Links of Love: The Green Edition

There is such a wealth of do-it-yourself, save-the-environment, pinch-your-pennies things to do out there! Here are a few that I stumbled on recently.

The EcoSmart blog talks about how to find natural insect repellents in your spice rack.

Passionate Homemaking explains how to make reusable nursing pads.

Lois offers a suggestion for never running out of paper towels: DIY Cloth Napkins.

Got a great Green link? Share it in the comments.

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  1. Jenn @ Beautiful Calling says:

    Well, I am somewhat embarressed to tout my own blog but I had a post on the things we do and I mentioned you!

  2. Elizabeth Sue says:

    Hands down, you have one of the best blogs on the internet. Thanks for the great links!

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