Links of Love: Gotta Get Back, Back, Back to School Again

Well, are you ready?

Whoa! Whoa! I gotta go….back to school again.

I grew up in (what was then) a small Southern California town that offered “year-round” school before its time. Heading back to school at the end of July was the norm for me. It wasn’t until junior high that I experienced the bliss of an extended summer. Wow! But, truth be told, I was more than ready to go back after 3 months’ off.

Nowadays, however, I get to set the schedule. I find that if we start our school daze before Labor Day Weekend, I have some lee-way in terms of sick days, snow days, and lazy mom days. We started last week via the slow-immersion method and things are going pretty okay.

For those of you still preparing for Reentry, enjoy those last few carefree days of summer and check out some of these links:

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  1. Alexandra Hancock says:

    Thanks for gathering up those links! And I totally own Grease 2. Not as good as the first, but still fun to sing along. Sometimes we have a Grease date night and watch both. Me and Jesse love singing along as Sandy and Danny. Yeah we are nerds! Can’t wait to embarrass Lucian with it when he gets older. 😉

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