Links of Love: FishBoys Style

Here are some of the places on the World Wide Web where the FishBoys like to surf. (Because after all, some of them don’t even know the sound of the ocean.)

eBay – This is the go-to site for all things GameCube and Lego. Our eldest is getting very adept at watching auctions and even selling games that they no longer play. Recently, they’ve been contemplating buying a Wii. I, for one, do not pay for those things. So, they have been “gazelle intense” about weeding the flower beds and doing other paying jobs.

Lego – The boys love this site to window shop, watch funny videos and play the different games hosted by lego.

Playmobil – one of the alltime favorites. They check out new lines of toys, but more specifically, enjoy the online games.

Mightygiants – we recently discovered this site while I was hunting for coupons. (It’s sponsored by Green Giant vegetables.) FishBoys 7 and 6 enjoyed playing the nutrition game.

Google – used for all kinds of searches, but particularly to study GameCube cheats and the current deals and information on Nintendo gaming systems. The FishBoys are pooling their money for a Wii.

Qubo – Prior to the government subsidized “digital converter box” in March we NEVER watched television. Now, we basically keep the kids’ viewing to this channel (except for when their mama is on the news or there’s some big sporting event that can’t be missed). We check the website often to make sure that we know the tv schedule and don’t waste their tv allowance (30-60 minutes in summer) on something lame. Their favorites? Pecola and Jane and the Dragon. Jane and the Dragon is also FishPapa’s favorite and they plan their Mama-free Saturdays around Jane.

Our library’s online catalog – Many a Garfield, Star Wars, or Hardy Boys book is sought and requested here. Right now the whole family shares one card and it works well for keeping track of all our items. FishPapa, FishBoy11, and I all request items to be put on hold which is so helpful to us.

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  1. Thanks for the links. We just discovered Jane and the Dragon–I thought only we knew about it!

  2. ordinarymother says:

    Wow! I just watched you on the news. And to think I knew you when you were just the fishmama with a private blog I barged into 🙂 .

    How did this happen? Where did they find out about you? And most important – can I have your autograph?

  3. I can’t believe it is late and I am looking at the Jane site. Is it a tv show? Looks cute. Why were you on the news? Cool.

  4. FishMama says:

    Yes, all the FishMen love Jane. FishPapa gets no end of ribbing from moi because Jane is a knight in training, instead of a lady in waiting. We go back and forth about it in jest. Grammy, it’s a tv cartoon on the qubo station and also on NBC, I believe.

    I was interviewed for a news segment back in June. The reporter had read an article of mine several months ago about cars. While I didn’t fit the profile they were looking for for the car piece, she kept my contact info.

    They wanted a “mom’s perspective” on these gadgets. And voila! Me! She and the camera man were such fun! We had a great time. But, I think I’ll stick to the written word. 😉

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