giveaway!

  32. The first person I thought of was my sister in law. Just two days ago she moved 6 hours away. I miss her already! I was sick and then had a baby shower planned at our house during the last two weekends before she left, so I didn’t get to properly say goodbye. This post prompted me to text her for her new address so I can send her a card!

  33. I thought of sending a card to my Mother in law. She loves cards.

  34. I thought of my childhood best friend Monica, whom I’ve always called Mone. I miss her!

  35. I like you both on FB. LaVonne L. is my FB username.

  36. Demetria says:

    My husband…he could use some encouragement. I used to write to him all the time, and he’s saved every note and card over the past 13 years. It’s sweet to see his treasures πŸ™‚

  37. I follow you both on Twitter. @longwait4bella is my username.

  38. Katherine says:

    My friend who lives across the country came to my mind. We were pen pals when we were very young, and haven’t written her in quite some time! It would be nice to get back to it. It is special getting snail mail!

  39. I’d send one to my big sister. She’s done a lot for me and she’s going through a tough time right now, and I know a random card would mean a lot to her.

  40. My Grand ma. She is so great to me and my kids, I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.

  41. My friend Jessica came to mind..we used to spend tons of time browsing around the Hallmark stores too and then trying to find the craziest cards we could to read to each other..

  42. My friend Cami has long been a snail-mail believer. She prefers hand-written notes and often sends them my way… I’d like to return the favor. πŸ™‚

  43. I’m a Facebook follower. πŸ™‚

  44. my sister!

  45. the first person I thought about was my friend Tambi we’ve been friends since first grade and saddly we dont write like we did when she frist moved and although we talk on fb it just isnt the same as a letter in the mail…………

  46. i like you and hallmak on fb

  47. I first thought of my friend/cousin Beth. We’ve been friends since we were little girls and we don’t see each other as much anymore. The second person I thought of is my Grandma-she would love a card in the mail!

  48. Amanda B says:

    This sounds like so much fun and I think I will do this whether or not I win! The first person that I thought of was my dear sweet friend Nicole that I was so close with throughout college. I really do need to catch up with her more often then the once a year christmas card sendout. πŸ˜‰

  49. I would send a letter to my dear friend Stephanie!

  50. I liked you on Facebook

  51. My friends Amanda and Rachael from college-both bridesmaids in my wedding. They used to send our gang cards and letters while we were in school (even though we saw each other every day). It was such a thoughtful, sacrificial gesture at such a busy time in our lives (we were all working on our bachelor’s in nursing–clinicals, class, clinicals, homework, clinicals, more homework).

  52. Jennifer says:

    I thought of a dear college friend who I haven’t talked to in awhile. She’s gone through some rough times this past year. I’m going to write her today!

  53. Hilary Richards says:

    My grandma is the first person I thought of. She is not a computer person, so she does not get updates. I”m sure she would appreciate a card.

  54. My Aunt came to mind … she doesn’t have email, so she is a great letter-writer and deserves to get some in her mailbox too!

  55. MelanieL says:

    I would send my dad a card full of encouraging words of my support for him during a difficult time he’s going through. And since I love your idea of sending a little gift with it, I’d send him a gift card too! Perfect! Neat giveaway, I’ve always loved Hallmark:)

  56. My college roomies! We used to regularly exchange letters the first couple of years out of college, but it’s been years. That would be a fun tradition to start back up again!

  57. Stephanie Sample says:

    I immediately thought of my Great Aunt who was my pen pal as a kid. The memory puts a smile on my face!

  58. My college friend, Julie. She still calls everyday to check up on me and that has been 8 years;-)

  59. Adrienne says:

    My husband…just to let him know how much I love him!

  60. I sent my mother-in-law a card just yesterday to thank her for encouraging and supporting me when I know she is struggling with the same concerns that I am. I appreciate her example.

  61. Holly Overholser says:

    The first person that came to mind was my sweet brother who struggling with a lot of stuff right now.

  62. I adore snail mail. I even like junk mail, as long as I get it. The days of just good mail have long gone and I personally want them back! I send my own sons notes in the mail – just for fun! Would love to win this, I sure would use them, all of them.

