Links of Love: Surf’s Up!

Surf’s up so I’m heading to the beach! Dude, you get to write this post.

Just kidding! I’m actually buried under a ton of moving boxes and school papers. But, seriously, I do want to know your opinion. In the last year I have found so many great sites on the web, I figure there must be some more hidden secrets I haven’t yet visited. And how better to find them than to ask?

What’s your favorite surfing spot on the web? Share it in the comments! Kowabunga!

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  1. All the good ones I check are ones you shared!

  2. JessieLeigh says:

    Not sure that it’ll be a new place for you… but lately I’ve been loving Amy’s Finer Things…

    I love her recipes and her spirit!

  3. When I’m looking for a particular type of recipe, I like to check out I usually look for the recipes that are highly rated with a lot of reviewers. I’ve found some really tasty recipes that way.

  4. A good website for the kids is It teaches reading through phonics and has printables to supplement the on-line lessons. It’s really cute and my kids at school LOVE it.

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