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Life is learning when you’re a mom.

‘Tis that time of year again. Back to school…. I have always loved August/September. It seems like a fresh start. New notebooks, new teachers, new subjects to study. And for some odd reason, I’ve made “Back to School” the story of my life.

You see, both my parents were teachers. So, as soon as I took my own breath, many an hour was spent in a classroom somewhere. Later when I started school for real, I loved it, at least the book part of it. I always felt like a geek, socially. But, academically, I could hold my own.

Then, of course, came college and the wild idea to major in French literature and to eventually become a French teacher. Do you know how many positions for that are out there? Not too many. A happy compromise was that I spent two years teaching high school: English, French and Yearbook. I was shorter than many of my students and just a few years older than most of them. What a trip!

Once FishBoy11 was born I “retired” from teaching, or so we thought. But, within a few years I found myself tutoring French from home and eventually designing and teaching writing classes for homeschooled students. And then, we established our own private school in the home.

This year I find myself teaching sixth, third, and first grades as well as working on books and fun learning activities with two preschoolers.

My life has been “school.”

But really, life is all about learning. I want to get past “jumping through the hoops” and focus on what there is to learn. We moms have so much opportunity to apply this way of thinking.

  • It’s not about getting everything done on our to-do lists.
    It’s about learning to be patient when a child’s agenda doesn’t match ours.
  • It’s not about having perfectly behaved children and giving perfect correction.
    It’s about learning to accept each other where we are and encourage our kiddos to grow and learn from their mistakes.(And to do the same ourselves!
  • It’s not about acquiring as many things as possible to keep up with the Jones family or balancing the budget perfectly each and every time.
    It’s about learning to be thankful and wise stewards of what we have at our disposable.
  • It’s not about being the perfect MOM.
    It’s about learning to build on our strengths and work on the areas where we are weak.
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  1. Fishmama~I just want to say that I REALLY love your blog! I stumbled across it while trying to learn how to play the CVS “game” (which your tutorial helped tremendously!) and have checked in daily because your entries really touch my heart and seem to relate to what I struggle with as a SAHM. Thanks so much for all you do~~and know that you’ve touched the life of this momma!

  2. Mrs. Querido says

    So timely…as always 🙂

    I am learning that you can trust and lean on friends when you need them. Not all will judge you or stab you in the back. Put away the pride and ask for help when life gets tough.

    Those are the lessons that I have just learned today!

  3. FishMama says

    Hi Amy, Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate that!

    Mrs. Q, sounds like there’s a story behind all that. What a blessing!

  4. Megan says

    Hi Fishmama!

    I have just found your fantastic site and will most likely spend the next hour reading it. But first I have a question! I am curious as to how you made the decision to retire from teaching in a school setting in favour of homeschooling your children.

    I am two years away from a BFA and a BEd, I have always dreamed of being a school teacher. As of late, however, I have been thinking more and more of eventually homeschooling my (as of yet non-existant) children.

    Did you struggle with this choice or was it something you always knew you were going to do?

    So far, whenever I have brought up homeschooling in my classes, my peers have had a negative reaction. This was surprising to me as I have found that I am particularily interested in alternative educaitonl. How did your co-workers react to the idea of leaving traditional school to teach at home?

    I’m interested in your thoughts and experiences on this subject!

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