  63. Oh gosh, so excited about this giveaway that I forgot to tell you, I liked you and Hallmark on facebook. Good Luck everyone, a old fashioned envelope is so worth it to brigthen ones day!

  64. My 91-year-old grandmother… A card would definitely brighten her day!

  65. Melissa says:

    I would send a card to my uncle.

  66. My childhood friend Jeni!

  67. My best friends is very into physical, paper cards. She sends them to people all the time, and it’s lovely. I would start off sending one to her.

  68. Brittany says:

    I thought of my Mom… she is so special to me and my dearest friend. I’m so thankful we live close and talk all the time!

  69. Lynette says:

    Thanks Jessica for the give-away (and hallmark too!) I’ve saved all the letters that my than-boyfriend-who-is-my-now-hubby, when he was in the military and I was on the other side of the country going to college in hawaii (not my home state). He didn’t have access to a computer, so his letters were all hand written – and mine were all typed on my computer in my room. I even transcribed all of his letters into my word document and placed them according to date – along with my own. The document is over 500 pages long! Quite a bit of writing for two people in love! Plus add in all the phone calls and money sent on long-distance (thankfully we used a phone card!) Anyway, all those letters though that we sent are bundled away in a box – to be read again someday when we are old and gray, and maybe even share with our grandchildren or great – grandchildren!

  70. Lynette says:

    I already like you on FB! Thanks so much!

  71. I thought of my college roommate Mary Virginia, who I so rarely see since we live in different states and both have little kids. I know she’d love something handwritten and pretty!

  72. Lisa H. says:

    Definitely my grandparents. When I was younger my mom used to make us write one letter a week to someone and now I cherish those times writing back and forth to my grandparents.

  73. I think of my Aunt Joann. She is a wonderful letter writer. I remember as a young child receiving letters from her, and now she is writing my daughter. (Of course, we always remember to write back!)

  74. The first person who came to mind was my college roommate Wendy. We were inseparable in college, but life has moved us in different directions. I’d love to surprise her with something fun in the mail.

  75. Patti N. says:

    The first person to come to mind was Marie. We have been the best of friends for 54 years but she lives 1000’s of miles away from me right now and I am missing her so much.

  76. My Aunt Bobby came instantly to mind. She sent me a card every week of my growing up years and always put in a dollar or two for “shopping money.”

  77. my grandma πŸ™‚

  78. Suzanne says:

    The first person that popped into my mind was my cousin, Carrie. She ALWAYS remembers EVERYONE’S birthday, and always makes it a point to make sure they get a card. And I don’t think anyone sends her any. She even makes sure to send cards to the most distant of relatives, even if they have never met. I love getting cards from her, and so do my kids.

  79. Suzanne says:

    I already like LifeasMOM on Facebook, and have just liked Hallmark!

  80. The first person I thought of is actually a dear, dear friend that I just saw today for the first time in almost two years. I thought about how I should have sent her a note and let her know I was thinking of her. The second person I thought of is an old friend from college, and it’s been three or four years since I heard from her or contacted her in some way. Crazy. But you’ve inspired me to be better about staying in touch with people. Thank you.

  81. We and sevearl other families we know have boycotted Hallmark ever since all this was announced:

  82. I always got cards from my great aunt and my grandma’s all of whom are gone now – and I still miss seeing their cards in the mail around my birthday and other holidays.

    As for me, I’d probably think first of my sisters – neither of whom live nearby, and then my nephews. My mom still sends cards each holiday and I love it! Email is fast, FB is great for keeping up without actually doing a lot of work, but snailmail will always win out for me as the most fun! πŸ™‚

  83. Suzanne says:

    My three nieces would love to receive cards in the mail. This post makes me wonder why I don’t do that.

  84. The first person I thought of was my best friend, Kelli! We are both military and have moved across the country multiple times. While we still text daily, we also still send each other cards just because!. I’d also send one to my auntie!

  85. Suzanne says:

    I liked you and Hallmark on Facebook. πŸ™‚

  86. Kristen says:

    My two best freinds Chris and Daylin would love a card!

