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Can I just say that my sister Janel is brilliant? She hides her light under a bushel, truly. She didn’t even tell me about her blog’s new feature, Make-It Monday where she’s sharing ideas for homemade gifts. You will love her ideas about making a Playdough Kit. So clever and inexpensive. I never thought of buying bulk vinyl tablecloth from Walmart and cutting it down to size for individual placements. Genius!

A few other “Hey! That’s cool! I can do that!”

Thinking of using fresh squash or pumpkin in recipes this year instead of canned? Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free has a great tutorial on how to roast a pumpkin (and the seeds) in the oven. Yummy for pumpkin pies!

Amy’s Finer Things has very cute Turkey treats to make for Thanksgiving or holiday parties at school.

Small Notebook’s Walnut Ornaments would make really cute place cards at your holiday table.

Lynn has made me think that I might actually be able to make homemade yogurt.

I appreciate Katie‘s efforts to explore more whole ingredients for cooking. She clued me into coconut oil. I’m looking forward to learning more about it and trying it out.

While you’ve still got fallen leaves on the ground, now’s a great time to start a compost bin. The Happy Housewife offers a great tutorial on how to do it yourself. And I’m thinking it would only cost about ten bucks at Walmart.

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  1. I hope you grow to love coconut oil! We can't go a couple hours without using it in our house! We have a jar in each room – kitchen, for obvious kitchen uses (not only in baking/cooking, but in tea as well), in the boys rooms to treat diaper rashes, a jar in our bathroom to use as lotion, for sunburns, and a separate mommy only jar, for yucky…infections (ugh) – but gone in a day or two! …amazing stuff!!!!!

  2. If your county or town has a recycling program check with them about composting. The county where I live gives away FREE composting bins to residents.

  3. If your county or town has a recycling program check with them about composting. The county where I live gives away FREE composting bins to residents.

  4. This list is great! Love the Make-It Monday posts. You should link up to Friday Favorites!

  5. Thanks for linking to me! I'm always happy to help encourage those "whole" foods. If you're not ready to purchase a yogurt maker, I think my "no dishes" method is a pretty solid one too! 😉 Hope you're feeling better after your sick week…

    And I love your sister's posts!


  6. You can totally do homemade yogurt! Especially with the yogurt machine (I have the same one.). I started making yogurt with coconut milk for my son because of his allergies, and then I started to make my own yogurt for myself.

    Also, I love to bake with coconut oil. It makes some things (like tortillas and biscuits) even better than when made with butter.