Links of Love: Quick Food Gifts

I prepared this post yesterday before my world dramatically changed. I hesitated to post it. Yet, experiencing grief and realizing what a GIFT food is at a time like this, I thought I’d go ahead and post it. I hope that your recipients are not in dire need, but irregardless, whatever you make for whatever the reason, it will be a blessing.

Just a week until Christmas and you may be hustling and bustling to get everything tied up in ribbons and bows. If you can avoid the crowds and do some prepping at home, you may be really pleased with what you create. Wrapping it up prettily will make it that much more fun. Here are some clever ideas for quick food gifts.

Make a Simmer Pot, directions courtesy of What’s Cooking 4 Us.

Amy from Mom Advice has a yummy hot cocoa mix recipe. It’s similar to others I’ve seen, only with one interesting tweak. Check it out.

Amy from The Finer Things in Life came up with a great large group gift idea. Perfect for school staff, coworkers, large family gatherings. Go see her big batch cinnamon rolls!

Don’t miss the final round-up of Holidays by Hand. You’ll be drooling over all the glorious food gifts that Vintage Mommy collected.

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