  87. I thought of my mom and how i would love to send her a card

  88. jessica says:

    i thought of my great aunt, whom has long ago passed, but I used to send her cards when I was a girl, as she lived so far away in Florida and we were in Indiana. I would see her about once a year, and she loved getting cards from me. When I got married her daughter gave me my great aunt’s wedding ring to wear and have a special reminder of my great aunt because of our special relationship.

  89. I liked botH on facebooK

  90. jessica says:

    I like Momadvice on FB

  91. jessica says:

    i like Hallmark on FB

  92. The first person I thought of was my Great Grandma. She is truly the most amazing person in the world. 98 years old. Can’t hear anything anymore (which is why we write letters back and forth. Phone callas are impossible.) My daughter (her great great granddaughter) loves getting the little packages in the mail that she sends to us!

  93. I’m followiNg both on Twitter

  94. The first person I thought of was my grandma. We love sending her cards and letters!

  95. I liked both sites on Facebook.

  96. And I follow both on Twitter @MommaStaciA. Thanks!

  97. My friend, Ronda. I got a snail mail four page hand-written letter from her last week. It reminded me how much I miss snail mail in all its forms. LOVE Hallmark cards.

  98. What immediately came to mind were all the letters I exchanged with my grandmother, who passed away 3 years ago. But there are many others to whom I should still be writing (more frequently than I do!) to let them know I’m thinking about them. How fun!

  99. I immediately thought of my grandma, who has been gone for several years now. She was known for writing letters to everyone- grandkids, cousins, friends. Her letters were always chatty and long, and she ALWAYS ran out of room on the last page and wrote the last sentence up the side of the page. I miss those letters SO much.

    I’m a card girl myself, but I tend to buy them and forget to mail them.

  100. My mom is always so considerate and sends cards for birthdays, holidays and sometimes just to bring a smile to her grandkids (and kids) faces. She would be the first person who I would send a handwritten note to! By the way, I so totally look forward to the mailman arriving everyday!

  101. Shannon H says:

    I would send one to a friend who is in transition; one to my dad for his birthday; and one to my son while he is at cam.

  102. Debbie Grace says:

    I first thought of my adopted Grandma. She was such a good pen pal and taught me how to be one, too!

    Btw, laughed out loud when you talked about how much you love snail mail! I am the *very* same way!!!! πŸ™‚

  103. Meredith C. says:

    I first person I thought of was my kids Grandma. We live far apart and I wish she was closer to my kids. But I think she would love to get a card with notes and pictures from the kids

  104. How fun! Not living near my nieces and nephews, this is one thing I am trying really hard to incorporate – sending them cards! A good reminder… thanks!

  105. #1 on my list would be my mom. She lives across the country but comes to visit my family about once a year. She often writes me but I fail to write back. I call her but winning these cards would be a great incentive to write to her. It would also make me feel like a better daughter. You can fit so much more on a card then you can in a phone call. Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. My aunt!

  107. I’d LOVE to send two cards. Both to friends that I’ve not met in real life (yet!) but have been dear to me. Both are godly Christian women a little further down this road called life.

  108. I thought of my college roommate, Monica. She’s great about sending cards…and I know she would love to receive one!

  109. Joanna M says:

    The first person I thought of is my best friend. We both love getting cards and letters in the mail πŸ™‚

  110. Joanna M says:

    I like Life As Mom and Hallmark on FB

  111. Jenelle says:

    Aunt Nellie, who is 93 years old, yet she never misses an occasion! I wish I were more like her!

  112. Jolene in Michigan says:

    I should send a note to my oldest friend Betsy. We’ve been friends since kindergarten. πŸ™‚

  113. Jolene in Michigan says:

    I’ve also liked you both on Facebook.

  114. Anne Marie says:

    I have a 93 year old aunt who is thrilled to receive a card – would love to send her lots of card to cheer her up!!

  115. Leslie M.P. says:

    First person I thought of was my best friend. She truly appreciates the old fashioned handwritten notes and cards of yesteryear. I would definitely send her one.

  116. Jennifer M says:

    I love to send cards to my friend Wendy.

  117. Lee Broom says:

    The first person I thought of was my friend Dorothy who lives in another state, and I’d like to keep in touch better.

  118. Melissa says:

    The first person I thought of was my grandma…she was my first (and is still my best) pen-pal!

  119. My dear college friend Erin who does not have FB or twitter, she so appreciates cards and letters.

  120. kristena says:

    I would send a card to my Aunt Erin who lives in England.

  121. Following Hallmark on FB

  122. Following Hallmark on Twitter

  123. I follow you on FB

  124. The first person I thought of is my friend, far away whose husband is deployed for a year. She is the only person I really know who still sends cards out to everyone she knows…I try to keep something in the mail for her to open but it really is hard with technology making it ‘easier’ to just send a post, text, email… I am trying to teach my kids to send cards out as well since my oldest can now write.. working on the spelling part…TY for the post!

  125. My Aunt Patty loves to recieve cards.

  126. Following Hallmark on FB

  127. I first thought of my sister in law who has her hands full with 3 young kids and could use a note of encouragement.

  128. My mom-she just lost her sister and could use a sweet card.

  129. Samantha says:

    My grama- she’s going through a hard time medically

  130. Carol D. says:

    My oldest son just got married on Saturday, and that put me in mind of writing a letter to my mom while on my honeymoon! I wanted to thank her for all that she and Dad had done, and wanted to let her know I was safe and well. That’s not something you can do, with the same emotion, in today’s text messages!

  131. Liked both Hallmark and Life as MOM on Facebook

  132. Following both you and Hallmark on Twitter

  133. The first person I thought to send a card to (will do immediately after I comment) is my oldest friend, whose 10 year old daughter is fighting leukemia.

  134. My husband is the one I like to give cards to the best. I like to hide them in his lunchbox or under his pillow . . .

  135. I follow on FB too.

  136. The first person I thought of was my best friend Sarah from college. We lived on different continents for 5 years and now live on opposite sides of the country. I don’t see or talk to her near enough!

  137. I like both on Facebook.

  138. My sister came to mind- she lives 1500 miles from me & I miss her!

  139. Cynthia says:

    I can think of lots of friends I’d love to send some to so that they know how much I appreciate their friendship.

  140. I am following both on Twitter. @presprizes

  141. Theresa R says:

    Love your site & love the idea of sending cards for absolutely no reason at all…life is a perfectly good reason.

  142. Theresa R says:

    “liked” you on FB πŸ™‚

  143. the very first person I thought of is my BFF Erika. She just moved 3000 miles away to Seattle, and I love to tuck a little cheer into her new mailbox. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. I’d love to write a thank-you note to my little sister for her help w/ my kiddos on our family vacation!

  145. Michelle says:

    I often send (and receive) cards from my friend Kellie. We became friends when I taught her son 2nd grade. Since then I’ve moved away and had my own kids and her kids have grown to be in high school. We often email, but we both send each other cards via snail mail. This started when my mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I was taking care of her, and even though Kellie never met my mom, she would send a funny or uplifting card at least once a week. It was the perfect pick me up for both my mom and I. Shortly after my mom died Kellie was diagnosed with breast cancer. I sent Kellie a card with encouraging words as often as I could. We have kept up this correspondence even 3 years after her “all clear” appoinment. I like sending the cards, it is a more personal way of letting someone know you are thinking about them and that you care!

  146. I need to send cards to my grandma and my husband’s grandparents. We don’t know how much longer they’ll be with us! I should invest more time in encouraging them.

  147. I thought of my mom–she is the ultimate card sender, but I rarely send her one in return. She would love to get a card from me!

  148. Wendy Welch says:

    The first person that came to mind was Ms. Nancy, a lady that was always there for me as a child and into my teen years. She was my Sunday School teacher and GA leader for years. I miss her smile and her hugs as I only see her periodically these days. So, I would send her a card and let her know how much she meant to me!

  149. Christina Burrell says:

    I would send a card to my best friend in North Carolina.

  150. Michelle says:

    My first thought was my sister in Florida. Her husband, my brother-in-law, just passed away suddenly in January, and receiving a card with a handwritten note in the mail might hopefully bring a small bit of brightness to her day.

  151. The first person I thought about sending a card to was my grandfather.

  152. Jen Logan says:

    I instantly thought of my grandmother who is thrilled to get “snail mail”.

  153. Jen Logan says:

    I like you and Hallmark on Facebook.

  154. Sarah a says:

    My grandma, my brother and a little surprise card to my special someone…

  155. Lisa Suit says:

    The first person I thought of to send a card to is my best friend, Kim. We have been best friends for 11 years now but in the stage of life we are both in we don’t get to see each other very often (we live about an hour and a half from each other). We used to give each other cards all of the time, and I would love to win so I can send her some more πŸ™‚

  156. Lisa Suit says:

    I “like” Life as Mom and Hallmark on Facebook πŸ™‚

  157. Catherine says:

    Right away I thought of my dear friend, Missy, who is battling cancer using alternative treatments. She was given a few months to live back last fall. Praise the Lord, she’s still holding her own! I’ll send her a card…

  158. I thought about my mom πŸ™‚

  159. Definitely want to try to give a few words of praise (instead of criticism) to my man. A random card, on a random day, (like you gave me), would probably take him off guard like it did to me. It was a great reminder what it feels like to be thought of–cared about–and not because you did something to merit the gift. Just because. Unconditional love like that reflects the One who unconditionally loves us too! Thank you again so much! πŸ™‚

  160. Mary E.S. says:

    My Mom. She loves to get anything in the mail and she is undergoing chemo right now so anything that I can do to make her feel better is good.

  161. Mary E.S. says:

    I’m a Facebook fan

  162. Mary E.S. says:

    I’m a Twitter follower

  163. I first thought of my uncle. My aunt passed away just over a year ago and I try to keep in touch with him as much as possible. He has email, but doesn’t check it much, so I love sending him letters – along with pictures of his newest great-niece.

  164. I’m now following @Hallmark and @FishMama on twitter

  165. Amy Hull says:

    I immediately thought of my little sister. We are very close and miss each other lots.

  166. Amy Hull says:

    I like both Hallmark and LifeAsMom on FB

  167. I would love to send one to my Mom because she is always there to help out when needed with the kids!

  168. Love this!

    I thought of my friend, Jody, who is moving away next week. *tear* I really want to keep in touch with her, and letters are more special than e-mail.

  169. kathy w says:

    I love to send cards and the first person I would send one to is my aunt.

  170. Charity L. says:

    The first person I thought of was my friend Jodie who now lives in another state with her family.

  171. Charity L. says:

    I like you both on facebook.

  172. Miranda says:

    I would love to write a card to my best friend. She just moved and doesn’t know anyone in the new place, so I’m sure it would be nice to get some non-bill mail!

  173. Thought of my best friend, Sherry. We text and call but “fun mail” is always great to have in your mailbox. πŸ™‚

  174. The first person I thought of is my sister away at college. She loves to receive cards.

  175. The first person I thought of was my college roommate. It’s been a while since we’ve talked, but we have one of those friendships that always picks up right where we left off – no matter how long it’s been. πŸ™‚

  176. Jessica T. says:

    I thought of sending a card to my former pastor who is expecting her third child!

  177. The first person I thought about was my sister, who is living overseas with her military husband. Great post, as I was just browsing cards the other day!

  178. I have to say the first person I thought of was my Grandma, but she is no longer with us. I would always send her letters & cards. It was something very special between us.

  179. Colleen M. says:

    The first person I thought of was my best friend during my childhood. It has been 20years since we lived in the same town.

  180. My sister whose birthday is very soon.

  181. I’m a FB follower….. and I liked Hallmark on FB

  182. Dusti Mosher says:

    I would write my best friend. We used to send eachother cards all time, and then life happened, and it got busy! Also my Auntie, who lives far away in Oregon.

  183. Dusti Mosher says:

    Like you on Facebook!

  184. Dusti Mosher says:

    Like Hallmark on Facebook!

  185. BethAnn says:

    I would send a card to the #1 man in my life… my 14 year old son. He is such a great kid; he is smart and funny and has just a great personality. I don’t think I tell him enough what a wonderful kid he is!

  186. The first person I though of was my mom.

  187. facebook fan of both-amanda l h

  188. twitter follower of both-shmilgah

  189. Keisha C. says:

    I would send a card to my sister in law. She is always so thoughtful!

  190. Keisha C. says:

    I “liked” life as mom and hallmark on facebook!

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